Web Design Influencers

Web Design Influencers

Web Design Influencers

Blogging and influencers require websites that reflect their focus, personal brand, credibility and safe online transactions.

This web design influencer’s vlog offers bite-sized content ideal for beginners and experts alike, from front-end development to growing a digital business.

We Love Web Design

Web design is an ever-evolving industry and staying abreast of new trends and innovations is essential if you wish to stay ahead of your competition. Luckily, many designers possessing expertise and knowledge can assist with this task for you; such influencers are willing to share their advice, tips, and techniques with the rest of the design community.

Some of the world’s leading designers maintain blogs or websites where they showcase their work and offer free tutorials and advice to improve website design skills. Furthermore, their posts may provide inspiration to create an original look for your business.

One such Instagram account that provides inspiration to UI/UX designers is We Love Web Design, with over 704k followers offering a wealth of ideas that you can use in your next project and many front-end web design trends that you can implement into your site.

Design blogs and YouTube channels can also serve as excellent sources of inspiration. Christian Heilmann of UK-based Clearleft Web design agency regularly posts code snippets that help Web developers. His YouTube channel contains code samples from such as CSS-Tricks. Christian is also an accomplished blogger; one example being Christian Heilmann who frequently contributes his expertise on CSS-Tricks blog.

Design Shack, another popular blog covering web design topics, provides tips, tutorials, case studies and case analyses on an array of Web design-related subjects such as business, CSS mobile navigation UX UX. It is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge about modern trends and tools used for website creation.

Giga Tamarashvili

Giga Tamarashvili, a UX/UI designer with an exceptional style that creates stunning designs, has amassed a large following on Dribbble and should leave you inspired with his work. His use of vibrant colors and bold shapes make his designs truly stand out, so be sure to follow him for further web design insight on Instagram too.

Instagram provides an incredible resource for web designers looking to gain inspiration and learn from some of the industry’s finest. There are accounts dedicated to specific trends or inspirational quotes or pictures; while others feature inspirational pictures. In addition to serving as sources of motivation, these accounts may also provide tangible advice that you can incorporate into your own web design projects.

One way to influence web design is by following top designers and agencies on Instagram. Doing this allows you to see their latest projects while giving you ideas for designing your own site. Furthermore, these accounts often update daily so you’ll always have access to up-to-date information.

Giga Tamarashvili’s Instagram web design account boasts more than 52k followers on Dribbble, where his bold designs have won him fans and admirers. He specializes in contemporary UI/UX design, branding and interaction design among other things.

Yael Levey of Yael Levey Design Studios specializes in interactive UX and front-end development, posting design ideas regularly on Instagram as a source of inspiration to both newcomers and veteran web designers alike. Her posts offer great guidance for design teams of any experience level.


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One of the best ways to stay current on Web design trends is to follow influencers. These experts know what’s on its way and can guide your decisions accordingly, sharing knowledge generously. You can even follow them on social media for the latest industry updates!

These influencers can teach you the ropes of web development with YouTube channels packed full of tutorials and tips from top Web development experts. Their videos are user-friendly and fun to watch; perhaps even inspiring you to take up web development as a career!

Udemy and CoderOne offer several online courses designed to teach the fundamental aspects of programming and web design, as well as offering certificates upon completion of each course.

Flux’s YouTube channel offers weekly uploads that cover topics related to Web design. Topics covered include Product Design, UX/UI Design, Growth and Digital Marketing. Plus you can subscribe to their mailing list and watch live videos – it’s all completely free!

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