Did Seo Yul Die In Alchemy Of Souls

Did Seo Yul Die In Alchemy Of Souls

Did Seo Yul Die In Alchemy Of Souls

So-i is an ambitious con artist who poses as blind in order to steal from people. Unfortunately for her, So-i falls prey to Jin Mu’s men who are hunting down any blind girls similar to Bu-yeon who look similar and capture her.

The queen of Jinyowon believes there may be a way to save So-yi. She suggests the fire bird as one possible solution, yet So-yi lies about this possibility.

1. Bu-yeon’s Death

Bu-yeon awakens to her true identity for the first time when her eyes turn blue and memories from her past as Naksu begin flooding back. This signaled to Jang Uk that his soul shifter’s time was nearing an end, so instead he tried using Hwansu to save her but failed. When this occurred again later on he decided that it would be best if they told Bu-yeon the truth when he felt stronger enough.

Bu-yeon encounters Go Won’s turtle on her way to visit Yul, who acts as a beacon for those in distress. She asks him to lead her back to her mother and he agrees. Next, she visits Naksu’s gravesite and uses medicine that determines if someone is soul shifting; when seeing the results she realizes that her eyes have changed colour from green to blue and could become vulnerable against ghost attacks.

Bu-yeon has found herself relieved to reunite with Jang Uk after having to flee Gwido and defeating soul shifters, yet they both still face many obstacles along their path to protecting the world and defeating soul shifters together. However, the road ahead remains long.

Alchemy Of Souls was so successful because it expertly blended fantasy romance with political suspense. Split into two parts, this 30-episode drama features an ensemble cast filled with their own quirks, schemes, and power plays; but somehow still manages to strike an equilibrium between its two heavy plots.

Finding a drama that manages to combine such diverse genres while remaining as successful is rare; yet this drama proved itself worthy. Its story and characters were riveting; while unlike most fantasy K-dramas that fall into tropes, this show provided some fresh takes that kept audiences entertained and didn’t simply resolve all problems faced by its characters; making the plot definitely worth your time; however if cliffhangers and long waits between episodes isn’t your cup of tea then this might not be.

2. So-yi’s Death

Yul was once known for being one of the most powerful mages without an ice stone, yet his generous nature has now come back to haunt him. A blood parasite in his body is draining him of energy; and its only way out is for him to pass on. Bu-yeon is well aware that this means his death must soon occur, yet she refuses to let go easily and instead distracts him by promising she’ll take care of things herself in his place.

Yul is not taken in by their attempt to get him, knowing he must fight them off with all of his energy and So-yi’s distraction. Just when Yeom-su was about to strike the fatal blow, Jang-uk appears and saves him at the last second.

As he battles them off, he realizes that his strength is quickly diminishing. Nearing death’s door, he decides he must act quickly and sends his henchmen to find Bu-yeon and Jang Uk at their palace residence.

Bu-yeon begins talking about her childhood dream of sitting atop a tree like Naksu had done; Jang Uk then notices someone had come into Jinyowon from outside; it turns out it is Seo Yul who came here in order to rescue Bu-yeon from Lady Jin.

Bu-yeon remains resistant to giving up her husband Yul, even when faced with the prospect of reunion. She even attempts to use bell potion against him but it proves ineffective as his health has already declined significantly.

One of So-yi’s companions rushed back to the palace and informed Yul about what had occurred with So-yi. Yul quickly made his way over just in time to witness Cheonbugwan magician Yeom-su strike So-yi unconscious with an umbrella blow from Cheonbugwan magician Yeom-su – leaving So-yi unconscious but with an invitation for Yul to stay with her until her blood parasite killed her later – an unfortunate ending to an otherwise superb episode of Alchemy Of Souls!

3. Yeom-su’s Death

Yeom-su’s death provides some much-needed closure for this season of Bu-yeon and Yeombugwan magicians; she was one of their most promising antagonists and served as an excellent counterpoint against Bu-yeon’s unyielding personality. However, their plans were blocked by the Unanimous Assembly and their plans never materialized into anything significant.

At her final appearance, Yeom-su tries to persuade the Assembly to help her oust Nak-su but they decline. Before passing away she tells him she will never forget their time together and that he will always remain her favorite person in life.

The next day, Yul and his men arrive in Gwido where Jin Mu is hosting his secret base. Jin Mu informs Yul that the ice stone he created is actually a soul shifter which wants to control all aspects of life across the universe; upon hearing this news, Yul attacks its base and destroys every soul shifter present therein.

Bu-yeon was taken aback when she learned of her mother’s past as a soul shifter and that she now possessed her body – as an insistent debt to Jang Uk she vows to remain as Bu-yeon throughout her life.

In Episode 4, young Mu-deok is saved from her paralyzing state by Jang Uk and his friends, accidentally touching Bu-yeon’s umbrella during their rescue – this prompts Mu-deok to recall meeting Bu-yeon in Episode 1.

After an exciting series of events, the final episode depicts the aftermath of So Yi and Yeom-su’s deaths during their final battle between the assembly and fire bird. Now with him leading their Kingdom forward as leader, So Yi and Yeom-su are left to train up future generations while staying close together as part of their kingdom family.

4. Jin Mu’s Death

Jin Mu, Prince Jae-min’s best friend and brother-in-law, is the heir of Seoho fortress and an outstanding mage. As well as possessing amazing powers in alchemy, which has allowed him to create many of the magical items used throughout this world. However, his selfish ambitions lead him down an irredeemable path; using an ice stone he obtained to possess souls from 78 individuals while even possessing their minds! In pursuit of becoming new world ruler, Jin Mu has taken control over all those under his control using his amazing powers in both magic and alchemy – something his fellow mage brother Prince Lee cannot do!

Bu-yeon is unaware that she is Nak-su and seeks Jang Uk’s assistance to escape her home and clear her name. Bu-yeon does not recall what occurred three years prior and believes she has no control over how to leave it. She becomes trapped within it until he helps free her.

Yul agrees to help her, although he doesn’t know her very well, speaking candidly to her and even helping her find somewhere safe to hide from Mu-deok and his bloody threats. Just before Yul can leave, however, she is confronted by an unbelievable sight: Mu-deok himself appears before her in all its horrific glory before clutching at the wooden trinket Mu-deok had given her previously.

As Yul fights the soul shifters, he comes to realize their danger is greater than he initially anticipated. He manages to track down So Yi and confirm that Bu-yeon is indeed Naksu; yet is reluctant to inform anyone else of this fact.

Later, Yul was able to break through the seal on the ice stone and free Naksu’s soul; however, knowing it will soon dissipate he decides to return to Danhyanggok as soon as he can and spend more time with Bu-yeon and Bu-youon while time allows.

Yul and Minnie spend the rest of their lives together and eventually get married, though he asks her to forget about the ice stone but she refuses. After eventually going back to inform the Assembly about Plaque and her fate, however, the Assembly agrees to allow her keep it provided she kills Yul first.






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