Seo Rap Fuse

Seo Rap Fuse

Seo Rap Fuse

What is the SEO Fuse?

Fuse is a small piece of metal with wires attached that is used to switch or control electricity. On vehicles, SEO fuses are used to manage additional accessories in a vehicle and can be found within the main body electrical connector (MBEC). Within this connector are multiple 12V+ leads and one ground lead, as well as always hot 30A and 15A leads that can power additional accessories without keyed on. MBEC connectors may also contain multiple 12V+ leads and one ground lead which are always hot 30A/15A leads that can power additional accessories without keyed-on; these leads may also come handy when wiring in relays that support high amp applications (up to 30A).

Fuse Agency can provide custom training and a full service social media marketing plan. Our team of experts can assist in building websites, creating content, and employing SEO/SEM tactics that increase traffic to your business.


SEO is an ever-evolving field, so successful Account Managers need a firm grasp on all facets of the industry to properly represent your company in SEO. This includes understanding search engines’ algorithms and how social media plays into ranking results; along with integrity, respect, communication skills and the willingness to work as part of a team in order to deliver top results for their client businesses. In the long run, forming strong bonds of trust between client businesses and SEO Account Managers will pay dividends both short term and long term.

SEO Ground

The SEO Ground (also referred to as an “SEO Rap”) is our latest and most advanced SEO feature on our MBEC, conveniently located next to the trailer brake connector and comprising numerous 12V+ leads, such as two always hot 30A leads and 15A leads, along with one ground lead to power relays with high amp applications.

Note that SEO Rap can only be found with an MBEC system.






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