Hospice Marketing Agency

Hospice Marketing Agency

Hospice Marketing Agency

Hospice agencies must effectively market their services to patients and their families as well as physicians and healthcare executives.

Digital marketing offers one way hospices can do both: using Facebook ads to target doctors and other referral sources online for pennies per ad view.

Narrating easy-to-grasp stories about palliative care and your agency can boost brand recognition while projecting an appealing image to both consumers and referral sources.


Hospice agencies need to establish their brand in order to stand out from competition, build loyalty among clients and experience predictable referral increases. Through effective marketing strategy, your hospice services agency can position itself as an industry expert – this may include selecting an appealing brand narrative like telling an engaging tale about founding members or your agency’s unique approach to end-of-life care services. Marketing should also emphasize expertise as well as positive impacts your organization is having in local communities.

Hospices are currently re-thinking their community marketing strategies, discovering that attracting patients requires more than simply dropping cookies off with physicians or handing out black-and-white brochures at local health fairs. Traditional approaches typically focused on fundraising with some hospice education thrown in for good measure; these tactics may have had short-term success but no sustainable results.

Hospices have taken to tailoring their marketing approach to specifically target certain populations and demographics within the communities they serve, using high-quality printed materials that create an impressionable impression, build credibility and ensure consistency branding while offering targeted marketing and information to referral sources.

Hospice blogs can be invaluable tools that demonstrate an agency’s expertise and build trust among referral sources, while simultaneously serving as an effective communication channel with patients and families.

Staff retention is of utmost importance in hospices, as it aids with patient care, referrals, CHAPS reporting and more. One effective strategy to retain employees is through offering competitive benefits and training opportunities.

Hospices face an ongoing challenge when it comes to recruiting long-term staff. Hospices should consider it an investment in both themselves and the future of the agency, using every opportunity to communicate the value of their employees in making a difference for patients, and ensure their message remains consistent across channels and platforms such as social media, PPC advertising and website content.

Reputation Management

Hospices must employ effective marketing strategies in order to attract consumers, such as community outreach and digital promotion. Implementation of such plans can improve reputation and referrals – an aspect of hospice marketing which may prove challenging without assistance from an experienced agency.

Promoting hospices requires marketers to be cognizant of both the emotional impact of their advertisements and cultural context. Hospices should avoid alienating patients or families through using negative messaging in their marketing campaigns and making false claims regarding quality of life for patients.

Hospices often struggle to promote their services in an engaging and informative manner that resonates with the public. Social media marketing and hosting educational workshops are effective methods of promotion that can inform both medical staff members and potential clients about end-of-life care options, while at the same time creating positive relations between hospice agencies and communities they serve.

Hospices must consider the individual needs of both their patients and communities when developing a marketing strategy for themselves. Participation in local events such as charity walks and health fairs as well as email drip campaigns will allow hospices to build an online presence and build the trust of their audience members.

Hospice of the Valley in Youngstown used brochures to effectively convey its mission and values, which they distributed among residents as well as potential referral sources. Their advertising campaign created a positive image for themselves as well as increasing admissions across three counties that they serve.

Promote hospices via radio and television is another effective strategy. Partnering with local stations allows hospices to share information about their services, encouraging potential patients to reach out. Furthermore, radio/TV partnerships allow hospices to form relationships with physicians and other healthcare professionals as they help spread the word.


Hospice referrals are vital to your agency’s growth and patient outcomes, yet many hospice agencies focus solely on obtaining new referrals, often neglecting existing patient retention and improving satisfaction scores.

One way to increase hospice referrals is to target your target markets – this may include physicians, counselors and nurses whose terminally ill patients could benefit from hospice services. You could reach out through educational events, in-service training sessions and other marketing strategies designed to stress the importance of referrals from hospice services.

Online marketing can also help promote hospice services and build trust with prospective clients. Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO), targeting healthcare-related keywords ensures your hospice website appears prominently in search results pages – helping establish credibility, authority and longevity for the brand.

Host community events as an effective strategy for increasing hospice referrals. Events allow your hospice staff to build connections within the community while showing them your caring approach; you could offer free informational sessions about hospice eligibility criteria or patient satisfaction metrics, for instance. Digital pamphlets could also help families make informed decisions for themselves.

Social workers, counselors and clergy members who may refer their patients to your hospice can be reached out to through letters. Also offering treats at physician’s offices during Home Care and Hospice Month in November could help your hospice reach more of its target market efficiently and cost-effectively.

Last but not least, hospice referral data must be carefully tracked and analyzed. Doing this will allow you to identify new opportunities to increase referrals such as patient advocacy groups. By using CRM technology to keep tabs on referral sources, CRM technology will make focusing your marketing efforts on those which provide the greatest return. Mortality follow-back surveys may help expand hospice outreach services while increasing overall hospice referral rates and patient outcomes.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a vital tool for hospice agencies. It enables them to connect with patients and families searching for palliative care services, as well as doctors who refer patients directly. Through digital marketing, hospices can increase patient referral rates while simultaneously building relationships with both patients and families – thus justifying its inclusion into hospice agency marketing plans. It is crucial that each hospice agency develops its own individual online strategy tailored specifically for them.

Marketing a hospice requires an unique strategy. Due to the sensitive nature of hospice services and any potential misconceptions surrounding them, marketing must be conducted thoughtfully and with consideration for all involved.

Hospice marketing strategies that leverage paid social media are highly successful at engaging potential patients and building a relationship with them, keeping hospices top-of-mind among potential patients, their loved ones, as well as dispelling myths about end-of-life care.

Hospice marketing strategies that work include attending healthcare conferences and meetings with doctors, hospitals and healthcare executives – this offers the perfect chance to present information on hospices’ positive influence on hospital admissions and mortality rates.

Hospices may host radio shows or podcasts featuring interviews with physicians and healthcare executives as a great way to build trust within their community, increase visibility, establish brand recognition, and drive referrals for hospices.

Hospices can use creative, useful content that engages patients and their families to gain trust from potential patients. This can be accomplished by posting blog posts, videos and other types of media onto their website; additionally it serves to communicate values and expertise of your organization.

Magnetized signs featuring your hospice’s logo, name and phone number on staff vehicles can help build branding and awareness, drawing potential patients in. Furthermore, training should be given so staff know what to say when approached by potential customers.






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