Irene Seo

Irene Seo

Irene Seo

Since Crash Landing on You concluded its run, interviews with its actresses have begun resurfacing online. One such interview caught netizens’ eye as it highlighted an interesting resemblance between Seo Ji Hye and Irene from Red Velvet.

Irene specializes in oil painting and draws inspiration from both Hudson River School and Luminist traditions for her artworks that reflect nature with modern color palettes.

1. Born in Iowa

Irene Delores Vagts was born in an Eldorado one-room schoolhouse to Lawrence and Mabel (Scheelhaase) Vagts. As farm wife and mother she enjoyed gardening, cooking, socializing with family and friends as well as being active within her church community. Her quick wit made her highly popular!

Later, she relocated to Tipton where she worked as a waitress for 23 years (1975-1998), enjoying walking four miles each day around her flower beds and spending time with her grandchildren.

As a young girl, she was passionate about art and photography. Additionally, she was active in her community by serving on school boards and leading youth group ministries at her church; always looking for ways to help those in need.

Irene is a model, fashion blogger, and TV personality of Korean descent represented by Society Model Management in New York City. She speaks both Korean and English fluently as well as an avid traveler having visited over 30 countries!

Irene is an avid K-pop fan and holds Blackpink singer Jennie as her idol, as well as labelmate Seohyun whom they share a birthday with. Irene also enjoys painting as an amateur artist; she has participated in several painting workshops as well as some limited atelier training in classical traditions.

3. Studied Textile Design

Irene Seo has experienced both US and Korean life first-hand, studying textile design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology while being heavily influenced by her grandmother in terms of style. While studying, she still found time to model with brands such as Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, Chanel and many more! Since graduating she has continued modeling career alongside beauty blogging and television personalitying roles; most notably for Ferragamo, Calvin Klein and Chanel! Now living between Seoul and the US as beauty/fashion blogger/TV personality/brand ambassador while keeping her clothing line known as Ireneisgood which boasts designs including fiber art wall hangings as well as textile patterns!

4. Modeling

Irene has over two decades of experience modeling in the fashion industry and has been featured on magazines, commercials, billboards worldwide. Additionally, she possesses an avid passion for the arts; having served as feature writer and associate editor for her high school’s publication; possessing above average English skills with proficiency in Microsoft Office programs like Word Excel PowerPoint while being proficient with Arbortext (XML) online editing software as well as PublishOne editorial software and Documentum WebTop content management system.

Irene has also made generous donations and participated in PPA Charities’ Family Portrait Month and numerous non-profit, school, and charity auctions. Additionally, she supports Pink Island Ice Tea Company by sponsoring events to help raise money for breast cancer research.

She has an exquisite beauty that has won over fashion designers and photographers, as evidenced by her appearances in acclaimed publications like Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, and Marie Claire.

Irene is an avid admirer of Blackpink band, often speaking out about Seohyun as her favourite member and Heechul being her favourite within it. Additionally, Irene is known to be an active social media user – particularly on TikTok where she regularly uploads videos featuring herself singing or dancing which receive hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok alone! Irene currently boasts over 3.2 million followers on TikTok alone with most videos having over 300k+ views each time she posts something new.

5. Fashion Blogger

Irene is a fashion blogger, model and beauty expert best known by her social media moniker Ireneisgood and has amassed a significant following on both Instagram and Facebook. Fluent in both Korean and English languages, she studied textile design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology before attributing her sense of style to her grandmother.

Before she narrowed her focus on fashion blogging, Jo-Lynne had been blogging on multiple topics such as food, lifestyle, recipes and crafts. However, when she decided to focus solely on this one niche topic – fashion blogging – her audience responded well. Blog comments increased significantly and it felt as if her blogging had been reignited.

Irene’s Closet is an exquisite fashion blog offering handpicked collections of trending outfits, videos, events, makeup tutorials and beauty advice from various beauty professionals. Additionally, the site monetizes through brand promotions and affiliate links; thus making Irene’s Closet an indispensable resource for fashionistas everywhere! Please check it out here.

6. TV Personality

Irene is an established TV personality in Yuma who serves as an anchor for local news programming. Over her many years on airwaves she has covered topics ranging from drug busts in Imperial County to news of an harrier jet crash.

In her free time, she enjoys watching various shows and reading books. Additionally, she likes spending time with family and friends as well as fashion/makeup-related hobbies such as sewing.

As well as her role as model and fashion blogger, she has also entered the television realm by hosting various programs – she currently co-hosts K-Style (a show that showcases different fashion trends and celebrity looks).

She is best known as an MC for the show Music Bank. This event showcases performances by some of the hottest artists from across the nation.

Irene has an exceptional talent for entertaining her audiences. She exudes confidence when speaking in front of the camera, is humorous, and knows Korean culture well.

Fans love her so much; they simply cannot get enough of her wit and charm. Many want her back on television but no definitive statement has been given by her agency yet.






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