Web Design O’fallon IL

Web Design O’fallon IL

Web Design O’fallon IL

We specialize in inbound marketing services such as local search, listings management and pay per click advertising to bring more business into O Fallon and surrounding areas. Trust our team of experts to drive customers directly to your business!

On a weeknight at Junior Code Academy’s classes, students flocked in carrying laptops, power cords and earbuds as if preparing for an important business meeting.

Responsive Design

Responsive design offers an alternative solution: rather than developing different versions of a website for desktop and mobile users, responsive web design provides one website which automatically adapts to each device used to access it. This saves both time and money when maintaining two distinct sites separately; additionally it improves SEO by eliminating duplicate content while making navigation simpler for visitors.

Responsive web design is essential to any business looking to reach a wide variety of potential customers. People are increasingly accessing the internet from multiple devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and even smartwatches! As more users shift toward using these screens instead of traditional computers for browsing the internet, responsive design will allow users to easily find what they’re searching for and increase your chance of converting visitors into paying customers.

If a visitor finds your website takes too long to load or is difficult to navigate on their smartphone, they are likely to leave immediately and may never come back. On the other hand, if they can quickly access what they need and enjoy the user experience on it, they are more likely to return for longer and recommend it to friends and colleagues.

A properly designed responsive website employs a “mobile first” design approach from the outset to optimize for mobile viewing, making sure users can see all content without excessive scrolling or zooming. Furthermore, navigational elements should be accessible by different input methods like swiping or dragging.

Finally, responsive websites can take advantage of HTML5 application caching by enabling visitors to your site from their smartphones or tablets even when offline – this feature can be especially beneficial to businesses with customers likely visiting their stores directly as well as those looking for ways to promote themselves via social media.






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