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Apartment Web Design

Apartment Web Design

Apartment Web Design

Visitors to your apartment website want a simple and seamless user experience on all devices – be they smartphones, tablets or desktop computers – when it comes to navigation. One key way of doing so is ensuring the NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) information displayed is consistent and prominently.

Another key element to creating an engaging apartment community website, like 925 Common’s sleek hero images, is offering eye-catching visuals. A variety of relevant, searchable blog content is also essential.

Easy Navigation

With mobile device usage becoming ever more widespread, apartment website design must take into account how easy your site is for prospects on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones to navigate. One effective method of doing so is responsive web design: websites built with this methodology automatically adapt their screen size and orientation depending on each visitor, providing them with an immersive and professional experience regardless of which device they’re using.

One way to enhance the navigation of your apartment community website is to implement a hamburger menu accessible from any page, enabling visitors to quickly browse your various apartment home types, floor plans and community amenities. By providing this intuitive feature, prospective tenants are more likely to find what they need quickly reducing chances that they leave before signing a lease agreement.

Apartment websites must provide easy access to your community’s contact details, including phone number, address and email address. Position these elements prominently on your site so visitors can easily reach you quickly. Providing contact info that prospects can use will increase the chance of signing more leases quickly.

Due to social distancing caused by the coronavirus pandemic, prospects may find it hard to tour your community physically. Your apartment website provides them with an online version of a virtual tour so they can “tour” your community from the comfort of their own home – helping close more leases! Adding virtual tours will enable more prospects to “tour” it without physically coming.

Photo galleries are integral components of apartment website designs as they demonstrate to potential tenants the lifestyle and amenities your apartment homes provide. When potential tenants spend significant amounts of time viewing your photo gallery, this indicates they’re serious about finding their next home and may be ready to sign a lease agreement.

Alongside having an up-to-date photo gallery, your apartment website should feature a regularly updated blog that offers prospective residents lots of valuable information about your community and services, while simultaneously helping rank in search engines.

User-Friendly Content

Additionally to the obvious visual features (photographs, videos, and content), it’s crucial to add unique touches that set your multifamily community apart. An apartment website with special touches will ensure future residents remember you fondly for years.

One way of accomplishing this is through neighborhood hotspots, interactive location software integrations that give residents and prospective residents information on local amenities like restaurants, schools, shopping and entertainment. Another feature that should be added to an apartment website design is a blog; using it to showcase current events, resident stories and updates creates an inviting feel while helping your site show up on search engine radar and rank higher in results pages.

Responsive apartment web design is an absolute necessity for multifamily websites, not only due to an increasing trend towards using smartphones and tablets as internet access points, but also because having such an optimized design ensures visitors to your marketing site can easily read your content regardless of what device they’re on – otherwise they could leave before even getting an opportunity to tour or sign a lease agreement!

Slow websites can be an instant turnoff to prospects and can cause them to abandon your apartment marketing site entirely. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure your website loads quickly with fast page speed – this is why selecting an experienced multifamily website design firm is vitally important.

Are You Looking to Elevate Your Apartment Marketing? Consider Incorporating Lifestyle Video into Your Multifamily Website Lifestyle video tells the story of your apartment community while showing its intangible values that photos don’t. Lifestyle videos allow your audience to engage more deeply, which could result in more tours or leases at your apartment community.

Consider including a live chat feature on your apartment website so visitors can quickly and efficiently ask their questions and get quick and efficient responses, freeing up time for more productive pursuits. Make sure it is easily discoverable by visitors on your site so it will remain effective in answering inquiries quickly and efficiently.


An apartment community website is an invaluable tool that can help generate leads, shape branding and rank higher on Google searches – as well as sign more leases! Unfortunately, however, many apartment websites fail to include key calls-to-action that could make the difference between someone visiting and becoming a resident.

Apartment website visitors are in search of specific information; most importantly they want to see if your property fits their lifestyle perfectly. Making sure your website features high-quality photos and clear, engaging calls-to-action will keep them engaged from start to finish.

Camden Living’s apartment complex homepage utilizes an engaging hero image that draws viewers in and keeps them engaged, and uses an eye-catching call-to-action overlay that prompts visitors to schedule tours or begin the application process.

Similar to 925 Common’s apartment website, theirs uses bold typography to highlight key aspects of their brand and keep visitors focused on its content. This style of typography makes reading the website easier while simultaneously keeping page viewers on point with what matters: the apartment complex.

Do not disrupt the experience of visitors to your apartment website with pop-ups that disrupt their experience and can harm search engine rankings. Instead, provide prospects with multiple call-to-action buttons throughout your site so that they have options when making their decisions.

One way of encouraging apartment website visitors to take action is with a live chat program, which enables leads to communicate directly with your team via the site itself and allows for faster qualification of leads and answers without diverting staff away from other responsibilities.

An essential aspect of success in any property management venture is creating a dedicated page for positive reviews and testimonials to position your building as the go-to choice in its area and create urgency among prospective residents who may visit your building for tours. A dedicated page may be supplemented with including excerpts of these testimonials on other pages such as your Photo Gallery page for maximum impact.






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