Iclass Seos Prox Card

Iclass Seos Prox Card

Iclass Seos Prox Card

The iclass seos prox card is a multi-technology card that combines physical and logical access control into one single credential. It can be programmed to open doors immediately and also supports other applications like One-Time Password authentication for network login.


The iclass seos prox card is a multi-technology smart card designed to offer superior data integrity and privacy protection through the latest cryptographic algorithms. It also features a secure messaging protocol as well as off-card applications with strong authentication mechanisms for protecting data transmission between card and reader.

This multi-technology card is ideal for organizations that need stringent access control and plan to transition towards a more secure system over time. It can be utilized in both physical and logical access control applications as well as One-Time-Password (OTP) network access.

This open software platform based credential provides more form factor flexibility than traditional iCLASS credentials and meets ISO/EC 7816-4 standards. Furthermore, its independence from the underlying hardware chip makes it compatible with mobile devices, smart cards and tags alike.

The iCLASS seos prox card is the ideal solution for organizations looking to upgrade from low frequency RFID prox cards and tags to more sophisticated security technology. This card is programmable, enabling customized settings and features that make installation and deployment simple.

Hybrid cards offer a combination of PKI-based authentication, digital signatures and cryptography features as well as data encryption. They can be used on standalone systems or within an integrated solution for interoperability across environments and applications.

These cards are designed to be compatible with HID 125 KHz contactless technology, including HID Prox(r), Indala(r) and EM Proximity. Furthermore, they work with older iCLASS and Prox readers, allowing for gradual switchover as funds allow.

In addition to supporting HID 125 KHz prox cards and tags, these iCLASS seos cards can be programmed with a dual frequency feature that makes it seamless for iCLASS to transition to Seos, an innovative high-frequency solution. Furthermore, having two identities on one credential for both physical and logical access control solutions gives users more choice in selecting their credentials.

These iCLASS seos prox cards are engineered to be long-lasting and dependable smart cards in any environment, providing superior protection from counterfeiting and data breaches. Crafted with composite construction, these cards boast a minimum write endurance of 500,000 cycles as well as data retention up to 20 years.


HID Global’s iCLASS SE(r) prox card is ideal for organizations with stringent security requirements and budgets, offering superior data integrity and privacy protection by using advanced cryptographic algorithms along with secure messaging protocol to encrypt transmission of sensitive information. Furthermore, these cards include off-card applications that implement strong authentication mechanisms between the card and reader to guarantee secure communications between both.

The iCLASS SE(r) prox credential offers maximum interoperability by offering a standards-based application with an universal card command interface and supporting ISO/IEC 7816-4 command set and data model. Its innovative design enables multiple SIOs to be carried on one card – the first of its kind in HID Global’s line of credentials – enabling applications to utilize different protected identity objects (PIOs) for different functions.

The iCLASS SE(r) prox 520x card is the perfect solution for end users looking to upgrade their access control systems and replace their current readers with something more robust. Compatible with all legacy Prox, iCLASS(r), and iCLASS SE(r) readers, this card allows easy transition into a more modern technology solution under nearly any circumstance.

These high performance contactless ID cards are constructed from a composite PVC/PET material that is both flexible and sturdy enough for direct image and thermal transfer printing processes. Furthermore, they meet ISO thickness standards with their credit card sized form factor making them easy to handle and install.

iCLASS SE(r) prox badges can be programmed for a wide range of uses, such as cashless payment systems in parking garages, vending machines and cafeterias, verifying network access permissions on computers or kiosks and access control. These cards offer greater security than traditional proxy cards while making building occupants’ displays more appealing. Furthermore, they may replace key fobs to open locked doors and turn on lights or other devices.


HID Global’s iclass seos prox card is an advanced smart card designed for maximum security and flexibility. It supports multiple secure identity objects (SIOs) on one credential to meet various application needs, such as physical access control solutions or logical access control, plus One-Time Password authentication when accessing network resources.

HID Global’s iCLASS SEOS credentials offer trusted identity data management within its SIO data model-based iCLASS SE platform. The solution offers a generic universal card command interface that is portable to various readers and devices; additionally, it supports ISO/IEC 7816-4’s command set and data model which define supported interfaces between an iCLASS SEOS card and reader.

This high-frequency contactless card offers superior authentication for facilities and IT resources, enabling a smooth transition from 125 kHz proximity technology to the next generation of access control solutions powered by Seos. It comes in various configurations with dual technologies as well as various chip memory size allotments.

These cards are made from a durable composite PVC/PET material that’s flexible, strong and heat-resistant. Plus, they can withstand reverse transfer printing or lamination for added protection.

The iclass seos prox boasts a number of features that set it apart from other proxy cards. For instance, it includes multi-factor authentication and uses a secure messaging protocol to protect data transmission.

Furthermore, this device features a large print area and clear back that lets users view the iCLASS logo, making it simpler to identify users and improving building security.

The iclass seos prox is an ideal choice for organizations looking to upgrade their access control system with modern technology. Not only does it reduce installation and running costs, but it also eliminates the requirement for a traditional credential library – saving organizations both money and effort in the long run!


The HID iclass seos prox card is an advanced smart card solution designed for secure, versatile access control applications. It can be programmed with multiple SIOs and features one time password support, providing maximum versatility in how the cards are used.

The iclass seos prox card can be used in a range of ID applications, such as cashless payments at workplace cafes and parking garages, verifying network access permissions on computers or kiosks, and access control. With an extensive selection of memory size and SIO programming options available, you are sure to find the card that meets all your requirements.

iCLASS Seos cards can be printed on with most thermal transfer badge printers; however, it’s essential to remember that these cards are designed for high heat exposure and may crack if not handled correctly. Therefore, only reverse transfer printers should be used when printing on them.

These cards are constructed from composite PVC/PET plastic that offers greater heat resistance than regular plastic card stock, while remaining durable and flexible.

Another advantage of the iCLASS Seos Prox Card over standard iCLASS cards is its dual frequency capability, enabling users to upgrade from traditional 125 kHz proximity cards to future-proof, higher security iCLASS Seos technology. This helps customers maximize their investment and reduce risks associated with outdated or unsupported proximity technologies.

This card is an ideal solution for businesses looking to upgrade from Prox and iCLASS readers. It can be upgraded gradually as time and funds permit, providing businesses with a more secure access system that meets all security requirements.

The iclass seos prox is an innovative, robust and convenient credential that supports three technology standards – Prox, iCLASS and advanced credential technology powered by Seos. It is interoperable with all iCLASS and Prox readers for seamless migration to higher standards of security and functionality. Plus, managing this card is a breeze; cutting down administrative expenses while freeing up time and resources.






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