Web Design Helena MT

Web Design Helena MT

Web Design Helena MT

Web design is at the core of an effective online marketing program. It must reflect the goals and strategic directions of your business while complementing print communications and online strategies – as well as being optimized for search engine results.

Professional website designs demonstrate your company’s seriousness to customers and help build their trust/credibility. Learn how TLG Marketing’s web designs can increase traffic to your site and turn visitors into paying customers!


No matter the nature of your Helena Montana business, having a professional-looking website is absolutely essential to its success. Customers need to trust that you will meet their needs, while simultaneously creating brand recognition when it’s time for purchase or use of product/service in future. Partner with an established digital marketing agency who understands your goals and can help achieve them – especially on mobile devices – which includes Web Design that’s responsive and user-friendly across every viewport, including desktop browsers, smartphones, and tablets – not an easy feat!


Now that most web browsing takes place on mobile devices, it is crucial that your website looks good across all screens. Responsive web design is an essential way to ensure this happens; this technique adjusts your site according to different screen sizes and browser widths by changing layouts and content based on what the user sees on their viewport and also uses flexible images which resize for optimal viewing on all devices.

Responsive web design aims to produce one website that looks good on all devices – tablets and 2-in-1 laptops included – which provides a vast improvement on traditional approaches that required separate sites for desktop and mobile users. With responsive design, customers will have an easier time finding what they are searching for while experiencing a greater overall experience from your business.

Responsive web designs utilise fluid grids and flexible images to adapt to different screen sizes, while still enabling visitors to easily view your website across various types of screens. A fluid grid divides your page into evenly-sized columns so each section of your site is easy to view on any type of device – saving both time and money when creating multiple versions of it!

Reactive web design also can improve search engine optimization (SEO). Google prefers mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate websites over those with duplicate content on both mobile and desktop versions of a site; further, penalization will likely be less likely due to responsive design.

One of the finest examples of responsive web design can be seen on the Magic Leap website, where its responsive website displays a video that autoplays on desktop versions but does not play on smartphone and tablet versions – showing that they understand their users and how their behavior may vary depending on which device they’re using.

Dropbox website serves as another excellent example of responsive design’s potential to enhance user experience. The homepage adjusts itself according to screen size and navigation menu moves from left to top when viewing on laptop. White space helps improve visibility while font size changes with mobile use.

Easy to navigate

One of the first steps of Helena digital marketing should be identifying business goals and understanding your target audience. This will allow you to target platforms used by this demographic as well as messaging that corresponds with their search intent and needs, and make sure that website content and backlinks match up to any keywords targeted in marketing efforts.

Email marketing is an effective strategy for cultivating and growing an engaged following for your Helena business. We can integrate email collection opportunities into lead magnets, exit-intent popups, checkout processes and other digital assets in order to generate quality leads and sales opportunities for you.

A sales funnel is a visual representation of your customer’s journey with your Helena company from initial interaction all the way through to purchase or conversion. It represents potential interactions at its top while its bottom demonstrates qualified leads or sales conversion. In order to maximize your Helena marketing dollars and ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness from digital campaigns, conversion rate optimization services provide additional assistance in increasing conversion rate performance.

Search Engine Optimized

When selecting the ideal Helena web design partner, make sure they understand your goals and vision. A quality website should serve to build local business, brand awareness, and generate leads and customers. When working with an established digital marketing agency such as Actify Media in Helena they will take the time to learn about your company and message so they can craft engaging websites which drive business growth and results. We pride ourselves on helping Helena businesses flourish!






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