Web Design Bethlehem PA

Web Design Bethlehem PA

Web Design Bethlehem PA

Internet-based media presents businesses and services to consumers at an unprecedented scale, so it is vital that your company presents itself professionally online through a quality website that represents you well and creates instant credibility with consumers.

Custom Design

Custom web design created by professional web designers can give your business a distinct identity while building strong brand recognition and visibility in search engine results pages. A web design company in Bethlehem can work with you to select a theme that reflects the vision and goals of your business; additionally, they will incorporate its colors, logo, graphics into its design to ensure it looks professional and consistent across platforms.

An outstanding custom website design is essential to the success of any business, large or small. Your prospective customers’ first impression of you should be professional and engaging. Aside from showcasing your image, custom websites provide invaluable information about products and services while building relationships with customers.

Bethlehem is nestled within the Lehigh Valley and home to an active steel industry, vibrant downtown district, Musikfest, Moravian Church & College and various local attractions. Less than 80 miles from Philadelphia & New York, Bethlehem offers big city culture in an historic, intimate setting.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive website design simply refers to creating websites that look great across a range of screen sizes and devices, including phones. Businesses in today’s internet-focused environment require this practice in order to ensure users can access your information with any device imaginable while also improving search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Your website’s lack of mobile-responsiveness could cost you potential customers. According to recent statistics, more people now browse the internet with mobile devices than desktop computers – in fact it’s estimated that 55% of internet traffic comes from mobile browsing! This staggering statistic highlights just how crucial it is that websites be optimized for mobile browsing.

Before mobile responsive web design became the standard, most websites were developed solely for desktop viewing. Such websites often contain images, text and other elements that do not fit on small screens efficiently or affordably. While companies could develop separate desktop and mobile versions of their website to save both time and money using responsive design instead of creating two versions separately. With mobile responsive design you save both by developing just one website version!

Mobile-responsive web design also helps your business reach a broader audience, by optimizing content for both smartphones and tablets. This allows businesses to increase traffic and sales while improving SEO rankings as search engines prioritize mobile-friendly sites.

One of the major obstacles of responsive web design is resizing images to fit different viewports. This can be particularly tricky given that many websites include photos or illustrations; therefore, it is crucial they do not become too large or small and negatively affect user experience. There are various solutions for overcoming this issue; the “max-width” CSS property offers one effective solution.

Bethlehem, situated between Lehigh and Northampton counties, is an industrial city offering an array of jobs. Nestled between Allentown and Easton, it is well known for its historic downtown and holiday traditions as well as vibrant culture and high tech industry that have made it a top tourist attraction.

SEO Friendly

Website designs can have a major impact on how customers perceive your business online and also your search engine rankings, so selecting an SEO-friendly design is of utmost importance for any online presence. There are numerous methods of doing this yourself but for best results hire a professional company to do it for you.

Content on your website must also be optimized for search engines, using relevant keywords and the appropriate number of words to increase its ranking in search results and increase traffic. In order to further ensure its visibility in searches, use both long-tail and short-tail keywords so your website is found by more users.

One way to make your website SEO-friendly is to create a hierarchical navigation structure. This will enable search engine bots to understand what each page contains more easily; typically a home page would serve as the top level and then category pages could follow with subcategories being broken down further into sub-categories for easier user navigation and longer visits to your website. This approach should make navigating your site simpler for people and keep them engaged longer with it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can often be neglected during website design or redesign projects, as businesses focus on reviewing mockups, organizing content and finishing other projects necessary for making their website live. Yet investing in search performance now will pay dividends down the road.

With so much competition in your local marketing strategy, it is vitally important that it’s as efficient as possible. A Bethlehem PA Web Designer can design a website that attracts new leads while growing your business and creating an effective social media plan to promote your products or services; helping establish you as an authority within your field and generate more business.


Professional websites are essential in creating the image and credibility of your company, especially online. A Bethlehem PA web design from an experienced firm can make your business stand out and expand customer bases. Web designs combine technical know-how with artistic abilities, making the perfect combination for online presence building. Experienced web designers in Bethlehem PA can analyze requirements, plan and execute sites while offering support services in order to help businesses create strong online identities for themselves.

Bethlehem Pennsylvania, located less than 80 miles from both Philadelphia and New York City, is known for its steel heritage, historic Moravian traditions, and various attractions like Musikfest, the Christmas City district, etc. A modern yet cost-effective website design can be the cornerstone of success in Bethlehem PA and Lehigh Valley area businesses.






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