Hid Iclass Seos

Hid Iclass Seos

HID’s iCLASS Seos cards provide organizations with unparalleled protection. Offering both security and flexibility, these credential solutions are compatible with their Signo range as well as all existing access control systems.

iCLASS Seos is a contactless smart card designed to ensure secure credential distribution and lifecycle management. Using state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms and providing secure data transmission between card and reader, this card provides additional layers of protection from credential theft.

iCLASS SE is the Next Generation of Credential Technology

iCLASS SE is designed to offer the optimal balance of security and flexibility to meet the demands of any organization, making it the ideal solution for organizations with stringent security requirements in terms of credential solution or enterprise and government organizations that seek to increase overall system reliability. Utilizing highly advanced encryption software infrastructure, iCLASS SE allows trusted identities to be securely embedded on various forms beyond traditional access control cards.

iCLASS cards differ from their proxy counterparts in that they support multifactor authentication and one time passwords to provide enhanced security, giving these cards much wider use cases such as cashless payments in workplace cafes or parking garages. This makes prox cards less reliable for access control applications while simultaneously making these more reliable for other functions, like cashless payments at workplace cafes or parking garages.

Key to the iCLASS SE platform’s security offering is its unified architecture based on open, standards-based security protocols and an updateable security layer with secure updates throughout their life cycle. This ensures maximum protection against tampering or attacks that might compromise either credential data integrity or PACS application data integrity.

The iCLASS SE card comes in both 2k bit and 32k bit configurations, each featuring a chip capable of supporting cryptographic algorithms, protected by a physical layer that prevents electromagnetic interference with its internal components. Furthermore, this card employs a secure messaging protocol that ensures data transmission between on-card applications and off-card apps while protecting sensitive information from third parties.

All iCLASS cards are designed to work seamlessly with HID Global’s iCLASS reader range, such as its modern and sophisticated Signo line of readers. With multiple forms, antennae and connector options to provide maximum versatility for maximum security and interoperability when used for credential solutions.

Signo readers represent one of the industry’s most advanced ranges of readers. Offering unparalleled integration and features such as single and dual frequency designs that simplify technology migration with support for both iCLASS SE credentials as well as standard credentials along with MIFARE DESFire EV1 readers, Signo readers provide greater deployment flexibility and enable you to extend the value of iCLASS investments over time.

iCLASS SE offers a mix of security and flexibility

iCLASS Seos cards offer unparalleled network security that goes far beyond your physical doors; their protection encompasses every device connected to it, making it the ideal solution for organizations looking to expand their access control system with applications such as secure printing, time and attendance tracking, cashless vending and One-Time Password authentication for network login.

The iCLASS Seos + Prox card allows you to carry two identities within one credential, providing a true one-card solution for physical and logical access control. Boasting both HID Prox, Indala or EM proximity technology – as well as both HID Seos+Prox cards – it enables you to maximize current investments while smoothly transitioning toward future-proof high-frequency solutions at your own pace.

HID Global’s iCLASS Seos card raises the bar in terms of security with data encryption and strong authentication to safeguard communications between card and reader. State-of-the-art cryptography ensures credentials do not disclose sensitive data while secure messaging protocol provides enhanced protection from unauthorized attempts to clone or intercept credentials. iCLASS Seos cards also feature compatibility with existing technologies to maximize interoperability with both open and proprietary readers.

HID Global provides its iCLASS cards as the highest level of security available, but HID Global takes it one step further with their iCLASS Seos card. iCLASS Seos uses a DESFire EV3 chip to encrypt credentials and protect them from attacks – only intended recipients can read them! Furthermore, each card features a random UID so no two can be associated with one individual or application.

The iCLASS SE card is one of the most flexible products offered by iCLASS, as it can be used with both contactless smart cards and prox cards for maximum versatility. Furthermore, this advanced technology boasts several SIOs, multifactor authentication support, and one time password functionality for added peace of mind.

iCLASS SE offers a variety of form factors

The iCLASS SE platform provides an open ecosystem for future-proofing your access control infrastructure and streamlining how identities are created, used and managed. iCLASS SE can support multiple technologies including proximity readers (125kHz Proximity), smart cards with microprocessor credentials as well as NFC enabled smartphones and tablets.

iCLASS SE cards are powerful cards with the capacity to hold multiple Secure Identity Objects (SIO), making them suitable for multifactor authentication and one time password support applications. Their greater data storage capacity than first generation prox cards makes iCLASS Seos cards an attractive solution for anyone transitioning away from prox card systems; hybrid models support both types of card readers while their compatibility ensures seamless transition.

HID Global’s iCLASS SEOS cards use an open security protocol with a universal card command interface to facilitate quick updates and rapid reaction to security breaches. Furthermore, these more durable than first generation proxy cards feature anti-scratch coating to help protect both their chip and plastic layers against scratch damage.

These cards are constructed of 30 mil CR80 PVC/PET plastic, an improved blend that provides higher heat resistance than traditional prox cards. You can print these using any standard ID printer and choose between black or clear versions; additionally they can even be hole punched if necessary.

iCLASS SE decor readers are lightweight and sleek devices designed to fit neatly into most light switch frames and intercom systems. Their advanced security features, such as AES 128 bit encryption, secure channel-based file transfer and proximity checks to protect card data breaches are highly advantageous.

iCLASS SE cards are an ideal solution for anyone transitioning from prox card systems to more advanced and secure systems, including accessing buildings or paying cashless at work cafes or parking garages. Designed to offer the best of both worlds, these cards work seamlessly with any system that supports iCLASS Seos technology.

iCLASS SE offers a variety of applications

iCLASS SE is the ideal combination of security and flexibility for any organization, providing robust infrastructure that supports applications ranging from physical access control, time and attendance tracking and more. These cards can be used individually or as part of multi-technology solutions combining proximity (125 KHz Proximity) and high frequency technologies – giving organizations an efficient upgrade path from legacy systems onto higher security provided by iCLASS SE without replacing readers.

Contrary to its first-generation cards which utilized proprietary security protocols, iCLASS SE utilizes an open software architecture for portability across a wider variety of hardware and mobile devices including Near Field Communication smartphones. Furthermore, its secure messaging protocol encrypts data transmission while strong authentication mechanisms safeguard communication between card and reader.

HID iCLASS Seos 500x smart cards are specifically designed to address both physical and IT security applications, including opening doors, cashless vending, transit and OTP authentication. Furthermore, these reprogrammable cards work directly with HID DigitalPersona authentication solutions so there won’t be any worries that they are out-dated as technology progresses around you.

These iCLASS Seos cards feature HID Prox encoding to make switching from their current 125 KHz system to the more secure and advanced iCLASS SE system easier for customers. PGGNN in the part number indicates its configuration; please see Documents and Downloads tab for more information about options for these cards.

Custom programmed iCLASS Seos cards are non-returnable; please be mindful when selecting an application, memory size and card type that meets your individual requirements before placing an order. For assistance if needed, call or email Discount ID; our staff would be more than happy to assist!






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