Minjae Seo

Minjae Seo

Minjae Seo

While baseball may take MJ and Minjae Seo away from their native Korea, they have never forgotten where they came from. Both siblings attend John Paul II High School in Plano, Texas, where both are highly recruited Division I prospects.

Nam Taehyun may have left K-pop group Winner, but his new rock band South Club has created an enthusiastic following. Unfortunately, however, Nam recently found himself embroiled in controversy when his girlfriend made allegations regarding drug use against him.

MJ & Minjae Seo

World Entertainment collapses following MJ’s departure, prompting Gwang-jae to ask Ji-hoon for a loan while also refusing Bo-hee’s request that he star in a gimbap commercial as an undignified promotion for her. While drinking away his sorrows he accidentally time travels backwards and meets Hyun-jae who now looks exactly like himself!

Ji-hoon attempts to convince her otherwise, yet she decides it would be best for her to return to her past life. Meanwhile, MC Drill finds himself unemployed from shipping jobs and spends the night in Woo-seung’s apartment before being surprised by a group of fans at his music presentation and vows to make it big in the industry.

At a concert, Bo-hee demonstrates her hidden talent as a rapper and draws rave reviews from the audience. After some initial hesitation, she agrees to star in the gimbap commercial; Gwang-jae also secures her radio airtime and an invitation from local rap duos for gigs in South Korea.

As Ji-hoon attempts to keep her idol training secret from Gwang-jae, Hyun-jae soon realizes it and attempts to leave their apartment but gets caught by Soon-tae who believes him to be a ghost and forced him back inside where he assists Soon-tae rehearsing for her show. Ji-hoon later attempts to convince Gwang-jae to allow him to pursue musical training but is forced to keep this information hidden from everyone in her family.

MJ’s Commitment to LSU

MJ was committed to her work for much of her life, making an immeasurable impactful statement about herself in the last years of her life as Executive Producer for Central and Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa MSN websites at Microsoft. This role required extensive travel around the globe as she oversaw teams from around the globe. Her dedication and success left an impactful footprint that touched many lives worldwide.

Even though MJ and Minjae live thousands of miles from where they were born, they remain proud representatives of their homeland. They serve as an inspiring example that we should always be proud to represent where we came from and all that we have accomplished.

MJ’s Commitment to Vanderbilt

MJ and Minjae both share an intense passion for baseball that began during childhood. Both currently participate in their high school teams’ baseball programs, where their talents have earned national attention. Both pitchers feature mid-90s fastballs. Both were heavily recruited by Division I schools. Their father has always supported their dreams while they’ve worked tirelessly towards reaching success today.

Though they live hundreds of miles from where they were raised, MJ and Minjae never lose touch with where they come from. Both brothers bear tattoos marking the date they moved to North America, as well as donning Korean flag shirts when playing sports or going anywhere in life. No matter where life takes them, it is imperative they represent their home country no matter where it leads.

MJ will be honored through an endowment scholarship at EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding that provides need-based assistance to graduate students at EMU. Preference will also be given to those from Democratic Republic of Congo. MJ’s family, friends and supporters have set their goal at $50,000 in order to establish this scholarship fund in his name.

MJ will be an essential piece for the Commodores this season and is expected to contribute quickly. A hardworking player with outstanding skills, MJ has great potential at being used by them effectively in 2023.

Minjae’s Commitment to Vanderbilt

Minjae had several options for his college choice after LSU had pledged his older brother, MJ, but ultimately made his decision on Vanderbilt after visiting Nashville in late January. Minjae feels Vanderbilt will provide the ideal environment to help him develop into the player he aspires to be.

Over time, he has already provided invaluable assistance to his younger brother by teaching him how to throw harder and maintain a healthy arm. These lessons will serve them both as they take their respective paths into college baseball.

Although they are thousands of miles from home, the brothers remain immensely proud to represent their heritage. In fact, MJ even sports a tattoo that reads: “Home Land”, along with their move date written below it. Furthermore, each brother relies heavily on one another for guidance and encouragement – this mentality will only serve them well both on the field and off it! Their future looks bright for both MJ and Minjae Seo!







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