Local Seo Case Study

Local SEO Case Study

Local Seo Case Study

Local SEO is an invaluable way to make your business known in your community. Visibility in local search results translates directly to phone calls and potential business for you.

Search engine optimization requires different strategies, processes and tactics than traditional SEO. In this case study, we will evaluate how Local SEO implementation impacts keyword rankings and online visibility.

Family Plumbing and Heating

If your local business wants to drive more foot traffic, gain new customers, and increase revenues, invest in local search engine optimization (SEO). From wedding photographers in Seattle to plumbing services in Columbus, local SEO can help your company stand up against more established rivals with more resources than your own.

An effective local SEO campaign requires many strategies and techniques, including keyword research, site architecture, citations, Google My Business listings, review management and more. Here we explore how Kanuka Digital employed these techniques to help Family Plumbing & Heating rank higher in Google Local pack and drive more foot traffic.

There are various distinctions between local and national SEO strategies. National businesses usually rely on one website that caters to all their markets; by comparison, local businesses tend to create separate sites for each of their locations so as to effectively target their markets more precisely and increase their chances of being included in The Local Pack (three businesses that appear at the top of search results).

One approach to optimizing websites for local SEO is through structured data markup. This type of add-on code allows search engines to better comprehend a website’s content – for instance, local business schema informs search engines what kind of organization the site represents while product and service schema provide additional tools for increasing rankings for local search results.

Another distinct difference between local and national SEO lies in its emphasis on reviews. Accumulating positive reviews is vitally important for all businesses, but especially so for local ones. According to studies conducted by Google, businesses that respond to reviews see an increase in their local ranking; as Google views this as evidence of customer service commitment.

Local SEO can be an intangible yet essential element of digital market competition for any business, yet by following best practices for Local SEO you can increase the likelihood of appearing in The Local Pack and increase foot traffic to your location.

Creative Bloom

Local SEO refers to a set of practices designed to assist businesses in optimizing their websites for searches conducted within a geographic region. Such searches occur when someone includes the name of a city in their search query or when their device’s location is inferred by search engines; such queries yield results more relevant to user’s location, potentially leading to higher rankings for businesses.

Creative Bloom, a local web design agency, wanted to increase their visibility in search engines and acquire more qualified leads. They employed various tactics in order to improve their online presence and rank higher in Google Map Pack.

One of the key components of local SEO is making sure that your website contains enough relevant content. A high concentration of quality material helps establish you as an authority in your field and increase search engine rankings, so regularly adding new material should be top of mind for you.

As part of this project, we began by creating service pages tailored specifically to the search intent of users in each local market. We conducted competitive analyses on competitor sites and identified keywords they were ranking for that we then created content around on our own website while making sure to include our client’s NAP (name, address, phone number).

An integral component of local SEO is optimizing your website for speed. This means making sure it loads quickly and all information can be easily located by users on your website.

An efficient way of testing the speed of your website is using Google Developer Tools’ PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool will give a report and suggestions for improving it.

PlumbGas was looking to increase their local online visibility, so Captivate conducted a strategic SEO audit and created an actionable local SEO plan, including citation clean-up, link acquisition and optimizing their Google My Business page. Monthly reporting and analytics gave actionable insights that allowed their team to expand upon their search engine optimization strategy over time.






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