Mj Seo Parents

Mj Seo Parents

Mj Seo Parents

MJ Seo may be thousands of miles from home, yet when he steps up to bat he represents his country with pride. Both he and Minjae Seo are sought-after pitchers – both have committed to LSU while Minjae is considering Vanderbilt as colleges for pitching ability.

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1. Education

MJ seo’s parents hail from South Korea but made the significant decision to move their young children to Canada when they were still young, in order to give them the best environment for baseball. Furthermore, they placed great importance on education and culture education – two things which has helped their children develop into well-rounded individuals.

MJ and Minjae, two baseball prospects from South Korea, both attended major programs; with MJ going to LSU while Minjae being accepted at Vanderbilt. Even while being thousands of miles from home, both brothers proudly represent their country of birth with pride.

2. Culture

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MJ Seo and Minjae made the journey from North America when they were young, now living and thriving in Plano, Texas. Though thousands of miles away from home, they proudly represent their native country by wearing tattoos of their birth dates on their forearms as well as using bats from Bon Bats – a Korean company. Their belief is that it is always important to honor one’s culture and heritage.

3. Career

While MJ Seo may live thousands of miles from his homeland, he never forgets who he is or where he comes from. On his forearm he wears a tattoo commemorating when his family moved to North America; on the barrel of his bat he writes his name in Korean script. He knows the importance of representing his home nation and has helped his younger brother Minjae do just that: currently an LSU bound high school junior!






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