Jess Moon Seo Nude

Jess Moon Seo Nude

Jess Moon Seo Nude

Jess moon seo, an elegant Korean model with an incredible hairless body and ideal proportions, possesses great body awareness. He possesses great poses that highlight key areas while creating stunning nude images for an impressive portfolio of nud images – you will absolutely adore him! You can check him out more in MOXIE ASIA.

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Jessica Moon is a biodynamic somatic wellness educator and practitioner, dedicated to supporting the deepest healing capacities in all. With decades of experience under her belt, Jessica offers gentle bodywork sessions combined with intuitive wellness services and education designed to awaken individuals’ profound healing capacities.

She holds a Master Level Biodynamic Somatic Therapist (BDT) certification, as well as having extensive training in holistic healing modalities like mind/body therapy, biodynamic cranial therapy, energy healing, Reiki energy master levels 3 certification and psychedelic harm reduction. A graduate of The Energy School in Boulder Colorado with Anna Chitty she is now working towards certification as a Reiki Energy Master Level 3 practitioner.

Her work is informed by both her own experiences with C-PTSD and an intuitive connection to divinity in human form. Her approach combines expansive possibility with open curiosity and awareness; believing each of us has the capacity for experiencing an expansive depth of wholeness and wellness.

Led by her intuition and open heart, she strives to provide the highest standard of care within a loving environment. Since 2009 she has taught somatic therapy classes and practices across Portland Oregon where she co-created Love Hive Yoga studio.

Since 2009, she has been studying various modalities of somatic therapy and healing with Deborah Merkle of Mind/Body Therapy fame, Carol Gray in Craniosacral Therapy, and Anna Chitty’s Energy School.

Dr. Sarah Rapp is currently pursuing her doctoral studies at the School of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy at University of Central Florida. In addition, she serves as research assistant in the Sports Performance and Nutrition Lab of UCF Sports Medicine Center’s Sports Performance and Nutrition Lab focusing on training protocols and recovery to enhance sports performance. Before college athletics she competed both individually and as a team in national and international sporting competitions as an individual and a member.


Jess Moon is an expert advocate for renewable energy and indigenous rights, but she’s also well-versed in fashion. After spending over 10 years working in this industry, she has seen it all and identified what stands out amongst the competition. She’s a model, an artist and has an eye for dress – but even better is that she is a real person rather than part of some ad agency. Additionally, she’s a savvy consumer with an extensive social network who you can talk to about any topic at any time – she’s someone you can turn to anytime. She boasts her own blog and Instagram feed as well as Twitter account; in addition, she maintains an engaging Facebook page where events and activities will take place in 2016. And of course, she’s probably one of the prettiest chicks you’ll meet in 2016.






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