Daniel Seo

Daniel Seo

Daniel Seo

Danny Seo has long championed biodiversity on Earth. He founded Earth 2000 and currently writes a syndicated column on eco-friendly living; additionally he offers eco-friendly home products available at stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods – plus founded Danny Seo Media Ventures!

Founder of Earth 2000

Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day in 1970 to bring environmental activism into mainstream awareness; prior to then, most Americans were unaware that pollution threatened both human health and our planet’s wellbeing.

Danny Seo is widely recognized as an authority on modern, eco-friendly living. His best-selling books, television programs and products combine style and sustainability. Danny also frequently speaks at SEO industry conferences including Brighton SEO and News and Editorial SEO.

Danny Seo Media Ventures will launch Danny Seo Lifestyle magazine this autumn under its own name. Seo wants the magazine to appear more Martha Stewart-ish while still advocating environmentally sound lifestyles; Seo hopes that its readers can discover ways to lead healthier and sustainable lifestyles without losing their sense of style.

Earth Day began as an international movement in 1970 when activists organized teachings about the environment at schools throughout the US. It quickly gained widespread support, becoming an annual event with billions of people taking part worldwide in celebrating it annually and trying to influence human behavior change, policy initiatives, or raise awareness on issues like air pollution, global warming or clean energy solutions – Earth Day remains an incredible force today that is growing stronger each year.

Founder of E Magazine

E Magazine is a digital magazine distribution and reading platform used by Businessweek that works to deliver their weekly issues digitally to those subscribers that opt-in for this delivery method. Each Friday afternoon on publication day they will receive an email from E Magazine notifying them when new issues are ready to read.

E-zines (or electronic magazines) have emerged as powerful revenue-generating tools in online communications. Once seen as lower-cost alternatives to traditional publications, e-zines use technology to engage their readers while making an income through advertising or affiliate links to products with revenue-generating potential. Many of these publications target specific demographics while offering subscribers interactive features such as offering feedback or article suggestions; others feature slide shows or videos for subscribed readers to view.

Founder of Danny Seo Media Ventures

Danny Seo has long championed our planet’s natural biodiversity. At twelve, he founded Earth 2000 – now one of the country’s premier environmental activist charities for teenagers – becoming one of its largest activist charities worldwide. Today he’s the founder of Danny Seo Media Ventures – a multimedia lifestyle company that blends style and environmental sustainability. Today he hosts his family-oriented Saturday morning TV show on NBC; has written nine best-selling books covering decorating, entertaining, crafts, food as well as daily syndicated columns published across hundreds of newspapers as well as having his name featured on products sold from stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

Naturally Danny Seo magazine has reached over 3.5 million readers since it first debuted in July 2014. With an emphasis on beauty, health and sustainable lifestyles, its appeal to major advertisers and strong newsstand sales makes Naturally Danny Seo an invaluable publication. Additionally, this limited-run publication features home products designed to reduce waste while supporting sustainability goals.

Philosophy Wines are another product offered by the company. Their inaugural two wines, Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel, come from organic vineyards in Mendocino County in California; plans are underway to expand this selection by selecting exemplary sustainable producers around the world and vineyard sites that allow for true expression of terroir. All 100% grape-grown wine produced through Philosophy Wines uses minimum chemical input. Their Danny Seo Reserve product can now be found in select high-end retailers while other home and lifestyle items from this line include furniture, bakeware & cookware products as well as candles & seasonal decorative items among many more products produced.

Founder of GoGo Running

Daniel Seo is the founder of GoGo Running, a running and fitness company. A runner for over 15 years, Daniel has completed six marathons among other races as well as numerous triathlons and endurance sports events. Passionate about running himself, Daniel hopes to spread this sport as far as possible while serving his passion in technology for 17 years in various executive management capacities in numerous start-up companies.

In 2003, he started running to lose weight and quit smoking. Weighing in at 200 pounds and smoking one pack per day, he recognized he needed to make changes in his lifestyle. Beginning by running one mile five days per week – and eventually progressing up the distance ladder – eventually running a 10K and half marathon, and ultimately signing up for his first full marathon, Atlanta Marathon with hopes of qualifying for Boston.

At this point, GoGo music had begun gaining national recognition, with groups like Rare Essence and Junkyard Band incorporating elements of Funk, Hip Hop, Rap and hustler lingo into their songs. Yet Brown stayed true to his original sound by creating its distinctive beat from an adaptation of an older gospel tune from his childhood memories.

Founder of Big Peach Running Company

Big Peach Running Company is a locally owned and operated retailer serving Atlanta’s growing love affair with pedestrian-active lifestyle. Their store sells shoes, apparel and other accessories for runners of all ages and abilities as well as training programs tailored specifically for them. Recently in 2011, they also introduced full service running coaching as well as nutrition coaching.

Decatur, Georgia will host its inaugural store, conveniently situated only minutes from where Atlanta Track Club members meet every Saturday morning for in-training Saturday runs. Our team of passionate experts in all things running pride themselves on providing our Guests with expert knowledge of running as well as comfortable footwear that fits best for extended runs. They take great care with every shopper to make sure that each one tries different shoes before finding what works for them best.

Big Peach has long been an enthusiastic participant in local marathon and half marathon competition, serving as an official retail partner of ING Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon and providing assistance with race promotions and operations. Their locations in Midtown, Brookhaven and Kennesaw host race packet pick-up in advance of this event over four days prior to it taking place.

In 2014, BPRC joined thousands of Runners for Atlanta at the AJC Peachtree Road Race, giving participants an unforgettable tour through some of downtown Atlanta’s most picturesque skylines and tree-lined streets. At the same time, we also became the official retailer for American Family Insurance’s Atlanta 10 Miler and Atlanta 5K events on Thanksgiving Day, helping participants save money when signing up in-store.

Due to Atlanta’s commitment to thoughtful development that includes recreation, outdoor activities and green space, Big Peach reached an agreement with Suwanee Town Center to open their first store outside of Atlanta – complete with their mobile unit Big Peach On-Wheels that allows them to reach guests on their home turf. Big Peach opened their first location outside of The City of Atlanta this September accompanied by Big Peach On-Wheels!






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