Marketing Agency Program by Kevin David

Marketing Agency Program by Kevin David

Kevin David is an accomplished online business entrepreneur known for teaching others various marketing strategies. He offers courses such as Facebook ads, Amazon FBA, and Shopify dropshipping.

This course will demonstrate how to launch your own digital marketing agency without experience or much capital, as well as where and how to find clients and close deals.

How did kevin david get started?

Kevin David is an internationally acclaimed leader in entrepreneurship and eCommerce. From being an accountant working a 9-5 job to founding multiple 8-figure businesses with large turnover, Kevin David has built up an enormous following on social media – producing plenty of traffic via his Facebook and Instagram ads. We will explore who Kevin David is, what exactly his teachings entail, and whether his course is worth paying for in this article.

Kevin was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon with an entrepreneurial spirit from early on. Since starting online businesses at a very early age, Kevin has enjoyed tremendous success with over 1.2 Million subscribers to his YouTube channel and 300 Thousand+ on Instagram – each one helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams of entrepreneurship and live out their own life goals.

Kevin began his accounting career after graduating Oregon State Honors College with Summa Cum Laude. However, after realizing working 80-hour weeks at a dead-end job was not what he desired to do for himself, he began researching other means for making money online – eventually finding Amazon FBA as his solution.

As a result, he developed THATLifestyleNinja, an online business class website, and has helped thousands of people start their own businesses and escape the rat race.

His courses cover many subjects, but one key area he emphasizes is finding potential clients for your marketing agency, reaching out to them, and following up. In addition, they cover using Facebook ads to drive traffic directly to your website as well as creating profitable dropshipping businesses.

Kevin’s courses may not come cheaply, but they are well worth your investment. Kevin is an expert at ClickFunnels and earned himself the Two Comma Club X award (granted to those who have earned over $10 Million from sales funnels).

What are his qualifications?

Kevin David has extensive experience with online marketing. He’s had success with Amazon, Facebook ads, Shopify dropshipping and dropshipping via Shopify dropshipping. Kevin David is also well-known as an influential YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers on his channel where his videos provide tips and strategies on making money via eCommerce and social media marketing.

After graduating Oregon State Honors College with highest distinction and receiving Summa Cum Laude for accounting, Kevin began work for an accounting firm as an accountant. However, soon realized the 80 hour work weeks weren’t what he desired in life, so began exploring ways to make money online without being tied down by one job – eventually discovering success with Amazon FBA which led him to establish multiple 8 figure companies each year.

He is well-versed in digital marketing, and has taught other individuals to do it as well. His courses cover everything from setting up a digital marketing agency to finding clients and closing deals successfully – even creating templates of contracts so you can get going right away.

First and foremost, deciding the type of digital marketing agency you wish to create will determine your services, prices and how you’ll get paid. Once that decision has been made, creating a website and drawing in traffic are critical components to becoming profitable and turning visitors into customers.

Once your website has launched and begun attracting traffic, the next step should be prospecting for new clients. There are various methods available to you for doing this but most important of them all would be getting on the phone to talk directly with potential clients to build trust and prove you’re serious about doing business.

One great way to secure new clients is with a lead generation tool like ManyLeads, which will allow you to find leads who are interested in your services and contact them directly. Just remember to remain polite and professional during conversations; avoid coming off as pushy or desperate!

What is the cost of this course?

The cost of taking an online course depends on which package you select. A basic package provides access to the course as well as a private community where students can ask questions and receive support, while premium packages provide extras like coaching calls and additional resources.

This course will show you how to set up and launch a digital marketing agency from scratch, from finding client leads through to setting up profitable ads and optimizing Facebook pixel. You will learn the MAP system – helping to identify an agency niche – as well as learn about setting up profitable ads using Facebook Pixel optimization. All in all, this program is easily followable and will show you how to launch an effective digital marketing firm!

Kevin David of Oregon has built multiple eight-figure online businesses and is recognized as an expert in e-commerce training, having featured numerous media publications online and winning several awards such as two top seller awards from ClickFunnels. His courses all focus on making money through e-commerce while his books cover entrepreneurship and online marketing topics.

Some of his courses may be more comprehensive than others, but all provide excellent value for the price. He excels at condensing a lot of information into concise packages while respecting your time and has given talks at conferences and universities across the world.

One of his best-known courses is the Amazon FBA Ninja Course, which costs $997 and provides instructions on how to make money selling products on Amazon. This comprehensive course covers drop shipping training, product and supplier research guidance and tutorials on setting up an e-commerce store; making it a valuable resource for anyone launching an online business.

One of his popular courses, the Marketing Agency Program is a video course that shows you how to start a digital agency from scratch. From finding client leads to closing deals, this comprehensive course covers everything you need to know. In addition, tools, contracts and message templates for potential clients are included as part of its offering; manyLead is also included to help find highly targeted leads across industries and regions.

Is this a scam?

Kevin David is an online entrepreneur who has achieved numerous seven figure businesses. He is widely followed on Youtube where his advice and success stories attract a massive following of viewers looking for guidance and advice. Kevin offers courses focused on earning money online via Amazon, Facebook Ads, Shopify as well as affiliate marketing – plus many others!

The Marketing Agency Program (MAP) is an online course that teaches individuals how to start their own digital marketing agency. It includes step-by-step guides on finding clients, communicating with them and closing deals; students also learn how to create Facebook ads for clients as well as receive contract templates that they can send directly to clients.

MAP is not a scam and well worth your investment. Kevin creates an inspiring video for his MAP course which motivates people to take action while emphasizing the need to put in hard work and persist through setbacks.

Kevin offers more than the MAP course; in addition, he also provides coaching calls and support to his students. This gives you direct access to someone experienced in marketing who can guide your decisions to ensure the greatest benefit to your own agency.

Kevin stands out as an honest online guru who has amassed significant wealth through his courses. He enjoys great respect in the online community and is highly regarded by its members, always keen on helping others fulfill their dreams while sharing his knowledge freely with them.

After quitting his 9-5 job, Kevin took to online marketing with passion to pursue his entrepreneurial goal of financial independence. This inspired the formation of THATLifestyleNinja: an educational company which helps other workers escape the 9-5 grind and become their own boss through courses which teach people how to build and scale successful online businesses using proven techniques.






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