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Cracked SEO Tools

Cracked Seo Tools

There are numerous tools out there that claim to help with SEO, but not all are worthwhile investments. Some may simply be plain scams while others like Frase are worthwhile investments worth making; such as its AI writer that makes content optimization effortless.


Ahrefs is an expansive SEO suite offering top-tier features like backlink analysis, keyword research and site audits as well as tools for competitive analysis and content optimization. Additionally, its tools allow for competitive analysis and content optimization – such as identifying which keywords your competitors are targeting and their ranking strategies to help develop more efficient marketing campaigns and identify any technical enhancements to make to increase search engine optimization on websites.

Ahref’s interface is clean and intuitive, with a horizontal menu bar running across the top of your screen. Each menu option opens a sub-menu with additional customization options that help customize your experience. A left sidebar contains additional filters and information useful for narrowing search results. Ahrefs stands out from other SEO software by tracking all incoming links to any given domain and then analyzing this data against competitors to give a comprehensive picture of which links are working and which aren’t.

This tool tracks both organic and paid search keywords, giving you invaluable data about the strategies of your competitors. For instance, it shows you the number of referring domains and keywords for each website, plus an estimate of monthly organic traffic – an excellent way to spot opportunities that you can capitalize upon.

Ahrefs provides another useful feature called SERP History that lets you track changes to keywords over time. If you are trying to rank for specific keyword(s), using SERP History allows you to monitor how the top 10 results have changed over time; this can help determine if your efforts are on target or not.

Ahrefs’ SERP History feature allows you to quickly compare the results of one keyword across various SERPs at once, saving time and effort. However, keep in mind that it relies on cached data which means its results may not always reflect real-time updates – this may present issues for users requiring the most up-to-date results possible.


Content marketing tools come in all shapes and sizes. Most are useful, while some stand out as truly indispensable solutions that marketers cannot imagine life without – one such solution being Buzzsumo, a social media content curation and analytics tool which enables marketers to quickly find engaging posts for their target audiences.

The platform assists at every stage of content production, from idea generation to influencer identification. You can monitor brand mentions and keep an eye on how your content performs in search. Plus, its dashboard is easy to use and provides valuable insight into your content, competitors, and the wider social landscape.

Buzzsumo’s backlink analysis tool can assist bloggers and affiliate marketers in uncovering opportunities to increase traffic by building links with other websites. The tool identifies domains linking back to you, showing their traffic levels; as well as social shares received and filter results by keyword.

Buzzsumo also features a content analyzer to quickly locate the most popular articles related to your topic, giving you new content ideas or inspiration for your next post. Furthermore, the tool offers you a list of authors who specialize in that same field with total number of published articles and average engagement metrics – an especially handy feature for news/media companies who need to identify authoritative voices likely to engage with their material.

Buzzsumo Content Analyzer can not only identify high-performing content, but can also assist in finding relevant keyword ideas similar to your query and present them clearly and concisely – giving you everything you need to create engaging posts that drive targeted traffic.

The platform offers both paid and free plans, with paid plans providing access to additional data and features than those found in free plans. Payments can be made monthly or annually. Furthermore, there are different pricing plans designed for businesses of various sizes.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a tool designed to assist web designers with auditing websites and finding any issues affecting search engine optimization (SEO). It can be used to assess site structure such as URLs, response codes and images; identify broken links that affect SEO; as well as detect broken links that require repair on an SEO-friendly site.

This software enables a quick and accurate website crawl. Users can customize settings to scan a maximum number of URLs per second or select specific areas to focus on. Window sizes may also be adjusted and data displayed differently – clicking on columns will change their position in view, while clicking headings sort it accordingly.

Screaming Frog stands out from its competition by being accessible and free for any user with internet access. Its main feature is to analyze a website’s structure and detect potential problems; its secondary uses are creating site maps and optimizing rankings – this makes it ideal for digital agencies who need to audit client sites.

Screaming Frog can help identify duplicate content, broken navigation links and other technical SEO issues quickly and efficiently. Although its user interface is straightforward to use, some may take some time getting acquainted with how the program works; tutorials are available to assist newcomers get up and running quickly.

Its features make this tool perfect for agencies not looking to invest in costly SEO SaaS platforms like Moz, such as creating XML sitemaps, finding broken links and non-navigable pages, as well as all current redirects and duplicate page titles/meta descriptions/missing keyword tags.

An essential tool for any SEO professional. It will save time and effort by highlighting problems that can be quickly fixed; additionally it can detect duplicate content before it damages your ranking significantly.


SEMrush offers an abundance of features and data that can help your SEO campaign succeed. It can identify valuable keywords for your campaign while tracking competitors in search engines; audit on-page SEO to improve performance; this can help increase page rank and increase traffic; as well as optimizing landing pages for lead generation.

SEMRush offers one of the most helpful tools in competitive analysis: its competitive analysis feature allows you to identify which keywords your competition is targeting and their ranking performance for these terms, giving you insight into how best to approach leads and customers while outstripping competitors’ strategies and tactics.

Another useful feature is Market Explorer, which lets you analyze your industry’s top players. This feature helps identify industry leaders, niche players and newcomers. Furthermore, it informs you about which keywords drive traffic to these websites so you can create strategies and campaigns to increase traffic to your own websites.

By using SEMRush’s Keyword Difficulty tool, you can assess how challenging it will be to rank for certain keywords. The tool returns a percentage indicating how difficult it will be for competitors to compete for that keyword; higher percentages indicate it may require significant efforts in SEO strategy to rank.

Semrush is an invaluable marketing tool, offering detailed insight into your website’s SEO, PPC advertising and social media activity. The software boasts an expansive database with more information than competitor products like Ahrefs. In addition, Semrush offers a seven day free trial period; however, before initiating it you will need to provide your credit card details before beginning it.

Apart from SEO, this tool also features tools for content marketing and Google Ads management. Furthermore, it can help monitor your brand’s online reputation as well as identify opportunities for backlinking.






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