Park Seo Joon Predebut

Park Seo Joon Predebut

Park Seo Joon Predebut

Park Seo-joon’s acting career received a major boost following his debut leading role in Hwarang, an action-packed drama which proved immensely successful and established his versatility.

Making the audience both love and dislike your character at once takes skill; but this actor did it beautifully.

He Was Pretty

Park Seo-joon is one of Korea’s biggest stars, beloved by millions. He is renowned for his alluring performances in films like Fight for My Way or Netflix drama Itaewon Class; viewers easily fall for him. Additionally, he’s popular for sharing his everyday life through YouTube vlogs that provide his fans with an intimate insight into his everyday life.

His growing fame has resulted in various endorsements and film projects, such as appearing with Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson in Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Captain Marvel. But despite this rising fame, the actor remains grounded, giving back to those in need; recently giving US$83,800 in aid for flood victims in South Korea as well as supporting victims affected by coronavirus pandemic.

He first made his acting debut as a supporting role in 2011 drama Perfect Game, but his breakthrough came with Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth a year later. There he earned widespread acclaim for portraying Moo-myung, an impoverished man from lower class background who rises through hard work to become a warrior in the Silla Kingdom – earning critical acclaim both for its stellar cast and genre of historical sageuk dramas.

Park found great success with his 2016 film Midnight Runners, where he co-starred alongside V of BTS (Kim Tae-hyung) as an action thriller film that became one of South Korea’s highest-grossing films that year and earned him Best New Actor at Grand Bell Awards. Park also made headlines for his outstanding role in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior youth, where his character of Moo-myung rose up from humble origins to become a warrior within Silla Kingdom’s ranks. At KBS Drama Awards Awards nomination, this performance earned Park Top Excellence Award nomination and Top Excellence Award nomination nomination.

His most-watched cable drama in Korea to date is What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, where his chemistry with Kim Miso and ability to deliver facial expressions and subtle innuendos makes this role one of his most beloved ones.

Witch’s Romance

Park Seo Joon made his breakthrough as a male lead in 2013 TV drama Witch’s Romance alongside Uhm Jung Hwa (from Wonderful Nightmare and movie The Truth Beneath). This steamy drama featured passionate moments galore as well as enough chemistry between its leads that they managed to overcome their 14 year age difference and still fall in love.

At this point, he turned his focus solely toward acting. Enrolling in Seoul Arts University’s acting program and studying diligently. Known for completely immersing himself into his characters’ emotions and stories, his fans often become transfixed on him when watching him perform live.

Park Seo Joon initially hesitated before accepting this role in this drama, but soon found himself enjoying every second. His ability to bring this touching tale about a woman becoming a witch through love confession quickly won him praise from fans and critics alike and many awards and nominations have since followed suit.

Park Seo Joon made his period drama debut in this drama. Acting with a sword was something new for him as well, which we found refreshing. Park captured our hearts with his charm and valorous looks; we even forgot he was only acting! His heroic performance even made us forget who actually played him!

Vivienne Jones uses her magic to heal her broken heart, so when Rhys Penhallow shows up at Graves Glen she uses her skills to cast an “Ex Hex.” Soon enough however, strange events begin to transpire and it becomes evident that this harmless spell might not have been so harmless after all.


The Hwarang was an elite group of fighting and educational men trained by Queen Jiso of Silla to protect its people against enemies. To maintain her power while also hiding her son Sammaekjong from rival nobles who would usurp it, Queen Jiso created the Hwarang to cut across existing power factions and bring them together under one banner, also including Sammaekjong himself with Kim Ji-dwi as one of its members.

Go A-ra, Park Hyung-sik and Sung Dong-il were featured together in Reply 1994 (2013) on tvN and are back together here with BTS V, Yoo Jae-myung as well. Their story boasts both action-packed action as well as sweet romance that will enthrall viewers’ hearts!

Hwarangdo training centers around a set of norms known as sesok o-kye (“five commandments”). These norms teach loyalty to the king and filial piety as well as chivalry, courage in battle, etc. Hwarangs fell out of fashion following the disintegration of Silla rule and were officially disbanded during Choson dynasty rule (1392-1910) but have since seen renewed popularity through Park Seo-joon’s acting skills and stunning good looks; making him the ideal candidate to lead this form of Korean martial arts!

Fight For My Way

Though Park Seo Joon’s acting career has only just started, he has already proven his worth as a leading man through several popular dramas and movies. From Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth to his breakout performance in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Park Seo Joon has won audiences over with his ability to take on both light and dark roles effortlessly while remaining approachable via Vlogs and social media presence; making him an irresistibly charming leading man that many women cannot resist!

Thanks to his irresistible charm and unforgettable smile, he has managed to set himself apart among his colleagues and co-actors.






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