Hid Seos Reader

Hid Seos Reader

Hid Seos Reader

The Hid Seos Reader was developed with adaptability and interoperability in mind for future needs, supporting an array of technologies including iCLASS Seos, SE, HID Mobile Access credentials in card and fob form factors.

Utilizing a secure messaging protocol to facilitate communication between readers and system controllers, this solution eliminates any risk of cloning and on-site hacking while being easy to install on narrow doors with its mullion mount design.


HID Seos Reader is an innovative access control solution with mobile credentials that offers high security. Compatible with most smartphones and tablets, it features advanced tamper proofing, liveness detection and spoof prevention technologies; multi-factor authentication enables it to verify users using biometrics technologies; plus it can integrate into time and attendance and cashless vending systems seamlessly.

It can be mounted to almost any surface and offers flexibility and performance, offering reading distances ranging from 5 to 8 inches. For optimal read range, the company recommends mounting it to nonmetallic surfaces; it can also be attached to mullions or vertical rods if desired. Finally, its sleek modern design makes this reader suitable for any environment.

The reader provides support for all major credential technologies, including proximity cards and fobs from a wide array of manufacturers. It can also be used with mobile credentials from Apple Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP). With superior anti-theft features designed to protect devices against theft and guarantee data security on devices – plus being compliant with Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) compliance – the reader is designed for all credential technologies that make life easier for employees.

This reader offers multiple mobile credentials options, such as the iCLASS SE that enhances user experience with HID Mobile Access technology. Employees can use their smartphone to open doors or gates by tapping or swiping, eliminating physical cards altogether for reduced operational costs and enhanced convenience.

These readers are simple to install and setup quickly, offering a smooth setup process. Furthermore, they integrate easily with other systems like time and attendance tracking, cashless vending, network logins or network login management; furthermore they can be scaled up or down quickly depending on changing needs.

These readers come equipped with cloud-based management features, giving administrators remote control to create, manage and revoke credentials remotely and increase operational efficiency while decreasing fraud risk – an ideal solution for enterprises requiring the highest levels of security.


iCLASS Seos cards are ideal for organizations seeking dual identity credentials that provide both physical and logical access control solutions in one credential, such as opening doors or network login with One-Time Password authentication (OTP). Seos cards are easily programmable, come with lifetime warranties for added peace of mind, and feature smart integration across mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, key fobs, wearables or apps for maximum convenience in today’s mobile-first world.

HID iCLASS Signo Readers with Seos technology provide an adaptable and interoperable solution that supports innovation both now and into the future. Boasting powerful configuration options and an innovative security approach that goes beyond traditional smart card models, the readers utilize Security Industry Association Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure bidirectional communication between readers and iCLASS cards or credentials.

These readers come in two styles and both feature Seos technology for reliable performance and the capability to read ISO 14443 UID credentials. Both models use the new iCLASS SE platform, providing state-of-the-art authentication via its Secure Identity Object (SIO) data model which prevents unwarranted card or device credential exploitation. They’re built specifically to support HID Mobile Access on iCLASS credentials as well as other mobile devices with advanced features like surface detection sensors and intelligent power management to give added peace of mind for users.

iCLASS SE is also proud to introduce the iCLASS IDentifier – a small, portable device used to verify the authenticity of iCLASS cards or credentials such as prox cards. Utilizing advanced cryptography techniques, this device gives users confidence in using all connected devices within an organization while increasing security across devices connected. Easy setup makes upgrading to modern security technology convenient.


HID Global’s eco-friendly iCLASS SE Reader serves as the cornerstone for future advances in access control technology. This high frequency, dual technology plus reader supports both Prox and Seos credentials – offering powerful security for facilities and IT systems while protecting today’s interconnected world via mutual authentication between credential and reader and multi-layered security beyond card technology that helps keep identity data safe.

The iCLASS SE Reader is designed for flexibility and can be applied across a range of applications. Fully programmable in the field to support various credential technologies – including Seos and SE cards from iCLASS as well as standard MIFARE DESFire EV1 cards with custom data models – the Reader offers keystroke emulation functionality enabling card data directly entered into software applications via keystroke emulation for maximum versatility.

The iCLASS SE Reader is easy to set up and use, providing users with an intuitive browser-based user experience for quick self-service configuration and maintenance without special training requirements. All iCLASS readers feature built-in web servers for out-of-the-box deployment and remote management reducing costs associated with on-premise server maintenance costs. Furthermore, mobile-ready formats of this reader allow it to securely unlock doors even using advanced form factors like smartphones.


HID’s warranty becomes null and void if any product is altered in any way other than in accordance with written recommendations and instructions of HID (including product data sheets, application notes and Developer guides). This limited lifetime warranty covers all components except batteries in Readers.

HID reserves the right to modify its warranty policy at any time and any such revision will become effective once approved in writing by HID. HID warranties do not cover third-party hardware or software products unless specifically provided for in their terms and conditions.

The iCLASS SE Express reader streamlines the selection process with its cost-effective fixed configuration that integrates Seos physical card credential compatibility, Bluetooth Low Energy and Near Field Communication technologies to support HID Mobile Access(r). In addition, there is a low security option designed specifically to meet ISO14443 unique identification number reading applications. Intelligent power management features can reduce power consumption up to 30% while its Environmental Product Declaration and Green Circle certification contribute towards LEED building credits.

Credit-card sized form factor allows the iCLASS SE reader to be easily printed using standard thermal transfer badge printers. In addition, its IP65 rating protects it against dust and moisture; and its rugged aluminum housing protects it from impacts, vibrations, and shock.

HID may, at its discretion, either repair or replace the returned Product with one that matches in terms of model and functionality, without charging shipment or handling fees for either option. If HID cannot complete either process within an acceptable timeframe, CUSTOMER will receive a credit for their original purchase price (excluding taxes and levies ) which they may use towards purchasing another Product from HID in the future.

HID disclaims any and all other express or implied warranties, such as merchantability and fitness for particular purpose as well as those arising from performance, dealing, or usage of trade. Furthermore, no liability shall ever arise against HID or its third-party service providers due to this warranty policy and related products/services purchased under it.






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