Autopilot Salt Cell PPC

Autopilot Salt Cell PPC

Autopilot Salt Cell PPC

Autopilot salt cell ppc 1 is an affordable factory replacement model that will quickly get your pool chlorinating again. Compatible with Total Control, Digital and Soft Touch systems alike.

Ideal for pools up to 28,000 gallons, this package comprises the bypass manifold, cell and Tri-Sensor which monitors water flow, temperature and salt levels. Although wired for 220 volts power supply, 110-volt conversion may also be available if required.


This replacement salt cell and manifold assembly for the Pool Pilot Digital Nano system (part # 75003) can be used with pools up to 28,000 gallons. It features a power center capable of operating either 120 or 240 volts; 110-volt use may also be possible upon request. Production levels reach 1.06 pounds of chlorine per 24 hour period or 583 pounds over its life; additionally it comes equipped with a Tri-Sensor that monitors water flow, temperature, and salt level levels for maximum performance.

AutoPilot’s patented bypass manifold is a preassembled unit that regulates waterflow to and through your salt cell. A spring check valve allows any excess over 20 gpm to bypass it – helping protect nozzles on salt chlorinators from getting too dry while keeping production cells clear of debris. Furthermore, its inline strainer prevents excessive flooding.

PPM1 salt cells are suitable for all pool types. To maximize performance of your salt cell, ensure proper water balance is being maintained and inspect it at least every three months for calcium scale or other debris, this will prolong its life and maximize output. Remember to replace the cell cord as failure to do so could void your warranty – keep its connector clean of oil or grease that accumulates over time; scraping may damage titanium blade catalyst coating and shorten its lifespan significantly.


Edgetech Instruments’ PPM2 Trace Moisture Analyzer uses an electrolytic, phosphorus pentoxide sensor and semi permeable diffusion membrane to measure water vapor content in gases. Designed to meet remote or semi-permanent humidity monitoring needs and capable of measuring trace water vapor levels from 0.1-1250 ppmv in clean dry gases; additionally it features bi-directional serial interface along with 115/230 V battery charger capability.

The Auto Pilot PPC1 replacement salt cell with unions is designed for use with Pool Pilot Digital Nano, 75003 and Soft Touch salt generator systems and suitable for pools up to 28,000 gallons in capacity. Cleaning with water and muriatic acid solution is simple.

AutoPilot is a premier swimming pool salt chlorinator manufacturer, offering an impressive array of units designed to meet every chlorine need. Their revolutionary salt water pools use ordinary table salt as an ingenious means of producing pure chlorine for use in pool water filtration systems – keeping your pool water crystal-clear, fresh, and luxuriously soft!

This refurbished Auto Pilot Digital Nano+ salt chlorine generator includes a new replacement salt cell and control module/power supply unit for seamless operation. Capable of handling all salt levels between 2,000 to 35,000 ppm and temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, plus simple one-touch operation, it makes using salt chlorinators simple.

The Auto Pilot Digi-Lite SL3200 Saltwater Chlorinator is a high efficiency system designed to reduce operating costs, offering safe, economical and convenient pool sanitation. With its compact design, easy installation, 24/72 hour boost cycle option and built-in bypass manifold; plus its corrosion-resistant stainless steel body.


Autopilot Pool Pilot offers this replacement salt cell to ensure maximum compatibility with their total control, Digital Nano+, 75003 and Soft Touch salt chlorine generator systems. Designed to easily fit into its place while meeting or exceeding original factory specs for guaranteed compatibility – this cell sanitizes your pool in an eco-friendly, cost-efficient manner for an immersive, luxurious swimming experience!

This salt cell features a tri-sensor that automatically regulates water flow, temperature and salt levels within your pool to create ideal conditions for chlorine generation – leading to reduced operating costs, less wear and tear on equipment and minimal maintenance requirements. Plus it’s simple and straightforward cleaning process requires only muriatic acid mixed with water solution for complete functionality!

To maximize the longevity of your Autopilot salt cell, ensure it fits perfectly sized correctly, has proper water balance, and is regularly checked for leaks, debris or calcium scale build-up. If there are any problems with your salt system contact its manufacturer for advice and service if any arise. When replacing any salt cells be sure to replace their cell cord in order not to void any warranties associated with your purchase.


Replacement salt cell for above ground pools up to 24,000 gallons designed for Pool Pilot Digital Nano, 75003 or Soft Touch systems with daily chlorine output of 0.94 lbs per day and lifetime total output of 392 lbs of chlorine produced over its lifespan. With its five blade design that delivers powerful chlorine generation while being easy to clean with a solution of water and muriatic acid solution. Featuring 120V power center as well as built-in return jet manifold for easy DIY installation along with PVC plumbing adapter kit and electrical cord that connect the return jet mounts directly back to their respective pumps – ideal for above ground pools up to 24,000 gallon size!

Hayward AquaRite AQR15 salt cell is one of its most popular offerings and can be found on various pool models. This cell offers high chlorine output with an extremely long lifespan for such a compact cell, easy maintenance using spraying with water hose, and is capable of installation into either aboveground or inground pools without the need for glueing pipe work connections.

The AutoPilot PPC1 replacement cell is an upgrade from the RC-35/22 or SC-36 salt cells used on older systems, providing 100% compatibility across all AutoPilot control units and including an identical length, threading and cable connection as its predecessors. Additionally, this cell comes complete with its own cell connector cord and two year manufacturer’s warranty to protect you and ensure maximum longevity of use from both cells and cord. Be sure to switch out old cell cords with these to avoid damage to either or voiding of warranties or internal short circuiting or damage to both units/control units/cells due to failure to swapping out older cell cords could result in short circuiting or internal damage both units/cells!


The Autopilot PPC5 Replacement Salt Cell is compatible with all Pool Pilot Total Control, Digital Nano and Soft Touch chlorine generators and designed to fit seamlessly. As a factory original replacement cell it easily drops in place and replaces your old salt cell in minutes, meeting or exceeding original factory specs while being guaranteed 100% compatible. Sanitizing your swimming pool without eye irritation or dry skin caused by chlorine is now more eco-friendly and cost-efficient. This replacement salt cell ensures luxurious aquatic experiences without eye irritation or dry skin caused by chlorine.

This salt cell is suitable for pools up to 28,000 gallons in capacity with its Digital Nano model or up to 40,000 with its Soft Touch version (75003 or Soft Touch models). Furthermore, its 12″x 6″x 6″ dimensions make it an ideal fit for integration in existing chlorine generator systems.

For optimal performance, the cell is equipped with a strainer to keep debris out and a tri-sensor to monitor water flow, salt levels, and temperature for proper chlorine production. Furthermore, its five blades ensure robust chlorine generation that’s easy to maintain with water-muriatic acid cleaner.

This replacement salt cell comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Note: Each time a new cell is installed, its cord should also be updated – Autopilot recommends authentic AutoPilot cords to ensure maximum warranty coverage; always purchase from a reputable reseller to avoid issues with manufacturer warranties and keep your pool healthy and safe! This cell cord replacement process is an integral component of keeping it sanitized and healthy!






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