Lue By Jean Seo Services

Lue By Jean Seo Services

Lue By Jean Seo Services

Jean Seo opened an eco-chic clean beauty boutique in Beverly Hills in 2007. While her store provided some of the best green skincare brands available worldwide, her celebrity customers were unsatisfied with results.

So she created Lue – an affordable line catering to Millennials and Gen Zers – using natural edible ingredients such as organic milk powder from New Zealand and saffron from Asia.


Jean Seo is the entrepreneur behind Evolue Beverly Hills (known as Hollywood’s best kept secret for flawless skin). This range was specifically created with Gen Zers in mind and boasts UCLA graduate status with an MALS in Library Science; her time is dedicated to researching effective ingredients and formulas.

This non-ionic cleanser gently hydrates and purifies to prevent breakouts and balance oil without stripping or drying the skin. A select harvest of organic honey gently cleans while shea butter soothes, heals, and restores balance for glowing complexion.

RESTORE is a rich blend of shea butter, jojoba and restorative raspberry kernel oils designed to restore skin moisture levels, balance sebum production and offer environmental stress protection for all types of skin, especially impure or oily ones. Suitable for all ages but especially suitable for impure and oily ones.


Jean Seo, founder of Lue by Jean Seo in Beverly Hills LA, opened her eco chic beauty boutique quickly becoming a cult hit among her products and skincare solutions. Thanks to her Masters in Library Science she gained access to one of the biggest libraries and databases worldwide so she could research ingredients and formulas thoroughly for each formulation she created – including her complete 3-Step Skin Solution Set which tackled some of the toughest complexion concerns for men, women and teens – such as tightening, firming, toning oil control plus controlling shine as well as tightening pores – watch TikTok from Luebyjeanseo to learn more!


Jean Seo has long been known as Hollywood’s go-to expert for gorgeous skin since launching an eco chic beauty boutique in Beverly Hills in 2007. After catering to Hollywood A-list celebrities and fulfilling the demand for effective organic skincare at an accessible price point, she recognized a gap. Lue offers affordable organic solutions using non-petrochemical based ingredients which are less harmful to humans and the planet than mainstream offerings.

Jean has access to some of the largest libraries and databases for research into current trends, formulations and ingredients within the industry. Her studies allow her to find like-minded suppliers who share her dedication to ethically sourced ingredients such as sheep’s brain lipids from Mexico or organic milk powder from New Zealand.

CLEAR Honey Cleanser is a gentle non-ionic honey cleanser designed to effectively purify and balance skin without stripping its natural moisture barrier. Easily remove makeup, dirt and pollution to leave skin soft and smooth while simultaneously helping prevent acne breakouts and restore balance for healthy complexion.

Our monthly subscribers will soon receive a full-size CLEAR product in their subscription box this month. Please enjoy it, let us know what you think, and follow them on social media such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram to share their feedback.

Eye Cream

Jean Seo has long been Hollywood’s go-to expert for flawless skin since opening her eco-chic clean beauty boutique in Beverly Hills in 2007. Since then, she has developed two lines – Evolue and Lue By Jean Seo – specifically targeting anti-aging with ingredients such as Pearl Powder and Vitamin C to brighten dullness and improve texture, respectively, while Lue By Jean Seo provides accessible diffusion line with simple organic skincare basics using high-quality ethically sourced and sustainably harvested ingredients such as Collagen soluble Collagen Organic Milk Powder cold-pressed Jojoba Oil etc – providing solutions tailored specifically towards each type of customer who need flawless skin!

The 3-Step Solution Set was created to be accessible and user-friendly for women, men, and teens of all ages – offering them the tools needed to regain control of their complexions. The Balance Moisturizer utilizes Kojic Acid to hydrate and even out skin tone; while Clear Spot Control contains an exclusive combination of 12 anti-inflammatory herbs which penetrate deep within blemishes to treat infections beneath the surface.

A fantastic winter moisturizer. Formulated to absorb quickly without clogging pores. Infused with olive squalane which mimics your skin’s natural hydration system and raspberry kernel oil which contains antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins for ultimate nourishment and protection.


Jean realized soon after launching anti-aging skincare brand Evolue Beverly Hills that many of her clients desired more effective organic options without spending a large sum. To meet this need, she created Lue, an affordable organic skincare basics line specifically targeted towards women, men and teenagers.

Jean takes great care in selecting only high-performing organic and natural ingredients for her Evolue and Lue lines, which feature carefully chosen lists. Her background in research (she holds a Masters degree in Library Science) gives her access to some of the world’s largest libraries, databases and research facilities where she uses these resources to source only safest, most beneficial ingredients and formulas for all of her products.

To achieve beautiful, radiant skin, use CLEANSE Moisturizing Honey Wash in your skincare regimen. This mild cleanser works to prevent and treat acne, regulate sebum production and restore a healthy complexion. Plus, its non-ionic formula features organic honey from an exclusive harvest that nourish and soothe the skin!

Exfoliate and brighten skin using ERASE, a cleansing, exfoliating, and brightening powder that becomes an exfoliant when activated with water. Use it 1-2 times every week for radiant and clearer complexion.

RESTORE, an oil-free moisturizer made specifically to treat all skin types, is the ultimate hydrator. This lightweight formula absorbs quickly and won’t clog your pores – featuring moisturizing Squalane oil, soothing Jojoba oil, and revitalizing Raspberry Kern Oil for protection and nourishment of skin.

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