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Search engine rankings rely heavily on managing onsite SEO. A VA who specializes in this area will make sure that the structure of your site makes sense and that each page contains unique meta tags; additionally they will eliminate redundant metadata that takes up space on the page.

An SEO VA can also conduct keyword research to find the most pertinent terms for your content, helping it reach more readers while simultaneously increasing website rankings.

Onsite optimization

Onsite optimization, or SEO, refers to the practice of optimizing a website’s content and structure to increase its search rankings. This may involve creating title tags, meta-descriptions and headers containing high-value keywords; as well as making sure its internal links connect. VAs can conduct keyword research and advise on digital marketing strategies.

SEO (search engine optimization) is an integral component of any successful online business, and VAs who specialize in this area can help your site rank higher on Google searches and bring in new visitors. They possess expert knowledge regarding Google algorithms as well as strategies that increase page ranking and reach wider online visibility.

SEO virtual assistants can also assist in optimizing user experiences on websites, by making changes or improvements to layout, cross-device loading tests and navigation. In addition, they can optimize pages by making them load faster while using proper title tags and meta descriptions so they are found by searches.

Virtual assistants (VAs) can also optimize your website by organizing its web pages into an organized hierarchy and clusters that make it easier for search engines to identify topic clusters as relevant searches from users. Furthermore, VAs can assist in link building by identifying broken links on competitors’ websites or finding opportunities for backlinks; it is also essential that quality over quantity be prioritized when building SEO strategies; VAs can assist by focusing on critical errors which have the most profound effect on rankings of pages on which they work on behalf of their client companies.

Site structure

Site structure is an integral element of onsite optimization that involves how your pages are organized on your website, making it easier for crawlers and search engine spiders to index content quickly and effectively. When the structure of a page becomes disorganized or too difficult for users to navigate correctly, Google may misindex this content, leading to poor user experiences as well as lower search engine rankings.

Hierarchical site architecture is the go-to approach for SEO. This structure creates a tree-like structure that easily allows visitors to access key pages on your site; defined by how pages interlink and categorize themselves; as it also influences URL structure.

Categories are broad groups of information on your site, such as types of products or services in an e-commerce store or top-level categories on an informational website. Subcategories provide further detail; similar to chapters in a book. On a sports equipment website, for instance, shoes would likely be considered the main category while more specific subcategories might include running shoes, basketball shoes and hiking boots (to name just some examples).

Remembering that the structure of your site may change over time is vitally important. For instance, as new types of stories enter a news website or blog, more topic groups might become necessary and old pages removed that no longer pertain. Therefore, regularly review your navigation structure to make sure it still makes sense.


Metadata is data that describes other data, making it easier for individuals and companies to organize and work with it. Metadata contains both descriptive and technical information and can be used to create taxonomies and controlled vocabularies. Metadata also plays a vital role in interoperability by helping ensure different applications can understand each other, and has found application across industries including digital publishing, engineering, financial services, healthcare delivery systems and manufacturing.

Metadata assists search engines and web browsers in recognizing relevant information, while simultaneously helping users to navigate and locate resources. Metadata offers users information on an object’s content, context, and structure; often organized according to an established standard scheme such as Dublin Core or MARC.

Descriptive metadata is one of the most prevalent types of metadata, used to describe the contents of a resource such as its title, subject headings, keywords or any other descriptive details about a document. Search engines or browsers display this information which helps rank pages within search results.

VAs who specialize in SEO can assist businesses with optimizing their websites by performing various tasks such as researching keywords and optimizing site structure. In addition, these VAs can increase website visibility by making sure its pages rank highly in Google searches.

One way of expanding the reach of your website is through social media marketing. A virtual assistant who specializes in this area can manage your social media accounts, optimize content for search engines and even scout out competitors’ strategies – giving your website more exposure than ever.


Backlinks, or incoming links, are one of the cornerstones of search engine optimization. They serve as a signal that the website you are linking to is reliable source of information, helping your page to rank higher in search results. There are various types of backlinks and building them will require planning. Some may be easier than others while creating a list of potential backlinks and reviewing each for quality could be the key.

Editorial backlinks are the primary form of backlinks; these are embedded into high-quality content to give it context and provide links back to your site, such as when mentioned as an information source or quoted in media stories. Ideally, these do-follow backlinks come from reliable sources and are related to your topic – these links are considered the most powerful by search engines.

There are also manual backlinks, which you can acquire through various activities, such as guest blogging on other websites and submitting it to directories. But keep in mind that these backlinks may not be as valuable as those from high-ranking sites and should avoid low-quality backlinks which could potentially harm SEO rankings.

Canonical links are another type of backlink used to direct search engines to your preferred version of a website, making them especially helpful for multilingual sites that want to rank locally in search results. A Virtual Assistant (VA) can assist in identifying and optimizing these links so search engines can locate them easily; additionally they will conduct a thorough audit on your website which includes tasks such as removing unnecessary tags, revamping metadata/titles as needed, and ensure proper structure is in place.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has quickly become an indispensable element of modern businesses’ marketing programs, allowing them to reach a much broader audience than would otherwise be possible through traditional approaches alone. Furthermore, it makes the business appear more human and relatable – ultimately helping build brand trust with consumers.

Social media can also play a vital role in increasing search engine visibility. Google typically gives click-through rates from social media sites high priority because this indicates users’ engagement with content they may share with friends. It should be noted however, that these signals do not directly impact SEO rankings.

Social media and SEO strategies must work hand-in-hand for maximum effectiveness, to expand reach and bring in new people to your site. Every profile on a social media platform should match up with what is found on your website – any discrepancies could adversely impact search engine ranking which can easily be monitored using this SEO dashboard software. Pam brings journalism, computer forensics and public library experience together into one passion for digital strategy which she dedicates herself to helping small and mid-sized businesses improve their online presence while expanding business operations.






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