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Seo Aifp

Seo Aifp

SEO is a national nonprofit organization offering scholarships, mentorship and training opportunities for youth from underserved communities. Their primary goal is providing career and academic pathways that empower their members to excel throughout high school, college and beyond.

SEO’s Alternative Investment Fellowship Program (AIFP) works in partnership with leading private equity firms to foster diversity within alternative investments. Since 2012, over 90% of AIFP participants have found full-time positions at private equity or alternative asset managers after participating in this fellowship program.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an excellent career option for individuals interested in digital and data marketing. As an SEO specialist, your main responsibilities will include monitoring and analyzing website content to increase its visibility on Google and other search engines as well as understanding Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, customer relationship management strategies and Pay Per Click management (PPC) platforms – not forgetting customer relationship management knowledge too! Plus these positions typically bring in an estimated median annual salary of $42,931, so working in this industry may reap financial rewards for many years!

TA is delighted to have become an inaugural sponsor of SEO’s Alternative Investments Fellowship Program (AIFP). The AIFP seeks to offer talented professionals from underrepresented backgrounds the chance to explore alternative investments, and we are thrilled to partner with them as an educator, mentor, and provider of expertise on alternative investments matters for these young professionals. Since beginning our partnership, three former SEO Fellows have joined TA as full-time members of our investment team!

As the alternative investments industry remains relatively young and underrepresented groups have difficulty finding employment in it, SEO has established programs designed to bridge this opportunity gap – including its Alternative Investments Fellowship Program that assists talented individuals from these backgrounds secure careers within it; and Scholars Program which offers scholarships for high-achieving Black, Hispanic and Native American students interested in business studies.


Scholarships can be an excellent way to fund your education. Scholarships may cover expenses like tuition or books that would otherwise go uncovered, making a noticeable difference to overall costs associated with attending school. Finding suitable scholarships may seem intimidating at first, but there are numerous resources that can assist in finding them quickly and easily.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to search for scholarships is with a scholarship search engine. These sites provide access to thousands of scholarships that you may qualify for, while asking about your academic achievements, college goals, family income and any other pertinent data so they can provide you with a list of scholarships tailored specifically to you. They’re usually free as well – saving both time and effort on your quest towards college admission!

Government Career One Stop provides several useful tools to get your postsecondary career underway. Search by major, state and other factors to find relevant scholarships; there’s even an interactive map where you can select your location to see all available resources in that region.


The SEO Alternative Investments Fellowship Program (AIFP) is the gold standard in recruiting talented professionals from underrepresented backgrounds to the world of alternative investments. A joint initiative by SEO and TPG, AIFP features numerous programs and initiatives designed to equip participants with tools to land a job within financial services industry – from curriculum creation to mentoring schemes – the AIFP is your key to career security!

Mallet, an SEO alum of Career Program and AIFP mentor, now proudly serves as one of the team that’s making change possible for underserved members in his industry. You may see him around NYC at various events and networking sessions; additionally he’s engaged in several charitable endeavors himself! Be on the lookout for him at this year’s AIFP gala!


SEO’s Alternative Investments Fellowship Program (AIFP) educates, mentors, and offers access to first and second year investment banking analysts from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. Since its debut in 2009, SEO AIFP has grown into the premier industry-wide program promoting diversity and equity within alternative investments. Working closely with TA Associates – SEO AIFP partners – and AICON to support diverse first and second year analysts is instrumental to their success.

Since 2009, TA has collaborated with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO). One of our Managing Directors serves on SEO’s board and helps select two AIFP Fellows annually while providing mentoring and support throughout this process. In addition, three former SEO AIFP Fellows have since joined us as full-time employees at TA and are integral parts of our investment team.

SEO was established in 1963 to provide free eight-year academic programs that assist low-income public high school students from entering college. Over 90% of participants graduate with degrees from four-year institutions; 75% become first-generation college graduates. SEO employs 40 full-time staff members annually, serving more than 1,000 young people annually through its Scholars and Career programs that offer additional instruction, job placement assistance, career planning support services to ensure young people succeed.






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