Booster SEO & Image Optimizer

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer is an automated Shopify app that automatically resizes, compresses, edits and optimizes images in bulk as well as renaming file names, optimizing ALT texts and watermarks.

Accelerate your store, boost SEO and enhance customer experience with optimized images. Automatically analyze and optimize all existing and new images in your store.

Optimize Images

Image optimization is one of the key Shopify SEO practices. Optimizing images helps enhance site speed, decrease bounce rates, and boost search engine rankings by decreasing file sizes without degrading image quality.

This Shopify app lets you quickly optimize photos by resizing, compressing, and adding alt text for each individual image in your store. Plus it synchronizes them automatically! It is user friendly with fast and free optimization services without requiring signup or integration into a hosting provider’s platform – perfect for easy use when optimizing product images!

ALT text is an integral component of SEO, and Shopify stores should utilize this app to easily add them for all uploaded images. With templates or manually editing them available to use instantly – and bulk image resizing being possible as well! – adding alt texts has never been quicker or simpler!

Another fantastic feature of this app is its capability of automatically renaming image file names based on pre-set templates, making your store more SEO-friendly and increasing visibility in Google search results. This can be especially helpful for stores that feature many product photos but don’t have enough staff available to rename each individual one manually.

Setting image optimization preferences ahead of time and applying them across your entire store’s products can save time and effort when uploading new items, since all image processing tasks will be taken care of automatically by this app. Plus, its free trial runs for one day while there are three pricing plans that range from free up to $64 monthly!

Booster SEO stands apart from similar apps on the market by being developed specifically for Shopify and using no hacky workarounds; rather, its 30-plus person team of image optimization experts have been in operation for close to a decade – giving it an edge that makes image optimization easy for all. It will also help your store meet all requirements from Google guidelines while making it more SEO and user friendly!

Rename Image Filenames

Whoever coined the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” probably did not consider search engines when making this claim, yet this axiom can certainly apply to search engine optimization efforts. Because search engines can only read so much at one time, SEO requires that images have descriptive filenames instead of just being named with their titles – that’s where this clever plugin comes in handy!

By using SEO Image Optimizer, you can automatically rename image files for SEO with just a single click. Furthermore, this tool ensures every image has an optimized alt text which provides Google with textual context when determining relevance and screen readers navigate your site more easily. It offers several pre-built alt text templates for product images as well as tags to build custom versions for any aspect of an image.

The tool also renames media files of featured images within WordPress posts and pages, making SEO optimization simpler for these blocks. As it only applies to new images, this will not impact existing ones.

Additionally to optimizing images for SEO, the plugin also compresses them and reduces their size to speed up your website. This feature can be especially helpful if your posts and pages contain many images and videos; select one of multiple compression options and set maximum file sizes per image.

Finally, this tool can generate an XML sitemap of your images to submit to Google, making it easier for them to index them and index your content. Though submitting a sitemap is only part of your SEO strategy plan overall, it’s an effective place to begin.

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer comes in both free and premium versions, each providing limited features for SEO. While both versions offer image file renaming for SEO purposes, premium plans include sitewide XML sitemap generator and Google Image Sitemap management capabilities. AliDropship’s company that makes ecommerce and dropshipping software has created this tool.

Automatically Compress Images

No matter if you run a dropshipping store with AliDropship or regular eCommerce website, having images that are optimized is crucial to their success. Optimized images not only speed up site load times but also make the website more searchable by Google for image searches – providing customers with a superior browsing experience!

To achieve this goal, it’s necessary to use a photo editing tool capable of compressing images without degrading their quality. There are numerous tools out there such as Booster SEO & Image Optimizer which enable you to resize, optimize and compress images for quicker web page load times while automatically setting alt text and watermark protection against theft.

Image optimization tools in this app can compress photos up to 80% without degrading their quality, which can dramatically speed up website loading speeds – an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm – as well as creating an improved browsing experience for customers using mobile devices with slower data connections.

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer can do much more than optimize images – in addition to optimizing them, it can also rename file names and set titles automatically based on templates you specify. Furthermore, this app can resize your images for greater aesthetic value while saving space on your web hosting server – plus backup/restore original image files when necessary!

The BOOSTER SEO & IMAGE OPTIMIZER app features three pricing plans; free offers basic features while Pro and Premium plans offer more comprehensive ones and are supported with 24/7 live chat human support, making this an excellent solution for optimizing images on websites. Furthermore, there is also a one-day free trial available on both PCs and Mac computers which makes installation and use simple; once set up it can run either automatically or be manually launched as necessary and even run parallel with other programs!

Page Speed Optimization

Fast loading websites are key for both SEO and customer experience. When your website takes too long to load, customers can become impatient and switch to another competitor website instead. Optimizing images is one way you can speed up loading speed on your page; using a free image compression app such as Imagick will reduce their size without compromising their quality.

Another excellent way to optimize images is with a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN stores your images across various servers worldwide so they can be delivered faster to customers – this also improves Google Lighthouse scores while offering relatively inexpensive performance enhancement options for websites.

Booster Apps is an all-in-one Shopify SEO app that can help improve your rankings and draw more visitors to your website. Packed with features, including image optimization, file renaming to SEO-friendly names and broken link detection; plus, its tool provides recommendations. Booster will automatically update meta tags, fix broken links and optimize website code to increase page loads for maximum efficiency.

There are various free and paid apps available to assist with optimizing your website for SEO, from the very simple (requiring minimal effort for implementation), to those featuring advanced features for more experienced web developers. All can be downloaded from Shopify App Store; some even provide trial periods before committing to purchasing their full version.

The Booster SEO & Image Optimizer app was specifically developed for Shopify to offer an all-in-one SEO solution, helping to optimize product, collection and blog pages to achieve higher search engine rankings as well as creating optimized image ALT tags and increasing page speed. There is both a free plan that offers basic features and support as well as premium plans with more advanced features such as lazyload, critical CSS inlining, accelerated app caching.






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