Email Marketing Agency NJ

Email Marketing Agency NJ

Email Marketing Agency NJ

An effective email marketing agency will take the time to understand your business goals and needs through discovery sessions or inquiry forms, then analyze current email campaigns before providing recommendations.

Verifying and optimizing your list by employing an in-depth data science approach that includes geographic, behavioral, or demographic targeting; they also implement retargeting tactics to maximize ROI for email campaigns.

The Snow Agency

The Snow Agency excels at full-funnel direct-to-consumer brand optimization & growth, using customized digital strategies to maximize impact of direct response ads on Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/YouTube, Google Ads/YouTube Ads/Google AdWords, Email & SMS Marketing campaigns as well as data driven content production for its clients generating over $250 Million+ in sales revenue for clients.

Daniel Snow is the CEO and Founder of The Snow Agency, an innovative performance and social media agency for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that is revolutionizing ecommerce for DTC companies. A proven expert, Daniel successfully launched and scaled several viral eCommerce brands over 3.5 years himself without receiving funding or loans – providing him with the entrepreneurial experience to launch The Snow Agency.

He leads a team of digital marketing experts that deliver measurable and sustained results for clients. His team has assisted clients to expand their audiences, improve conversion rates and meet business goals while providing ongoing support for paid advertising campaigns – they boast an impressive success record and are the ideal partner for brands looking to extend their online reach.

Kindred Studios is their in-house creative studio that specializes in producing high-quality video production for branding and direct response deliverables, such as branding videos that elevate a brand’s visual design while optimizing social and digital marketing campaigns. They also offer photography services including product and lifestyle shoots; professional quality photos can also be taken. Their services are professional yet cost-effective with communication via Slack or Zoom as they’re always willing to make changes when necessary and excellent customer service, leading them to develop an outstanding reputation within the industry.

Amplify Health

Amplify Health is a healthcare technology company offering analytics, data science and design services for hospitals, payers and providers in healthcare. Amplify Health services include improving data quality while increasing transparency and decreasing costs as well as supporting clinical decision-making and patient engagement through analytics tools and services provided. Amplify Health also offers consulting and training services to assist its clients with implementing its solutions successfully.

Lighter Capital, DC to VC and Rock Health are among its investors; products include a data platform with AI-powered analytics and predictive modeling for clients to use to enhance business processes and increase revenue, with customers managing data across their organization while providing insights to stakeholders within.

Amplify Health offers healthcare marketers a full suite of analytics as well as marketing insights and strategic guidance, to enable them to create and execute campaigns with increased ROI, target the right audiences and segments, optimize advertising budgets effectively and develop successful social media strategies.

Amplify Health, the Asia-Pacific arm of Discovery Group, recently conducted a new study which showed that increasing numbers of people are turning to digital healthcare to take control of their own health. Driven by advances in HealthTech and changing demographics, digital adoption across Asia has increased rapidly.

Amplify Health, the pan-Asian integrated health technology solutions joint venture of AIA Group Limited and Discovery Group Limited, announced recently its acquisition of Singaporean AI machine learning analytics firm AiDA Technologies. This acquisition allows Amplify to leverage their extensive healthcare technology assets and intellectual property in Asia while opening up growth opportunities to both partners involved.

AiDA’s sophisticated machine learning software can be leveraged to enhance and expand Amplify’s current solutions offerings in the region, such as chronic disease management programs, claims processing systems, as well as product development capabilities for private medical insurance.

InfoClutch Inc

InfoClutch Inc, located in Edison, New Jersey is a B2B data marketing company dedicated to meeting client tailored marketing data needs. Their offerings include email appending services and marketing lists; they also offer research and analysis services to assist their clients with understanding what data solutions best suit them.

They boast a solid customer base of mid-sized companies in both the US and UK markets, targeting mostly those from tech industries (though some clients also come from multiple sectors). According to company management, growth depends on enhanced communication with clients in order to better understand their challenges and requirements.

Robert Jordan serves as Media Relations Manager of InfoClutch, a premier B2B marketing data and list appending company. Their B2B data is accurate and up-to-date, offering marketers with high-quality databases to expand their businesses. Their technology database contains Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JD Edwards information among others; plus they offer email appending/lead generation service that will help create targeted campaigns to reach the right target audiences and achieve marketing goals.






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