Simplified SEO Consulting

Simplified SEO Consulting

Simplified SEO Consulting

Simplifying SEO consulting means creating scalable SEO content workflows for your team, making it easier for each member of the group to perform their work without becoming dependent on one another and helping them reach their ranking and scaling goals more quickly.

Keyword research/analysis is one of the core services provided by an SEO consultant, as this involves studying which keywords your competitors are targeting and identifying which may produce long-term benefits.

Identifying Your Goals

In order to be successful with any marketing strategy, including SEO, it’s essential to set clear and measurable goals that you can use as indicators of your progress. A great way of doing this is setting SMART goals – these stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable Relevant Time-bound goals.

An SEO consultant will assist in setting goals for your business based on its current marketing status and your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Furthermore, they can create a timeline so that you can track progress toward meeting those goals and ensure their fulfillment.

Based on your goals and industry of operation, an SEO consultant can offer various services, including keyword research, on-site optimization, local search optimization, link building and content strategy creation that aligns with all marketing channels as well as helping identify gaps in your online presence that need filling.

SEO consultants often offer competitor analysis as another service, which involves conducting extensive research on competitors’ websites and determining which keywords they rank for, while also looking at ways in which your own rankings could improve. This service is particularly helpful if there is someone taking business away from you and needs ways to combat them.

Finally, an SEO consultant can also help your website optimize for voice search – something which has become increasingly important as consumers use mobile phones as search tools. An expert SEO advisor will be able to ensure your website contains informative content which addresses questions likely to be asked when users speak into their devices (e.g. “where is the closest shoe store?”).

Jessica is an SEO Strategist who specializes in helping small businesses with their online marketing. She has assisted therapists across a range of rural to highly competitive areas with reaching the first page of Google for their desired keywords, leading them to successfully expand their practice within months of reaching this milestone.

On-Site Optimization

As a business owner, you should ensure all of your pages are optimized for search engines. This includes not only using keywords in your content, but also how they’re implemented and structuring them to achieve maximum impact.

An SEO consultant will assess all elements of a page to make sure they are up-to-date and effective, from title tags and content, through images and internal links, before taking into consideration its structure and accessibility for reading or navigation.

On-site optimization typically entails eliminating duplicate content or making adjustments to existing ones in order to enhance information flow, as well as using keywords with an optimal density to create an equilibrium between relevant and non-relevant material. An SEO consultant will also ensure all pages can easily connect with one another by taking into account length considerations when designing websites.

Website audits are another essential aspect of on-site optimization, helping to identify areas where sites may be lacking and making recommendations for improvements. These can include things such as correcting duplicate content, optimizing meta tags or altering internal link structures; as well as making sure all page elements are optimized for search engine visibility by adding titles and meta descriptions as well as alt text for images.

When conducting on-site optimization, it is crucial to keep in mind that search engines value relevance and quality content. Your content must match up closely with search queries being used by your target audience; additionally, its writing must provide all of the pertinent details needed in order to answer their search query effectively.

An SEO consulting company will be able to offer you a tailored plan to increase the rankings and traffic of your website, thus helping build brand recognition and expand business growth.

Link Building

Google considers your link profile a key determinant in SEO, including its number, quality and source. While there are various strategies for building links, some may prove more beneficial than others – it is therefore advisable to work with professionals who understand the best techniques.

Link building refers to the practice of securing links (hyperlinks) on other websites that lead back to your own. These inbound or backlinks play an integral part in how search engines rank websites; an effective strategy for link building would be creating high-quality content people will want to link back to; usually done through guest blogging on other websites which helps improve your own search engine rankings while reaching a broader audience with your content.

Link building efforts should target websites of similar interests to your own business. For example, when performing SEO for restaurants it can be helpful to get their site listed in as many business directories as possible to increase visitors and boost customers. Just make sure not to engage in any unethical tactics when engaging in this kind of promotion as this could adversely impact search engine ranking results.

Another way to secure links is by creating pages that are “linkable,” meaning they have an increased chance of being linked by other websites. You can do this by providing useful information or solutions for search queries that your target market frequently makes.

Be mindful that links from other websites represent a vote of confidence for your own site, and should not be seen as attempts to manipulate or manipulate anchor text in order to game the system – this practice, known as black-hat SEO, could ultimately damage its ranking over time.

Social Media Management

As well as offering SEO consulting, simplified seo consultants also specialize in managing their clients’ social media accounts, which involves curating content across platforms and engaging customers while monitoring trends for brand consistency. Depending on the industry, social media management could include managing email lists or planning marketing campaigns as well as creating infographics or videos.

An effective social media manager needs to possess the abilities of using software programs for photo, video and graphic editing and design in order to produce engaging visual content for their audiences. They should also possess the ability to write copy that is concise, clever and free from grammatical errors – as well as make decisions daily regarding which posts should be published, when and on what topics.

Keyword research is an integral component of SEO consulting services, involving finding keywords relevant to a client’s business and optimizing website content so those words appear naturally within page titles, meta descriptions and header tags – helping increase its search engine rankings and boost visitor numbers.

Jessica Tappana, LCSW is the founder of Simplified SEO Consulting – a service providing mental health professionals and businesses in related fields with optimization assistance to rank higher on Google search results. She launched her business in 2017 and since has expanded it into a small team that serves clients across the U.S. and other English-speaking nations. Jessica and her team employ a mix of on-site optimization, off-site optimization and social media management techniques to get their clients’ websites seen by more potential clients. They also specialize in creating effective email marketing campaigns to drive traffic directly to client websites. Furthermore, Jessica’s team has an in-depth knowledge of current SEO best practices as well as personalized services tailored specifically towards each client in order to optimize their site and meet its goals.






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