Kyla Seo Velvet

Kyla Seo Velvet

She is a singer

Kyla Seo velvet has a knack for crafting fast-paced, slick songs that exude charm. Her signature smoky vocals may be the main draw, but her ability to craft beautiful melodies has been an impressive combination since 2012 when she released her first release. The Caite & Love Kyla range offers something special for everyone; from elegantly designed midi dresses and maxi skirts to her trendy tie-dye shirt dress that looks fantastic on any body type.

She is married

Kyla seo velvet is married and the mother of two young children. She possesses an adventurous spirit, loves art, travel and handmade products with a passion. Her designs are original, creative and artistic yet affordable enough for everyday wear; her tie-dye velvet fabric adds an extra special touch to every event. With an eye for fashion and an appreciation of life’s little treasures, kyla enjoys wearing Caite and Love Kyla collections because they give her confidence, comfort and style while being mindful of budgeting needs. She loves exploring nature too – always looking for ways to improve her lifestyle through eco-friendly initiatives!






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