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Darien Web Design

Darien Web Design

An introduction is usually the first thing users encounter on a page, so it should capture and draw their interest with striking typography that stands out from its surroundings and an attractive illustration/background combination.

Hadley is currently a senior at Darien High School and co-editor-in-chief for Neirad Enilno, her favorite part of journalism being spreading important information globally.

User Experience

User experience (UX) design focuses on the end-user and their interactions with your product or service. UX requires an in-depth knowledge of users’ needs, wants, values and business goals and objectives while simultaneously considering UX best practices that promote usability, accessibility and meaningful value creation for your target audience.

Darien Nature Center utilizes a minimalist style approach on their site, using plenty of white space and simplistic typography to draw visitors’ attention to high-quality photos and text. Their event calendar is easy to navigate and clearly lists all pertinent details; their online forms require only essential data from potential attendees.

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Visual Appeal

Although functionality should remain the centerpiece of your website, visual appeal should also be prioritized. Visitors only have milliseconds to make an impressionful first impression that will determine their decision to return and their perception of your brand/company.

Visuals can evoke strong reactions in visitors, so it’s crucial that your design communicates your brand identity while simultaneously invoking feelings such as trust, comfort and hope in visitors.

Designing an aesthetic website design isn’t easy, however. One study (Lindgaard et al.) had participants rate various features on a website before finally coming to agreement on just nine features.






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