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Local Falcon is the leading GMB rank tracker. We understand that simply having a profile on GMB isn’t enough; to see real visibility online, you need to rank high in the Map 3-pack rankings.

Legacy national, organic SEO tools rely on single-point rankings at zip code centroid; Local Falcon offers an advanced multi-point grid system which quickly compares scan results and provides trend reporting.

Rank Tracking

Listing your website and local Business Profile on Google is essential for increasing online exposure, but you need to monitor and optimize these listings in order for them to appear in search results for relevant keywords. Using local rank tracker software is one effective method of doing this. Search analytics tools provide a snapshot of your rankings for any keyword that you select and show which competitors outrank you. They can also help identify specific words to focus on in your content marketing strategies. One dentist in Denver who had their page ranking 15 for “teeth whitening” utilized a local SEO tool to discover which keywords they needed to optimize in order to increase their rankings and over three months’ of optimization (both on their page and website) achieved position three!

Local Falcon stands out from other rank tracking software by offering more comprehensive features that give a holistic picture of a local listing’s performance on Google maps. Local search is dependent upon proximity and can fluctuate significantly; its rank tracking software lets you monitor these changes so that informed decisions can be made about improving search visibility.

Local Falcon’s scan feature offers an interactive map view of local search results compared to traditional rank trackers that only display results according to centroid locations (zip code centers). Furthermore, the scan feature works well for service area businesses like plumbers and electricians that travel directly to customer addresses.

Content and marketing investments can increase website visibility, but a strong technical base is equally vital to its success. This involves optimising pages, making mobile-friendly sites, creating XML sitemaps, and using header tags effectively. A skilled technical SEO specialist can remove barriers to performance so search engines can index your content more easily – which could reduce bounce rates and boost conversion rates as a result of such actions.

Keyword Research

Keyword selection is one of the key steps in content production that has the greatest effect on its success or failure. A mismatched keyword could sabotage all your hard work on the post; while finding one with incredible ranking potential could set off a virtuous cycle of ranking success. That’s why successful SEOs spend considerable time testing keywords to see which are viable and which should be avoided.

Legacy SEO research tools only give limited insights into whether a keyword is suitable. According to estimates, SEO professionals get their keyword selection wrong 30% of the time; creating massive waste and inefficiency and missing an opportunity for growth.

Local Falcon was developed to address this challenge. Founder Yan Gilbert, an established SEO, recognized that local rank tracking was important as organic search results can often depend on proximity. Unfortunately, traditional rank trackers weren’t accurate enough for providing this data so he created Local Falcon as a solution.

This tool enables you to see real-time rankings and provides a clear view of your business’ performance in its local area. Furthermore, it enables you to compare performance against rival businesses as well as analyze their strategies and use an intuitive interface which makes use easier than ever for beginners.

Another useful aspect of this tool is its capability of identifying the optimal keywords for your business. By narrowing your search to only those keywords with high relevance and popularity, this allows you to more precisely target your audience while increasing conversion rates. You can even use it to monitor advertising campaign results – keeping up with competitors by improving website performance!

On-Page Optimization

On-page elements of SEO involve everything a website owner can control themselves, including page titles and meta descriptions as well as keyword placement on pages and HTML source code coding. Falcon Digital puts great effort into optimizing these aspects when optimizing sites.

Step one of on-page optimization involves conducting keyword research to identify those most pertinent to your business and use that data to enhance both your website and Google My Business listing listings.

Title tags are often the first thing search engines notice when listing pages, and can have a profound effect on how well your page ranks. A title tag should include your main keyword as well as providing as much relevant information about each page’s topic as possible; additionally, avoid keyword stuffing since this could create an unpleasant reading experience and modern search engines have implemented measures to penalize content that contains too many unnaturally packed keywords.

Title tags can encourage searchers to click your listing, helping drive organic traffic to your site. Meta description tags also have an effect, though less significant, in influencing click-through rates; they help your rankings by encouraging search engines to feature your listing as a featured snippet.

Falcon Digital can also help your organization optimize its internal link structure by linking all pages logically together. This can improve rankings by showing that each page is an authority in its field and prevent duplication of content by linking similar pieces across pages in an organized fashion. Furthermore, we will examine your domain/server configuration for issues which could hinder SEO performance such as duplicate content and missing canonical tags that might impede this optimization process.

One often-overlooked element is structured data – markup elements added to web pages to make them more appealing for search engines such as Google. You can add structured data through your CMS or plugin and it can help your website to rank more quickly by helping Google understand the purpose of each content page on your site and how it relates to others on it. Furthermore, structured data highlights important information in search results pages, encouraging people to click your listing.

Link Building

Falcon Digital provides comprehensive local seo services to help businesses increase online exposure. By ranking higher on search engine results pages, your website can receive increased traffic and leads. In addition, Falcon Digital manages social media accounts for your brand to increase brand recognition; and provides mobile-friendly versions of your website so customers can more easily locate you.

Falcon Digital utilizes Birdeye’s communications platform to respond to clients via text, email, webchat and live chat. All responses are then archived centrally for easy reference so the team can quickly identify issues and offer solutions while using Birdeye’s analytics dashboard to track performance.

Falcon Digital will conduct a full site analysis to ensure its underlying structure is SEO friendly, including scrutinizing navigation and internal links, checking that pages can be easily indexable by search engines, labelling content appropriately and reviewing server configuration and hosting environments to detect issues which could hinder search engine crawlers.

Local Falcon is an indispensable tool for small businesses and agencies with multiple locations, like coffee shops or car maintenance service providers. Its features include local ranking reports and Google My Business optimization; in addition, flexible pricing plans make this solution cost-effective; additional grid sizing options as well as competitive and keyword research reports are also provided.






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