iCLASS Seos Cards

iCLASS Seos Cards

iCLASS Seos Cards

HID iCLASS Seos cards are an advanced generation of HID smart cards with advanced security features to help protect cardholder data. These cards are ideal for organizations that have both physical and logical access control requirements.

These cards use an open standards-based approach to manage and authenticate identities. They can be securely embedded onto NFC smartphones for physical access control, PC logon, biometric authentication, biometric fingerprint verification and numerous additional applications.


HID Global’s iClass seos cards provide maximum security and versatility, offering custom solutions tailored specifically for your system based on memory capacity, programming requirements, etc.

Utilizing iCLASS Seos technology, these cards offer dual identity support in one credential that supports both physical access control and One-Time Password Authentication (OTP) network login authentication. This provides a seamless experience when accessing both doors and IT resources, and an inexpensive means of safeguarding both physical and logical access.

These cards utilize an open and standards-based architecture for maximum interoperability and mobility. Based on an ISO/IEC 7816-4 command set and data model, these cards support various micro processors as well as mobile devices with Near Field Communication capabilities – including Near Field Communication smartphones.

These services also provide the highest level of data and privacy protection, using mutual authentication and secure messaging mechanisms to ensure only authorized users gain access to data. This helps prevent fraud and identity theft as well as provide a safer environment for sensitive data storage.

iCLASS SEOS Smart Cards are ideal for organizations that demand stringent security for their credential solutions, as well as enterprise and government organizations searching for cost-effective options. Their superior data integrity protection leverages cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms.

These cards are compatible with any access management system and can be used to log into workstations, laptops and web-based applications. Furthermore, they can be programmed for other purposes – mobile ID and multi-application among them – making them the ideal choice for any access control project. With robust durability and a lifetime warranty they make a fantastic choice!


Iclass seos cards use an open, secure technology to manage and verify identities. They can be used for physical and logical access control, cashless vending, transit and mobile computing; as well as for multiple credential storage. Furthermore, these high frequency solutions can be programmed to open doors or access IT resources when required.

Ideal for enterprises and government organizations that prioritize security, these smart cards represent an upgrade over first generation iclass credential systems. Instead of depending on proprietary security protocols and mutual authentication systems, their latest iterations feature large amounts of data storage, the clever Ole’ encryption algorithm, as well as an easier design that facilitates updates of its software.

Budget-minded organizations will appreciate this multi-technology smart card, designed specifically to facilitate transitioning to more secure access control while replacing readers in an economical manner. Credit-card sized, it supports popular iCLASS, iCLASS SE and Prox readers and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.


HID Global’s iclass seos cards utilize an open technology platform for managing and authenticating identities. Primarily intended to meet the needs of physical access control solutions (PACS) markets, these cards also come equipped with support applications such as One-Time Password Authentication for login to networks or IT resources.

iClass SEOS credentials offer superior data integrity and privacy protection through using cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms, as well as providing a secure messaging protocol to protect data transmission between card and reader. Furthermore, these credentials utilize strong authentication mechanisms that protect communication between card applications and off-card applications – offering a complete security solution.

Seos credentials work seamlessly with HID’s iCLASS SE platform, which utilizes the Secure Identity Object (SIO) data model, as well as multiCLASS SE readers able to process SIO-enabled formats. Furthermore, this platform ensures secure distribution and life cycle management of credentials ensuring consistent levels of security across applications.

The iCLASS SE platform also allows the iCLASS Seos credential to contain multiple Security Information and Authorization Policies (SIOs), enabling each application to offer its users its own protected data set – further raising security standards while meeting more stringent application requirements.

Iclass seos credentials are designed for maximum portability across a range of micro processors and mobile devices, from Near Field Communication smartphones to standard readers such as standard readers or hybrid smart/prox card readers – even supporting industry-accepted standards for contactless communication. Their flexible nature means they can support industry standards for contactless communication as well as being used across a range of readers such as standard readers, hybrid smart/prox card readers or RFID readers – for maximum interoperability with all readers types used such as standard readers or hybrid smart/prox card readers or RFID readers – all providing maximum interoperability between readers types that support industry accepted standards for contactless communication and can support industry accepted standards for contactless communication standards.


IClass Seos cards are an impressive example of a software-based security solution that utilizes an intricate encryption algorithm and extensive storage space to protect a range of applications. Furthermore, this multi-layer security system features a telephony application which enables users to make and receive calls using mobile phones as remote authentication devices – an ingenious way to manage access control for your property!

HID Global has come up with the iClass SEOs card as part of their smart card solutions, boasting multiple layers of security for added peace of mind. In addition to offering this innovative system, they also provide other products like the iCLASS ICE and multiCLASS SE smart cards which may offer greater convenience than seos technology. If you would like any further details regarding it please reach out to ID Card Group now!

ICLASS SEOS credentials are specifically engineered to stand up against even the toughest environments, offering a minimum operational lifespan of 20 years and 500K cycle count capacity. Organizations seeking a secure yet high-performing credential solution should consider purchasing one of these cards as they offer peace of mind that your credential solution won’t let down.






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