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  • Web design in cape town

    Your business website serves as the first point of contact between you and customers and potential clients, so it must project an image of professionalism while being easy-to-use and user friendly. UCT offers this online short course to introduce the fundamentals of web design, equipping students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for […]

  • Web Design Agency Virginia

    Web Design Agency Virginia

    How to Choose a Web Design Agency Professional web design agencies can help your business make an impactful statement online. Their expert designers will create an eye-catching site that draws in new visitors, which in turn generates more business for you. In addition, their websites are optimized for search engines making them easily discoverable by […]

  • Offshore Web Design

    Offshore Web Design Offshore web design is an increasingly popular industry, helping businesses reduce costs and enhance digital projects with improved designs. However, companies should be wary when hiring offshore developers as there may be certain concerns to consider. One of the biggest obstacles in working with an offshore developer is making sure they’re actually […]

  • Octopus Web Design

    Octopus Web Design Octopuses are highly intelligent animals in the ocean. Their incredible abilities to camouflage themselves to avoid predation by predators is nothing short of astounding. This study collects and ranks factors directly related to design requirements for MoCap-wearable systems. Once collected, these factors were schematised into an easily adaptable scheme which allows multidisciplinary […]