Edmonton Web Design Prices

Edmonton Web Design Prices

Edmonton Web Design Prices

Your website serves as the digital storefront of your business and should provide customers with an engaging first impression of it. It must be professional-looking, easy-to-navigate and optimized for SEO to attract the desired attention of prospective customers.

Hire a web design firm near your business to achieve these goals and they will act as your marketing department, updating and communicating with you throughout the project.


An effective website is one of the cornerstones of successful business operations, conveying to clients an impression that you take their needs and company culture seriously, and being one of the first places many visitors go when trying to locate services or products offered. Therefore, having one that’s easy to use, loads quickly, and delivers great user experiences is even more crucial than ever before.

Quality websites can range in cost from $10 annually to over a thousand per month, depending on their size and scope of project. As well as initial design costs, hosting fees, ongoing maintenance expenses will need to be factored in as well. Most importantly, however, is whether visitors can convert into customers through various methods including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC marketing or social media promotion.

Selecting the ideal web design agency for your business can be a difficult decision, but finding one should not be hard. Compare their prices and features until you find one that best meets your needs – look for companies offering an array of services that will help grow your business as well as partners that work closely with you to keep your site operational at all times.

Web design companies in Edmonton specialize in crafting creative, eye-catching websites designed to attract and convert visitors into customers. Their expert web designers can assist your business in designing an inviting site that will set itself apart from its competition and expand online visibility, as well as offer advice on optimizing it for optimal results.

Professional website is one of the best investments your business can make to increase sales and improve customer service, build brand recognition among potential customers and make your brand memorable to potential buyers. A well-designed site also makes your company more cost effective and profitable than competitors.

Hourly Rates

Web design companies typically charge an hourly rate that varies based on factors such as project requirements and company size; on average it averages $150 an hour. Aside from designing websites themselves, other fees such as hosting, content writing and search engine optimization may incur extra expenses; which could significantly add to project expenses.

Edmonton Web Design excels at designing customized websites to increase businesses’ phone calls, leads and sales. Their websites are fully responsive and mobile-friendly with features designed to allow customers to easily locate what they’re searching for – making them one of the premier web design firms in Edmonton.

Pixel Army stands out as another top Edmonton web design firm with their team of creative and professional designers offering outstanding support services to their clients. Working closely together, their goal is to ensure sites are functional yet visually pleasing while their SEO marketing strategies help get more traffic through to them.

Ecommerce website development in Edmonton can be an expensive process, so finding an Edmonton web designer with whom you feel comfortable and trust can make all the difference. Take time to do your research and identify websites you find inspiring before setting a budget and discussing this with potential designers; this will allow them to gain a clear idea of your needs and preferences for design purposes and ensure everything runs smoothly during development.

Edmonton website developers who excel are those who can deliver an exceptional user experience at competitive rates while providing outstanding customer service and flexible payment plans. Their designs are contemporary yet minimalistic to ensure a perfect match with your business.

Edmonton Web Design provides web design services for small and mid-sized businesses in Edmonton, Alberta. Their team of expert designers and developers has experience across multiple industries; their portfolio features projects like e-commerce and social media sites; they also offer content marketing and logo design.

Flat Rates

As a web designer, determining your pricing strategy can be challenging. While you want to offer top quality work at all times, paying your bills and running a successful business should remain your main concern. A great way of doing so is offering flat rates for services; this helps prevent overcharging clients while covering all expenses without over-billing clients.

Project scope also has an effect on web design rates. For instance, websites requiring extensive coding require more time and effort than simple landing pages to build. Furthermore, projects may involve revisions that increase overall costs significantly; as a result it’s essential that both parties involved develop a clear plan before embarking on any development work together.

Your web design services can also generate additional revenue by including premium elements that help clients earn profit or acquire new customers. For example, offering SEO or content marketing as part of your web design package may generate more revenue while showing clients you are an invaluable asset in their businesses.

Ecommerce website designs can also increase your web design rates. Ecommerce platforms allow online users to purchase products or services directly from companies. They typically feature product listings, pricing information, shipping options and payment processing – plus features like blogs or other features to improve the user experience. Ecommerce designers often incorporate these websites as part of their offerings for increased web design rates; their effectiveness in driving leads and sales for clients makes the investment worth while.


We offer several affordable plans designed to provide businesses and individuals with the best website possible, from design and hosting solutions all the way through SEO services. Choose one of our plans or let us customize one specifically tailored to meet your needs; regardless of what kind of business it may be, a properly optimized and designed website is key in drawing potential clients in.

Membership Website Design Edmonton

Edmonton’s Premier Membership Website Designers. Offering online membership platforms, client members area access control systems and LMS (Learn Management System) for online coaching programs and training courses – creating passive income revenue streams while safeguarding client data securely – as well as creating passive passive revenue streams with our top membership web designers in Edmonton.






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