Hyein Seo Mermaid Skirt

Hyein Seo Mermaid Skirt

Hyein Seo Mermaid Skirt

Hyein Seo offers the latest collection from their brand with mini, midi and maxi skirts decorated with fun slogans. Their urban designs go against typical Korean fashion ideals by merging couture with street style while adding sensuality. Their pieces boast oversized silhouettes while still emphasizing feminine appeal.


Hyein seo skirts are perfect for creating an urban chic look, thanks to their oversized silhouettes and black colors, exuding street style and sensuality. Pair these eye-catching garments with your favorite T-shirts and knits for an eye-catching statement look! With mini, midi, maxi length options available ranging from slogan-detailed designs to monochromatic prints available, these timeless skirts should become part of your daily rotation.

South Korean designer Hyein Seo launched her namesake label in 2014 as part of her graduate collection from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Seo’s collections explore youth culture and women’s strength unapologetically, drawing influence from high schoolers discontented with academic life as well as martial arts practices such as Jiu Jitsu. With asymmetric edges and technical fabrics infused into every piece in Hyein Seo’s latest offering of dresses, tops, jackets and trousers you are sure not disappointed with what Hyein has created!


The mermaid-inspired skirt has a snug, tight fit from waist to below knees before flaring out at the bottom. Featuring an optional tonal waist bag which highlights feminine curves while providing storage solutions, this piece can easily add flair and distinction to any ensemble. Wear with anything from shirts or knitwear for an eye-catching finish!

Hyein Seo established her eponymous line in 2014 after graduating from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp with a BA in clothing design. Her avant garde ready-to-wear clothing defies gender classification with its oversized silhouettes and provocative designs, providing marginalised youth a platform through her clothes to express themselves artistically while showing signs of rebellion.

Hyein Seo offers an irreverent edge that appeals to modern women. Rethinking traditional Korean ideals of dressing, Hyein Seo’s collection of mini, midi and maxi skirts contain an irreverent element that appeals to sensuality-seeking female shoppers. Their cotton, leather and nylon pieces allow you to express yourself freely through fashion.


Hyein Seo, a South Korean designer who launched her namesake label after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, offers luxurious yet functional mermaid skirts to complement her signature streetwear styles that blur masculine and feminine streetwear aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from disaffected high schoolers, jiu jitsu athletes, avant garde predecessors in Antwerp, Hyein Seo’s dresses, tops, pants and skirts celebrate youth culture while remaining fashionable – blending fantasy, functionality with futurist zeitgeist.

The brand’s aesthetics go against traditional Korean social ideals that promote conservative views by providing sensuous appeal that covers the upper body while showing off legs – creating a look evoking couture ideals and offering alluring feminine charm.

The collection offers an assortment of mini, midi and maxi skirts perfect for effortless chic looks paired with T-shirts or knitted sweaters from T.com or knitwear retailer Knitted Nation. Additionally, this label provides stylish jackets adorned with urban slogans and patches for added urban edge to any ensemble.


Hyein seo is an innovative brand that explores the boundaries between oversized silhouettes and feminine couture fashion. Their revolutionary approach helps people break free from tradition while showing off their sensuality – making this brand an excellent option for those who wish to challenge norms and break convention.

Hyein Seo skirts come in an assortment of styles – mini, midi, and maxi styles are available – perfect for pairing with any casual street style ensembles such as t-shirts and knitwear for a street-inspired edge. Hyein Seo also offers custom slogans or patches to add some personal touches!

Hyein Seo is the South Korean designer’s self-titled label, established in 2014. Grad of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Hyein has made a name for herself with collections that combine masculine and feminine streetwear elements. Showcased during New York Fashion Week as well as receiving an honorable mention at British Fashion Council International Design Showcase; browse her selection of skirts today!






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