Web Design Companies in Pretoria

Web Design Companies in Pretoria

Web Design Companies in Pretoria

Web Design Companies in Pretoria

Web designing refers to the practice of creating websites displayed online, using design programs and visual elements that appeal to visitors. Web designers also consider other aspects, including layout and hierarchy as they create web sites.

Websites must strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, enabling visitors to navigate them easily and swiftly without becoming frustrated.

Periscope Management Group

This company offers digital strategy, e-commerce development, SEO optimisation and pay per click campaigns for mid-market, enterprise and small businesses – as well as consulting services.

Periscope Management Group provides strategic operational and financial support for businesses during transitional periods. They assist their clients with developing plans to overcome challenges and achieve success; additionally they help identify strengths and weaknesses and determine ways to strengthen them. Utilizing their deep industry experience, they utilize it to assist clients in attaining a competitive advantage. Working with several clients from energy, technology, and financial services sectors; helping implement pricing strategies and increase revenue. They have also collaborated with a waste and environmental services provider to enhance their pricing processes, helping identify opportunities for pricing promotions across services and regions, while also creating a customer hotline process.

Helios Design

Helios Design works with global brands and institutions as well as artists, filmmakers, and academics willing to push the limits of interactive storytelling. Their forward-thinking style may make you think this Toronto studio is new on the scene – yet their presence dates back more than 25 years.

The firm provides an array of services, such as digital strategy, design with empathy and scalable development. Their clients appreciate their ability to communicate clearly and quickly while being responsive and accommodating.

Helios Design recently announced its acquisition of i3 Product Development, a custom engineering services firm. This move should expand their capabilities and deliver profitable engineering solutions across industries. Furthermore, this company plans on advancing their Helios Design System, an open source building block platform to design consistent, accessible products.


MakeReign is an award-winning agency that facilitates digital experiences between brands and their target consumers. Their team creates user experiences for websites, platforms, mobile apps, eCommerce experiences and smart devices – as well as providing UX/UI Foundations courses to educate young talent entering the industry.

BlueMagnet was founded in 2007 to offer social media, content marketing, SEO services to projects of all sizes. Their team migrated content for a multilingual web platform while helping the company identify new marketing opportunities.

Vegatech was established in 2021. Their small team in Durban North, South Africa offers web design, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and marketing strategy services to clients around South Africa. For example, they redesigned an accounting firm website while also providing ongoing SEO services; running advertising campaigns across Google, LinkedIn and YouTube and creating videos specifically for them; in total providing everything their clients needed.

Mut-Con (Pty) Ltd

Mut-Con (Pty) Ltd, located in Johannesburg, South Africa is a marketing and design firm. Their small team provides branding, social media management, content creation and website development to clients from various business, IT services and consumer product industries.

Crockett Produced (Pty) Ltd reworked the corporate identity of a removal company by creating its logo, promotional materials and website design.

Vegatech was established in 2021 in Cape Town, South Africa. Their small team of less than ten employees specialize in web design, UX/UI design and custom software development; providing these services to midmarket and other small businesses alike. As full-service marketing agency solutions they will handle everything from rebranding to software development while offering consulting services to develop strategies tailored specifically for their goals and budgets.


Randburg, South Africa-based SyberGrupe was established as an e-commerce development company in 2012. Their services include search engine optimization (SEO), web development and design. One business strategy and tech services firm hired them to overhaul and modernize their website while providing ongoing maintenance support services.

FutureBorn(r), based in Cape Town, South Africa is a branding and creative firm that specializes in user interface (UI) design, product design, brand development and mobile app creation for CEO advisory firms as well as trailer creation for new games from these businesses.

SmartSites Marketing Agency of Paramus, New Jersey boasts more than 100 professionals. Specializing in SEO, content and PPC advertising strategies – SmartSites can meet the needs of all types of businesses with rapid response times, flexible arrangements and easy working arrangements.

Akio Agency

Akio Agency is an innovative digital agency offering content creation, web design, branding services and search engine optimization (SEO). Recently they completed a marketing campaign for a beauty app with their team designing a website to highlight features while encouraging signups; social media posts were also produced promoting it on Facebook and Instagram.

Visions Design Lymm was launched in 2019 with less than 10 employees, providing web design, UX/UI, logo design, app development services to clients in the business services industry and cupboard manufacturing and design companies based out of Lymm, England.

Moontu Digital Solutions

Moontu Digital Solutions is a South Africa-based firm established in 2017. Their small team provides web design, ux/ui design and custom software development services for clients in various industries such as business services, technology and consumer products. Moontu also designed and created an e-commerce sneaker store for one client while developing user flows and wireframes to facilitate its creation.

BlueMagnet Marketing Agency was established in 2007 and their team of over two professionals provide social media and SEO solutions for companies worldwide. Recently they assisted a cupboard manufacturer with lead generation efforts by producing content and increasing engagement on social media channels; and also worked with healthcare organizations on social media campaigns as well as redesigning and rebranding their websites to better promote business operations and generate leads.






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