Filipino Web Designer

Filipino Web Designer

Filipino Web Designer

Filipino web designers specialize in crafting stunning yet functional websites and can also develop cross-platform apps, making them an excellent option for businesses seeking an offshore web developer.

Top Philippine firms specialize in employee professional development, improving both quality and efficiency. Qadra Studio boasts an expert team comprised of quality assurance specialists (QA) and programmers to support them with this initiative.

Lightweight Solutions

Lightweight Solutions is a Filipino web design firm specializing in working with small businesses. Their services include social media marketing, content development and website creation as well as their team of 10+ experts providing e-commerce development and digital strategy consulting.

Lightweight Solutions was hired by their client to build and create a CMS website for a sports broadcast channel. Lightweight provided design and coding services as well as editing content and creating graphic elements – their work was of high quality while remaining on schedule and flexible in approach.

OOm Pte Ltd is a midsized pay-per-click agency located in Singapore and Manila, Philippines with over 100 employees. Their services include SEO, paid search marketing, content creation and business services across multiple industries – helping a healthcare clinic increase online presence while simultaneously generate leads by providing keywords, campaigns and content services.

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services

Filipino web designers can significantly bolster your business through their skills and efficiency. Speaking English as their native tongue, these dedicated workers offer lower rates than American freelancers.

Philippine outsourcing companies on this list can assist businesses of all sizes to realize their objectives. Their services range from data entry and customer service, virtual assistance and bookkeeping – to bookkeeping!

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services is a firm that assists small- and mid-sized businesses in meeting their IT needs. Their services range from e-commerce development, branding, web design and user interface/UX development; working across healthcare, automotive and retail industries among others; they have received praise for their high quality of work and flexibility as well as being reliable with an excellent team of employees.

Grow Forward JP Inc.

Grow Forward JP Inc can be found at RS Arcade Phase 4, Alta Tierra Village, Quintin Salas Jaro in Iloilo City and provides English tutoring and IT services. Their team of Filipino web designers possess skills in various programming languages for complex project development.

OOm Pte Ltd, located in Singapore and the Philippines, offers midsize pay per click services including SEO services, content marketing and more. When a healthcare clinic was seeking new customers for a campaign that generated leads and increased revenues, they called OOm for assistance in targeting the appropriate audience and using content to connect with new leads and revenue opportunities.

Rocketship Designs

Rocketship Designs is a graphic design firm with offices in Manila that specializes in print design, corporate branding and website design/development services as well as video/motion graphics production. They have established themselves as experts in their fields and make an excellent choice when searching for Filipina web designers to hire.

Quezon City-based company offering UX/UI design, mobile app development and web design. Recently helped a nail salon redesign their website while improving SEO for Google search results.

Trust is of utmost importance, which is why businesses cannot pay to change or remove reviews. Learn more.

LeapOut Digital Inc.

LeapOut Digital is a marketing agency located in the Philippines specializing in branding and social media management, video production, SEO services and consumer engagement strategies that deliver engaging stories within an increasingly short attention span.

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services is a midsize IT staffing and consulting firm, specializing in non-voice BPO/back office services as well as IT staffing solutions across industries including IT, finance and retail.

ACX Outsourcing Hub, established in 2022, specializes in digital services for small businesses. Their team specializes in e-commerce development and marketing strategy solutions for local firms, recently helping one develop and design its website while offering ongoing SEO and marketing services that helped increase Google rankings while creating an appealing brand image online.

1902 Software Development Corporation

1902 Software Development Corporation is a Danish-run company which collaborates with digital managers and webmasters for design, development, testing, deployment and support of multiple digital platforms. Their highly communicative team excels in client relationships while their flexible work schedule can meet client demands.

Fulcrum Solutions was established in Las Pinas, Philippines as a midsize custom software development company in 2019. Their services include IT strategy consulting, staff augmentation and web development; they assisted a kitchenware company build an online platform to centralize and streamline accounting and operations processes.

Intelegencia, established in 2009, is a midsize business services company specializing in non-voice BPO/back office services and cloud consulting & SI. Furthermore, they also provide marketing strategy services and have worked with several Fortune 500 companies.

Coffee Digital Marketing Studio

Coffee Digital Marketing Studio of Bacoor, Philippines is a marketing agency with two members dedicated to social media and content marketing services such as SEO, PPC advertising and web design for mid-market and large enterprises in retail, financial services and consumer product industries. Their team also developed an aggregator platform for media companies while offering Facebook marketing and social branding for media campaigns.

MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services, established in 2017, operates out of both offices located in the Philippines and Deerfield, Illinois. Primarily serving small to mid-market companies within the financial services industry, their main clients include credit restoration firms providing accounting, non-voice BPO services and PPC. Furthermore, they assisted virtual assistant companies generate leads via cold calling campaigns while their work included video production, email marketing campaigns and back office support; with many clients lauding MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services’ efficiency and value.


Pragtechnologies was founded in 2015 to offer its clients a range of services. It specializes in building customized applications using modern technologies such as Elixir, React and AI to build products. Their aim is to expand globally while meeting client demands.

An effective Web Developer needs a strong educational background in order to become skilled at their work. Many colleges and universities offer web design, internet development, computer science, engineering courses which will hone your skills further. A Web Designer must also be comfortable working independently while having time management skills that allow them to meet changing client demands; additionally they should know HTML/CSS as well as creating layouts/interfaces/aesthetics effectively. Among Pinoy designers in particular there are those adept at working independently in creating interfaces, layouts/aesthetics accordingly – perfect for pinoy designers!

Springboard Philippines

Since 2013, Springboard Philippines is a midsize IT staffing company located in Manila, Philippines. Offering IT staff augmentation, call center services, back office outsourcing and customer service outsourcing as well as IT strategy consulting and project management, their services can also include IT strategy consulting.

Coffee Digital Marketing Studio of Bacoor, Philippines offers social media and content marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO). They recently assisted a healthcare clinic by providing search engine optimization (SEO).

Fuerte began creating websites during her college years as an expressive outlet and skill builder, quickly winning multiple national web awards for her efforts. Later, she put her experience and knowledge to use by co-founding PhilWeavers, an organization for young Filipino web designers. Furthermore, Fuerte has shared her journey at various conferences and events.






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