Airbnb SEO Cheat Sheet

Airbnb SEO Cheat Sheet

Airbnb SEO Cheat Sheet

Airbnb SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing your listing on Airbnb to increase its visibility among renters, from professional property photos to fast response times to booking requests.

Following these Airbnb SEO strategies will ensure your rental listing gets noticed and generate more bookings.


Airbnb’s goal is to connect guests quickly with their perfect rental property, which requires taking into account over 100 factors when ranking listings in any search result. Understanding these search factors and learning some rank-boosting Airbnb SEO hacks will allow your listing to appear higher in searches and receive more bookings – for instance if you own a chalet in Vermont use “chalet” as part of its description while also including more frequently searched terms like cottage and cabin as these will boost its chances of appearing higher on searches.

This article has been adapted from one written by geoLocalSEO.






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