Helium Seo Scam Cincinnati

Helium Seo Scam Cincinnati

Helium SEO Scam Cincinnati

Nothing is more nerve-wracking for businesses than being absent from Google search results for relevant keywords, so this scam capitalizes on that fear by offering “guaranteed rankings” for terms that have no value to your company.

Some websites claim they offer software or another method that can expedite your website, and this is a total scam.

What We Do

Helium SEO is a data-driven digital marketing agency, using AI technology and engineering to maximize return for their clients. They are currently hiring for multiple positions in Blue Ash including account managers, engineers and digital marketing specialists.

Helium offers local/geo-located search engine optimization, Google AdWords/PPC Advertising, Web Design/Custom Websites and Google Analytics/Phone Tracking to businesses of all kinds. They also specialize in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) services that allow businesses to optimize their marketing ROI by targeting resources towards specific accounts within a target market.

An SEO scam typically takes the form of an untrustworthy company offering “guaranteed rankings” for keywords that have little traffic volume or competition value for your business, yet may provide no real benefit in terms of traffic volume or competition. They may then work on your site by updating tags, building links or writing some content – and show you results that appear successful.

Guaranteed Rankings

A variation of this scam typically manifests itself in the form of either a phone call or mass email sent out using dubious means, promising that their company can guarantee your website will appear on Google for various keywords that may or may not have any connection to your business. They then perform some minimal changes (update tags, build links and perhaps write content) on your site before showing you proof by showing you search results in Google.

No SEO firm can promise page one rankings; too many factors go into Google’s algorithm that determines who appears on its first page. If they offer guaranteed rankings, ask what their strategy will entail for reaching this result and run your keywords through a tool such as Ubersuggest to see how much traffic those keywords receive.

Google My Business Accounts

Google is an industry-leading technology company focused on enriching searchers’ experiences and strengthening businesses. Their comprehensive lineup of tools and services designed to assist businesses connect with users includes advanced analytic, tracking, and testing tools; in addition to consumer-facing offerings like Shopping and Rich Snippets.

This scam comes in many forms, but its core remains the same: firms claim they can help your business improve its ranking on Google by making minor adjustments to your Google My Business (GMB) account. It’s important to remember that in order for GMB listings to appear on Google Maps they must be verified using an actual storefront address rather than virtual addresses such as P.O. boxes.

This scam takes advantage of companies’ fear that their website rankings will drop without updating their GMB listings. If this occurs to your firm, immediately report it and log into GMB dashboard to view status. Google My Business allows businesses to verify themselves using postcard sent directly to physical location and allows you to select when this can happen.

Reputation Management

Building and upholding an online reputation that inspires trust with your audience is of utmost importance for any business. Reputation management companies provide services designed to manage this online presence by elevating positive information about your company while downplaying negative content that may appear on search engine result pages.

Reputation management encompasses everything from handling online reviews and social media posts to promoting your website and social media accounts. Reputation management requires expert services as it involves more than simply managing website reviews online – from creating engaging content with relevant keywords that rank highly in Google to monitoring reviews from third party sources online. It is an involved process and needs the expertise of professionals.

Helium SEO was established in 2017 as a digital marketing agency offering data-driven marketing solutions. Specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Local/Geo Located SEO Services, Social Media Marketing and Web Design/Custom Website Creation; this agency recently added Helium Interactive as an experience-focused digital design agency.

Have you encountered unsolicited emails from helpful-sounding individuals purporting to be experts in your industry and promising to boost your search engine rankings? Chances are these individuals aren’t really experts; more likely, they are SEO spammers or worse scam artists looking to take advantage of you. Their boilerplate messages generally start off by greeting in an unfamiliar language (Australia is often claimed), before proceeding to claim that there’s an issue with your website and promising they can fix it.






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