Seo Hyun Kim

Seo Hyun Kim


Seo Hyun Kim

Seo Hyun Kim is an award-winning violinist, singer, and actress who has won multiple national competitions. Additionally, she has collaborated with acclaimed musicians like Pavel Vernikov, Ulf Wallin, and Clara Cernat.

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She is a violinist

Seo Hyun Kim hails from Seoul, South Korea and has been playing violin since she was a child. An accomplished artist, Seo Hyun has won multiple awards and honors over her short career, including performances internationally as well as major venues throughout the US. Additionally to music performance she also engages in acting and modeling work. With an expansive following on social media and several television appearances she continues her music pursuits today.

She possesses an extraordinary talent for performing, and is widely acclaimed as an exceptional communicator with her audience. Additionally, she is an inspiring teacher and has helped bring new audiences to classical music. Additionally, she strives to foster an environment in which individuals feel accepted through art as part of a cohesive whole.

At the 2022 Thomas and Evon Cooper International Competition, Kim performed Henryk Wieniawski’s Black-Eyed Suzy. This piece, composed by Henryk Wieniawski in 1917, features an emotional yet dissonant tune reminiscent of William Faulkner or Tennessee Williams’ works. Kim played beautifully for nearly 30 minutes enthralling nine international judges all dressed in formal suits.

As assistant concertmaster of both the Juilliard Pre-College Orchestra and Manhattan School of Music’s Orchestral Performance Program, she has participated in renowned musical competitions like the Menuhin Competition as well as winning grand prizes from Riverside Symphonia’s Caprio Young Artists competition, Crescendo International Music competition and Monmouth Symphony Goldwasser Young Artist Concerto competitions.

The top prize in this competition included a two-year partnership with MKI Artists, providing up to 10 concerto or recital engagements across the United States; an original six-minute composition by Jeff Scott for violin and orchestra; loan of an Italian violin from Jonathan Solars Fine Violins of New York for two years; and a cash award of $20,000. Sameer Agrawal and Calvin Alexander each won second and third prizes of $5,000 and $3,000, respectively.

Seohyun has made quite a name for herself as both an actress and musician, featuring in many televised dramas such as Passionate Love (2013) and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2015) as well as Korean versions of stage musicals like Moon Embracing the Sun and Gone with the Wind.

She is a singer

She is an award-winning K-pop singer who has been performing since 2007. As one of the most beloved female idols, she has appeared in several television series and movies and is well known for her philanthropy work and dedication to her fans. Additionally, she advocates for mental health advocacy while strongly criticizing toxic aspects of society and culture; through music she expresses personal experiences while shining a light on topics like discrimination, identity and self-love.

Seohyun has long been developing her singing talents. She has performed in musicals and television dramas alike, while being part of Girls’ Generation until 2017 when she decided to leave and start working as an actress instead. Recently she signed on with Namoo Actors with hopes to continue pursuing acting.

She was part of LEVIZ entertainment’s girl groups OLIVE and AURA as an OLIVE member and was also seen in their Korean adaptation of Mamma Mia as well as TV dramas Passionate Love, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Private Lives etc. Additionally she participated in reality show Leaving the Nest 2, an initiative where teenage participants travel alone across multiple countries with no parental guidance whatsoever in an attempt to survive on their own.

As well as her music and acting careers, she serves as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for child welfare. For this work she was recognized with an award from Seoul City. Furthermore she has performed at various charity events together with her group.

In 2016, she became the face of skincare brand Innisfree and earned the moniker, “Seohyun of Innisfree.” Additionally, she made history by joining hands with North Korea to perform two songs with Samjiyon Orchestra at National Theater of Korea representing their desire for peace between both countries on February 11th 2018. President Moon Jae-in and his wife attended this historic musical event!

She is an actress

Kim Soo-hyun, known by her stage name Soo Hyun, began her acting career through musical theater. She graduated from Seoul Middle School, Daeyoung High School and Jeonju Arts High School before enrolling at Dongguk University alongside Girls’ Generation member Yoona. Since then she has appeared in popular TV dramas like Dream High and Moon Embracing the Sun as well as stage musical productions.

Kim Soo-hyun has quickly become one of the most sought-after actors thanks to her beautiful and seductive looks, winning numerous awards for both TV and film performances. Perhaps best known for her role in Moon Embracing the Sun which led to critical and commercial success, as well as other movies/TV dramas such as Bad Thief Good Thief Private Lives Jinxed at First.

Kim Soo-hyun was cast as the protagonist in Kokdu: Season of Deity in 2019, which follows a grim reaper named Kokdu who returns every 99 years to punish those who have committed sins. This series marks her return to television drama since Arthdal Chronicles failed to meet expectations in 2022.

As an actress, she excels at portraying roles that combine charismatic charm with coldhearted emotion. Her work in romantic comedies like Nobody Knows and Shin Hye-sun’s Mr Queen have earned critical acclaim; additionally she co-starred with Shin Hye-sun in Netflix’s unknown, released earlier this year.

He’s no stranger to controversy: in 2018, he made headlines when he caused an uproar by refusing to touch or kiss Girls’ Generation member Seohyun during an interview for his tvN drama Time, prompting a public backlash and his subsequent apology for his behavior. Unfortunately, though he made amends later on and returned to acting with Welcome to Waikiki, Crash Landing on You and Mr Queen this year and soon will star in Kokdu: Season of Deity as well as plans to release new material soon after that!

She is a model

She made her acting debut in The Sound of Music (2006) and later earned wider renown through various roles on television series and films. She first gained notice through romantic comedy TV drama Another Miss Oh (2016) before going on to star in medical melodrama Dr. Romantic (2016-2017) as well as romantic dramas Temperature of Love (2017), Private Lives (2018), You Are My Spring (2021) as well as legal dramas Jinxed at First (2022) and Love and Leashes (2022).

As an undergraduate at Harvard College, she majored in Environmental Science with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Her research at the Golden Lab, both as part of her senior thesis and as a research assistant has focused on coral degradation and human nutrition within countries with high burdens of climate change and low levels of healthcare infrastructure.






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