Jeon Jong-Seo Boyfriend

Jeon Jong-Seo Boyfriend

Jeon Jong-Seo Boyfriend

At events or TV appearances where Jeon Jong-seo appears, dating speculation often arises. His matching accessories, hang out spots, couple rings and shadowy pictures make it look as if he and she have been romantically involved for quite some time now.

But he strongly denies it, insisting they are only friends and do not possess romantic feelings for each other. So what’s going on here?

Lee Choong Hyun

Lee Choong Hyun is an actor and director widely recognized for his roles in several acclaimed South Korean films and television shows, such as Il Mare which was one of the highest grossing Kdramas of 2000.

Gu jun-pyo made his mark as Gu in Boys Over Flowers, an adaptation of Japanese manga of the same name. This hit drama won multiple awards for production; Best Actor honors were given at 2007 Seoul International Film Festival due to his participation.

His most recent movie was Call, which became an immense box office success and earned critical acclaim. As director, he received much kudos for his efforts.

Since then, he has taken part in several high-profile projects, such as The Last Witness and Confidential Assignment. In these roles he co-starred alongside such actors as Jang Ji-young, Lee Young-ae and Kim Go-eun – each an immensely popular choice in their own right.

Prior to becoming an actor, he was both a model and singer. He has appeared in fashion shows and commercials, in addition to playing piano. Active in Korean entertainment for over 20 years now, he boasts an immense fan base.

Reports indicate he is dating actress Jeon Jong Seo (also a model and actor). They met when she was still relatively unknown, with him serving as her guide while enrolling for military service.

They have been seen together on multiple occasions and spend much time at one another’s homes; in one instance he even visited her while abroad.

Unfortunately, their relationship has come to an end and they no longer share a social media account. According to their agency, busy schedules prevent them from spending as much time together.

She is known for having strong chemistry with her co-stars on screen and has had various relationships in the past; currently dating Lee Dong-hwi since 2015. They started dating two years ago.


Directing is an integral component of any production, whether it be film, TV show or AV. Directing requires extensive hard work and decision-making from its director in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Director are charged with setting the vision and decisions for their film projects, such as choosing camera angles and shots to be used, who will participate, etc. They ensure all parts of the puzzle come together seamlessly into a coherent work of art.

Directors may also act as lead actor/actresses in shows. For instance, they might portray one of the leads in romantic or thriller genres.

Director’s must be creative in their approach and have excellent storytelling ability in order to effectively portray their story on screen. In addition, good communication skills are crucial in keeping cast members interested and involved with the project.

To become a director, an individual should first identify what their passions and work interests are before searching for jobs which align with these.

Director must have excellent command of Korean to communicate effectively with actors. Furthermore, they must possess an in-depth knowledge of the production process from start to finish in order to ensure all pieces come together seamlessly.

Directors can also act as producers, which is an extremely demanding and intricate role that demands immense dedication and attention to detail. When serving in this capacity, directors take on the responsibility for hiring actors and actresses whom they will work alongside on set.

Directors tend to be prominent figures within their industry and enjoy many followers due to their vast experience and ability to bring out the best in any project – which often leads them being called “God of Film”. One way you can secure yourself as a director job is by showing passion in everything you do – something which could open many doors of opportunity in this profession.


Ho-yeon Jung has become an international superstar since her modeling career kicked off at 16. She currently boasts over 13 million followers on Instagram alone.

She has modelled for fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Marc Jacobs as well as appearing in advertisements for Sephora. Being a model has allowed her to travel globally while meeting numerous designers personally.

As a model, she has participated in multiple runway shows and campaigns. Her signature red hair has often been the focal point of attention during photoshoots or campaigns; often seen layered back from her face or falling in front.

Jung first rose to fame when she placed second on Korea’s Next Top Model competition in 2013. Soon thereafter, she was chosen for inclusion in Seoul Fashion Week and has gone on to walk for such brands as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Moschino, and Opening Ceremony.

She has had an extremely successful career to date, appearing in dramas such as Squid Game and Reply 1988. Additionally, her fan following has grown exponentially: her Instagram account now has over 13 million followers – surpassed even that of famous Korean celebrities!

She may be known for her signature fiery red locks, but she is also an extremely gifted actor with a deep passion for acting. Her role as Kang Sae Byeok in Netflix’s dystopian show Squid Game has cemented her place as a household name and earned her the admiration of fans worldwide.

As an actor, he has also been recognized for his talent, winning awards for his performances such as Girl’s Day, Hyeri, Park Bo Gum and Ryu Jun Yeol among many more.

He takes immense pride and loyalty in his career as an actor, which leads him to form strong bonds with his co-stars and work tirelessly towards their success.

Happy is his beloved Pomeranian pet and he enjoys traveling and spending time abroad as well as socializing with his friends and family.


Jeon jong-seo has long been a familiar face in the entertainment world, appearing in movies such as Antique, Asura: City of Madness and The Spy Gone North – as well as numerous TV shows and commercials.

He enjoys an enormous fan base, with many admirers appreciating his talent. He has won multiple awards for his efforts and is considered a household name in South Korea.

His acting debut was in the Korean film, Old Love. Since then he has taken roles in multiple other movies; in 2018 alone he appeared in two thrillers called “The Spy Gone North” and “Dark Figure of Crime.”

Actors express ideas and portray characters through theater, film, television, and other performing arts media. Actors are well known for their ability to interpret a writer’s script into something believable for an audience.

As well as acting, he is also an accomplished pianist, having learned it at eighteen and teaching it for over six years.

He is a multilingual musician who can speak both Korean and English fluently, who firmly believes in the transformative power of music, listening to it for hours every day. Furthermore, he has an affinity for tattooing which would one day lead him to becoming an inking artist himself.

Though he enjoys an impressive career, he remains single. Although there isn’t one specific type of woman he prefers, he tends to gravitate toward simple yet pleasant women.

Apart from his professional commitments, he also enjoys music and dance – having been featured in multiple music videos as well as reality TV series.

His estimated net worth is in the millions, as one of seven members in BTS, an all-boy band which has become an icon within the entertainment industry.

Jeon Jungkook, one of the members of BTS, has long been one of the most well-known performers in Korea and remains an integral component of their success. With over 10 years of experience and one of the longest tenures on stage today, his impactful presence can be felt within their group and throughout their fan base.






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