Web Design Batemans Bay

Web Design Batemans Bay

Web Design Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay Marina Resort on NSW’s South Coast features 89 self-contained holiday units overlooking an ocean and tidal lagoon. BJ2DESIGN designed and implemented a new WordPress website featuring full content management system functionality as well as responsive web design code and SEO best practices – Hampshire Tourist Parks own and operate multiple tourist parks and resorts in Australia including this beautiful waterfront resort.

Website Design

Web design refers to the process of creating websites and web pages that accurately reflect a company’s brand, information and offer a user-friendly experience. Web design encompasses creating applications as well as elements such as mobile responsiveness and search engine optimization (SEO). Web design is vitally important to businesses as it allows them to reach more customers online while increasing sales; furthermore it ensures consistent brand identification in materials like stationery or brochures.

Content is one of the cornerstones of any successful website, providing vital information to visitors. To facilitate user satisfaction and increase readability, web designers can improve readability by selecting suitable font styles, sizes and colors; additionally they may use contrasting fonts that stand out against backgrounds.

Navigational elements allow visitors to choose where they’d like to navigate on a website, including links, buttons and arrows that direct them towards specific pages or areas. Web designers can design customized navigation designs tailored specifically for specific sites; one-click arrows even take visitors back up the page or forward to another part of it!

Hampshire Tourist Parks – Batemans Bay Marina Resort – A new WordPress website was developed for this beautiful holiday resort on NSW South Coast.

Website Development

Are you in search of a new website or want to make updates to an existing one? We can assist. At WordPress Solutions we build websites that are user-friendly, search engine optimised and designed to convert visitors into customers. In addition, our designs can be made responsive so they look great across devices.

On the NSW South Coast, we created a website for this exquisite resort. Boasting incredible ocean and tidal lagoon views and just moments from Corrigan’s swimming beach, this resort can only be reached using foot. Built using WordPress with responsive web design techniques implemented to make this website mobile friendly as well as fundamental SEO practices being employed throughout, this project was truly worthwhile.

Situated at the doorstep of Eurobodalla National Park, this multi-unit development is perfectly placed to enjoy breathtaking water views to its north. As one of Batemans Bay’s rare undeveloped parcels, this rare find holds tremendous potential for development as apartments, town houses or even hotel/guest house projects can all be completed here.

Plans to upgrade road infrastructure and open a new airport in Eurobodalla will further boost tourism in the area, which promises an exciting opportunity to make something truly remarkable and special in housing terms. As Eurobodalla becomes an increasingly popular tourist destination and retirement haven, demand for quality housing only seems set to increase; now is your chance to create something unforgettable and truly remarkable in housing!

Mobile Friendly Websites

As mobile phone use rises, so too does the significance of having a mobile-friendly website. Without being able to provide customers with one-touch access from their phones to your business, you risk alienating a significant customer base. A mobile-friendly site will enable your customers to call your business from anywhere with cell signal or Wi-Fi connectivity – helping your customers learn about your products and services from wherever they may be located.

This lesson will show you how to implement a basic 3-2-1 framework with stacked columns and media queries to make the content of your site mobile-friendly. In addition, you will discover how HTML5’s details> and summary> tags allow for expandable blocks of content that work on smaller viewports while offering an alternate page layout to visitors browsing your website on full-sized viewports.

Websites designed and constructed for businesses located in Batemans Bay. Each website utilizes responsive web design coding techniques as well as foundational SEO practices in its construction process.

Google understands that mobile phones have become the preferred method of browsing the Internet for most people, which is why it prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in its search rankings and will start penalizing sites which don’t meet this standard starting April 21, 2015 (Google will penalize non-responsive sites in search rankings).

Assuming you have already made your website mobile-friendly, this update should have no adverse effect. If not, the Google Webmaster Mobile Guide and Mobile-Friendly Test provide guidance for improving mobile experience and we recommend beginning work to make your site mobile-friendly ASAP.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that makes website creation simpler, from blogging and professional sites to eCommerce stores and online marketplaces. WordPress features built-in tools for SEO as well as other features, making the learning process simple while having an extensive user base.

WordPress has long been used as a popular way to build blogs. WordPress makes it simple to customize its look and feel using themes, which can be updated whenever necessary – increasing traffic as a result!

Many creative professionals rely on WordPress to showcase their work. Their sites are typically visually engaging, using various design elements to tell a story or convey their message – video, animation and photography are often included to grab viewers’ attention. Some use innovative layouts and navigation techniques; the Australian seafood market Sea Harvest’s website (opens in new window) features an innovative newspaper-style layout as well as scrolling effects to let visitors read up about more products featured there.

The website for the 99% Invisible podcast (opens in new window) is another excellent example of a WordPress website with striking visuals, making navigation simple and elegant while making it easy for viewers to easily switch episodes of their show. Houston Zoo website uses similar layout and navigational designs.

WordPress is an easily customizable platform that is well suited for creating any type of website, including blogs. The various plugins available through this system allow for frequent website updates and can even add extra functions such as social media integration, e-commerce or photo galleries to a site.


Clyde View Holiday Park needed something truly spectacular for their Batemans Bay accommodation website and we were more than happy to create something that showed off their unique property in an exceptional way. We did this through website design & development, SEO (search engine optimisation), mobile responsive websites, custom WordPress theme development, marketing fundamentals and branding services. Clyde View needed something new and striking for their Batemans Bay site that showed it off perfectly and showcased Clyde View in all of its glory – we helped create something truly amazing that showcased their property the best. We created something magnificent that allowed Clyde View Holiday Park to show off Clyde View’s Batemans Bay holiday park accommodation website while showing Clyde View’s holiday park accommodation website; Clyde View needed something fresh that showcased its specialness at Batemans Bay Holiday park accommodation website design to showcase Clyde View Holiday Park accommodation website design to showcase Clyde View Holiday Park Batemans Bay holiday park accommodation website design which showed off Clyde View Holiday Park accommodation site to best advantage while showing off all aspects of Batemans Bay holiday park accommodation showcased its unique property on its best possible basis for Batemans Bay holiday park accommodation website design that showed their unique property to their best advantage while giving visitors accurate information about Clyde View Holiday Park that showcased Batemans Bay as much better! With us being able to assist them creating something amazing looking exactly how best depicting Bate Bay was achieved and show case their unique property showcase in Batemens Bay accommodation site was shown off best. We created something special which showcased their Batemans Bay holiday park accommodation website, just how best possible.

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