Smart Web Design

Smart Web Design

Smart Web Design

Smart websites enable visitors to quickly locate information they need and motivate them to take action – an essential aspect of making your business services online visible in Google and expanding.

Smart web design adapts to different screen sizes – from desktops and laptops, tablets and phones, while still maintaining the content of each page.

Easy to navigate

An intuitive web design ensures that users of all devices find your site easy to navigate and pleasing to look at – whether on a computer, smartphone, tablet or other. Additionally, a great design ensures quick loading times and optimized search engine visibility so your target audience can locate your content easily.

Smart websites are also mobile first, which means that they’re designed with iPhone users and other smart phones as the primary audience in mind. This approach takes into account how to make your site easier to use on smaller devices while still looking good across platforms. Smart websites also contain plans on how content will be curated, supported, and regularly evaluated – something vital for growing businesses; smart websites serve as guides on the Web!

Easy to read

Websites can be daunting with all their lingo and acronyms to decode, as well as their constant evolution (Google updates its algorithms 500-600 times per year). Smart websites go beyond simply looking professional; they know which questions to pose to visitors and how to measure progress over time, with documented plans in place to grow, support, and review features of the site itself regularly.

People often spend only seconds perusing a webpage before making up their minds whether or not to stay and read more, or navigate away to another site. A smart website will ensure visitors remain engaged with your content and brand by offering an optimal user experience; the result of which should be increased traffic and conversions.

Easy to understand

An effective website will be designed with your target audience in mind and offer them a seamless user experience. It should load quickly and be simple to navigate on any device. In addition, smart web design ensures your site is optimised for search engines – this allows it to rank higher in search results so potential customers/clients can more easily locate you online.

Websites can be intimidating. There’s an alphabet soup of acronyms to understand and a rapidly-evolving world of SEO (Google alters their algorithm 500-600 times annually), yet having an intelligent website is key in helping overcome fears associated with web ownership. But don’t let that scare you – smart websites offer ways to overcome your anxieties!

An effective website can play an essential part in expanding your business exponentially. Our experts have conducted an in-depth investigation of high-performing websites and identified 10 common elements, which comprise successful ones:

Easy to share

Web browsing can be intimidating; there’s a wide array of jargon to decode, acronyms to memorize and frequent algorithm changes (Google changes its algorithm 500-600 times each year!). Successful websites avoid this feeling by being approachable, witty, intelligent and transparent – engaging the appropriate audience, building affinity among visitors who return, prompting action while inspiring action using discovery-driven elements that intuitively lead users toward their objective with minimal interruption than traditional forms or landing pages.

SmartWeb’s Design Manager gives you access to over 35 web and mobile designs that you can customise into an effective site that will expand your business in remarkable ways. All designs are fully responsive, optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphone entry points ensuring that it will easily be found by its target audience.






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