Compass Web Design

Compass Web Design

Compass Web Design
Compass is an ongoing initiative by Technology Services and Enterprise Marketing and Communications that seeks to ensure uniform branding and structure among VCU websites. It offers components for web managers that enable them to construct on-brand VCU sites using T4 CMS.

Coding time can also be reduced with help from mixins that simplify math, convert pixels sizes to inches and facilitate responsive layout development without needing a library of snippets.

Visually Inspiring

Compass designs can add a professional edge to your website design while improving navigation and creating a more pleasing layout for users. Compass web designs take advantage of the Rule of Thirds to divide an image into three equal sections vertically and horizontally – using this principle can help create more pleasing layouts that focus attention on key parts of your site’s structure.

A compass icon can help a brand stand out from its competition, thanks to its versatile shape, color palette, and use of negative space. Additionally, its versatility enables it to adapt well across uses – McAninch has used this icon on their homepage along with videos showcasing employees and equipment, giving visitors more of an understanding of who their brand is before they continue scrolling further down.

Use of custom fonts can add visual interest and make content more memorable – especially important if targeting a specific audience. Furthermore, this custom font can help distinguish your brand from similar websites, which is particularly advantageous in competitive markets.

Color schemes that enhance your brand are an effective way to promote online businesses. By choosing hues that correspond with the logos on your business cards and website, you can create an inviting environment for customers and potential clients alike. Dark blue can create an elegant appearance while pastel shades bring brightness and happiness.

Tech Compass can assist with both web design and website maintenance services for any size business, from startups to enterprises. Our experienced staff will guide you through every step of creating a high-performing mobile responsive site which delivers results. Contact us now to discover more of our services!

Easy to Navigate

Compass takes the stress out of house hunting with its elegant approach. Instead of flashy designs, Compass employs photographs to guide users through their experience. Images of each home take your breath away as you visualize yourself living there while also optimizing your search to find your ideal property match. In doing this, Compass stands out among other websites by being recognized for helping.

Compass team continues to release new features and enhancements as this initiative advances. While not strictly speaking a website builder, Compass does provide web managers with all of the components needed to efficiently develop VCU websites that adhere to University branding and structure. With support from Technology Services and Enterprise Marketing and Communications, Compass is available at no charge to T4-trained university staff members.

As more VCU websites move to the Compass framework, users will experience consistency that builds trust and increases engagement, leading to an increase in action completions such as filling out an application, scheduling a campus tour or making donations. Through these improvements and others, Compass ensures we work more cohesively as an institution while still providing personalized experiences users expect of us as an institution.

Easy to Contact

Compass is a web development tool that provides a framework for website construction. It is user-friendly and has many useful features, such as an easy sprites generator and math functions library. Furthermore, Compass also comes equipped with vendor prefixes functionality – providing developers working across multiple projects with the opportunity to save time reimplementing code multiple times over.

Compass employs a minimalist approach to its website design. They forgo flashy designs in favor of classier, simpler options that exude luxury and ease. This reflects their mission of helping ease home buying and renting searches with an uncluttered design that’s easy to use on mobile devices.

This website also offers various resources that assist buyers and sellers with their real estate needs, including tools that enable users to search properties, compare them and sign up for email alerts to keep abreast of new listings and relevant news; additionally there is an FAQ page dedicated exclusively for frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Tech Compass is an initiative of Technology Services and Enterprise Marketing and Communications to bring consistency and structure to VCU’s web presence. Since its initial launch in July 2020, new features and updates have been implemented through this ongoing initiative, providing web managers with all of the components needed for efficiently building compliant websites on brand while still permitting for customization and individuality.

The Compass Web Design offers an elegant and professional solution to real estate professionals. Focusing on high-quality images with minimal distraction, it helps users navigate quickly through your site. Plus, its SSL Certificate gives visitors added confidence in your company, assuring them their data will be protected against hackers.

Easy to Find

Compass offers an easy, centralized solution for working with MongoDB data. Use it to break apart schemas, implement index/aggregation pipelines quickly and find documents quickly using its central query bar. Plus it enables sampling/analyzing at an advanced granularity.

With an emphasis on highly visual elements, the images featured on Compass Product pages aim to inspire and amaze. Their elegant yet minimalist style encapsulates the company’s desire to take away stress associated with house hunting searches.

The Compass Group boasts an extensive client roster that spans from the British Armed Forces and NHS trusts and schools, Premiership football stadiums and iconic Wimbledon tennis club. While each project may differ significantly, one common goal remains; to deliver an engaging brand message across various platforms.

As a web design and development firm, we understand that your website can be an extremely effective marketing tool for your business. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your site will be visually pleasing while remaining easy for visitors to navigate and search. As mobile-responsive developers ourselves, you can be assured your site will work perfectly across devices.

Our Iowa-based team provides services to businesses of all kinds – real estate firms, financial institutions, medical clinics and healthcare organizations, transportation companies and construction contractors among them. Your website will be designed specifically to fit the needs of your target audience and stand out from competitors.

Compass, an initiative by Technology Services and Enterprise Marketing and Communications, aims to ensure consistent branding and structure on VCU websites. The framework comprises components for web managers who wish to create on-brand, compliant sites. While not a content management system per se, T4 provides seamless integration, making Compass available to all T4-trained university staff.






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