Advantech Ppc-3211sw

Advantech Ppc-3211sw

Advantech Ppc-3211sw

PPC-3211SW/3181SW/3151SW The PPC-3211sw is an extremely powerful fanless panel computer designed for harsh industrial environments. Boasting an IP65 front panel rating and die cast aluminum alloy enclosure, its versatility makes it the ideal solution for multiple applications in various sectors. Furthermore, this unit boasts outstanding performance capabilities in an compact size package.


The Advantech PPC-3211sw industrial PC provides exceptional processing power, memory capacity, graphics performance and peripheral I/O support. Equipped with a durable 21.5″ industrial-grade LCD panel and Intel Core i5 6th generation processor – perfect for numerous applications – as well as fanless functionality for use in harsh environments – making this rugged PC an excellent investment.

In addition to featuring a high-speed CPU, the ppc-3211sw provides plenty of storage and supports full-size mini PCIe expansion – making it an extremely flexible choice that you can tailor to meet your exact requirements. Plus, its versatile port and connection options make connecting devices and monitors effortless!

The Advantech PPC-3211sw has been designed to meet China RoHS standards and reduces hazardous materials used in its production, such as mercury, lead, cadmium and polybrominated biphenyl ethers (PBDE). As such it meets strict environmental requirements while offering users the best experience. You can even secure its wall mount plate securely via screws for wall mounting!


PPC-3211SW is an all-in-one light panel PC featuring a 21.5″ industrial grade LCD. Powered by 6th Generation Intel Core processors, it delivers outstanding performance in terms of memory usage and graphics capability despite being fanless and low power design.

This unit offers two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one USB 2.0 port, and four RS-232/422/485 ports to support industrial automation applications. Furthermore, there are various display, peripheral, and communication options for industrial use in this IP65 front panel and die cast aluminum alloy enclosure system.


The Advantech PPC-3211sw offers plenty of memory to smoothly run multiple applications and is constructed for industrial-grade durability, making it suitable for harsh environments. Furthermore, there are multiple I/O ports and full-size mini PCIe expansion slots which make this an excellent solution for various industrial applications.

The Advantech PPC-3211sw Fanless Industrial Panel Computer features a 21.5-inch widescreen and is powered by an Intel Core processor. Its industrial-grade IP65 front LCD panel and die cast aluminum alloy enclosure offer excellent durability, making it suitable for various applications and temperatures; additionally it is dust and water proof as well. Equipped with Intel 6th Generation Core processors as well as ample RAM and storage, making this an exceptional and flexible choice suitable for various uses – plus various accessories are also available to meet specific application needs!


The PPC-3211SW features an all-in-one light panel design and IP65-rated front LCD panel to withstand harsh industrial environments while offering I/O connectivity options and I/O performance levels that rival more complex solutions. Furthermore, its compact form factor makes installation and use simple.

Figure 2.7 depicts a SATA HDD module provided with this system. To install, remove the four screws with red circles to unbolt and release the HDD bracket before connecting the SATA cable provided in the accessory box to it and installing its retention screw (Figure 2.8).

This system meets China RoHS standards, which limit the use of certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products. For more information about RoHS regulations, refer to “SJ/T11364 – Marking for Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment”. All components used to produce the PPC-3211SW have been carefully chosen to eliminate all hazards from production process; additionally this product uses low lead solder as well as lead free die cast aluminum alloy enclosure for additional environmental protection.


The ppc-3211sw features an expansive set of peripheral I/O ports on an industry-standard, IP65 front panel. Its Intel 6th Generation Core processor delivers excellent memory, graphics and performance in an ultracompact fanless design; additionally supporting an 18.5″ WXGA industrial-grade LCD and 90W power adapter so as to accommodate various applications.

Based on your application needs, additional ports can be added using optional expansion cards. Connecting these cards is straightforward and effortless; in addition, the motherboard features two USB 3.0 ports so users can transfer data rapidly while also minimizing data loss.

Installing the expansion card requires first loosening the retention screws on the HDD bracket (see Figure 2.3), before attaching it using screws provided in its accessory box (see Figure 212). Finally, it must be tightened with two additional screws from its module bracket mSATA module bracket to securely fasten it in place ( see Figure 212).

Prior to installing RAM, ensure the mSATA SSD has been properly connected to its controller as shown in Figure 2.1. Once connected, its retention screw can be tightened for optimal performance.

4.2.2 Adjusting LCD Brightness

To adjust the display brightness on a ppc-3211sw, navigate to System Agent (SA) Configuration under Chipset tab and Graphics Configuration respectively. Adjusting the LCD Control option changes brightness levels which is then saved as default value within BIOS. Alternatively, Windows OS Power Options also allow you to reduce display brightness when the system is idle – saving energy and money!






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