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Port Charlotte Web Design

Port Charlotte Web Design

Port Charlotte lies between Sarasota and Fort Myers and boasts sunny weather, coastal living, miles of natural shoreline, as well as beaches like Siesta Key, Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor – making it an attractive location to call home for many people.

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Colonial Style

Colonial houses, whether historic Colonial houses in New England or replicas built across America by builders today, remain timeless classics. Their instantly recognizable symmetrical exteriors and spacious interiors prioritize comfort – with rooms dedicated to dining, living, and cooking often spread across several floors of this type of structure.

Modern interpretations of early American architecture typically feature open floor plans, featuring large primary bedrooms with on-suite bathrooms and in-law suites, guest rooms, mudrooms, as well as multi-car garages. Many homes also include a central staircase leading into a hallway dividing the second-floor bedrooms from each other while connecting them all back to ground-floor living spaces.

Colonial houses typically boast spacious entries leading to living rooms, dining rooms, libraries and/or libraries on their first floors. Furthermore, this floor may include kitchen facilities or servant’s quarters for convenience.

This period marked an end to the traditional three-tier division of walls into dado, fill, and frieze; instead raised-panel or other types of wainscot were commonly employed in halls, dining rooms, and libraries. Pictures still hung from exposed hooks on picture rails but smaller frames could also be attached directly to walls with adhesive fasteners.

Colonial Revival styles dominated the United States residential landscape until around mid-nineteenth century when they were eclipsed by Arts and Crafts movement. This movement saw traditional craftsmanship return and an emphasis on simplicity with rooms often decorated with iconographic “colonial” items such as Windsor chairs or spinning wheels combined with striped wallpaper and English art-movement furnishings by designers like Morris or others.

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Hurricane Fabric Panels

Hurricane fabric panels offer an attractive alternative to traditional metal and plywood storm shutters installed around windows and doors in homes, businesses, condos or apartment buildings. Quick and easy to deploy at a moment’s notice, these durable nylon shutters can offer strong protection from high winds and debris created by category 5 hurricanes. Available in various styles like Bahama (Bermuda), Colonial or flat panel designs they’re highly flexible enough for use anywhere within any building – including porches and lanais!

Eyewall Armor EA hurricane panels have been rigorously tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and passed international building code testing as well as Florida state requirements for use on buildings. Furthermore, they have received insurance approval. Furthermore, their lightweight yet flexible material makes them easier than their metal counterparts to manage during power outages caused by severe storms or hurricanes. They allow natural light into homes which provides important comfort during power outages due to severe storms or hurricanes.

These lightweight hurricane panels are easily installed into any home due to their lightweight material and simple grommet and wing nut installation system. Furthermore, their smooth edges are safer to handle compared to metal and aluminum products and they take up less storage space – perfect for homeowners without enough room in which to store such products.

Fabric storm panels can be an ideal option for brick homes as their anchors can be easily secured into the mortar between bricks instead of being embedded into a wood frame. Anchors should be secured all four sides to prevent billowing during a storm and they’re easily installed by one person – perfect for do-it-yourselfers looking to save money yet still secure their home against hurricanes! However, as with their metal and aluminum counterparts, fabric panels require storage following each hurricane event.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters can help your home from being battered by strong storms or hurricanes, as well as protect it against burglars, vandals, unwanted sun exposure, and privacy concerns. There is a variety of styles to match the design of any home – manual hand crank operation is also possible or motorized via remote control if desired.

Accordion style protection features a horizontal look and is easy to close quickly and quickly. Constructed to withstand hurricane force winds up to category 5, these shutters can be stored compactly when not in use by stacking one side on top of another for storage purposes. They provide ample shade while still permitting rain and breeze through, offering ample lanai protection from direct sunrays and weather elements.

Colonial or Bahama shutters provide another hurricane protection option that looks more traditional while offering equal levels of hurricane protection. Attached permanently over your windows and doors, these permanent attachments add beautiful architectural touches while being quick and easy to open/close within minutes.

Hurricane Fabric Panels offer an affordable alternative to shutters. Constructed of aluminum, galvanized steel or transparent acrylic material, these panels provide protection from debris as well as high winds and rain driven by wind-driven rainstorms. Perfect for patio doors and large windows alike; although difficult to install they do provide superior protection and may make the difference for homeowners on tight budgets.






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