Web Design Reston VA

Web Design Reston VA

Web Design Reston VA

Your website should reflect your business in an ideal light. A poorly designed site can lead to poor user experiences and could even result in search engines suspending it from results pages. At 321 Web Marketing, our web designers ensure your site is optimized with keywords and an effective URL structure for optimal performance.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design (RWD) creates websites that automatically adapt to fit any screen size or orientation across devices, from desktop computers, tablets, phones, televisions and watches. RWD relies on CSS resizing page elements and layout for responsive layout, while media queries help change how HTML is served up.

Responsive web design is an excellent way to optimize SEO on websites, as well as eliminate separate versions for different devices. Furthermore, responsive designs can reduce costs significantly as it requires less time and effort than creating two sites simultaneously, plus maintenance expenses are lower as a result.

RWD has become an industry standard in website design, and can help create beautiful and functional experiences on both mobile and desktop devices. However, before choosing RWD as the foundation of your site design strategy it is important to take some key factors into consideration.

Responsive web design (RWD) offers many advantages when creating websites for all devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. RWD employs so-called breakpoints – designated points in code where different designs will apply – such as three columns on desktop screen will then change into two on tablet and one column on phone based on how the code was written.

Responsive design offers many advantages for websites. Users can easily navigate your site and locate information they require, while increasing customer reach by making it accessible on any device they choose. Plus, responsive designs save money compared to creating separate sites for each device type!

Responsive web design does have its disadvantages, including extensive testing across various devices and screens as well as design elements that don’t translate properly across devices and screens. Furthermore, additional code required to support responsive design could add unnecessary weight and possibly impair performance of your site.

Responsive design offers many advantages that make it the preferred design approach for many websites. It is flexible, customizable, cost-effective, and can improve user experience across devices – so give it a try now! It won’t disappoint!

Easy Navigation

Design of an effective website makes it simple for visitors to quickly locate what they need. GXVE Beauty website features clear and straightforward navigation, such as its customer shop by category or individual brand, while other useful tactics include using links for Expand pages so visitors can get more comprehensive details more quickly. 321 Web Marketing has experience incorporating similar design features into company sites in order to make them easily discoverable by keywords both locally and nationally.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines such as Google use sophisticated algorithms to “understand” the immense network of websites comprising the Web and display results for any given search query. Their results take into account multiple factors, including user location and intent, search term relevance to content on page, number of indexed pages related to that query on Web, popularity of domain and author authority of page in question and domain authority as a whole.

Search engine optimization may seem complex at first, and many business owners may feel daunted by its terminology; but search engine optimization actually operates based on some basic principles:

At first, it’s wise to type a keyword into Google to gain an idea of what people are searching for in your industry. Next, write down all of the potential seed keywords your ideal customers might use when searching Google for products and services similar to what is provided by your business – each page on your website should target a different keyword cluster for maximum reach.

Incorporating keywords relevant to your organization into title tags, meta descriptions and URLs of websites as well as content creation for product descriptions and headlines (H1) will ensure maximum search engine optimization (SEO). We can even set up a blog featuring industry-related SEO-friendly articles!

Your Reston-based business will become visible to more of those searching for what it offers, which could translate to increased exposure. Get in touch with 321 Web Marketing now to learn how we can assist in creating a website that sells.


Your website design reflects not only your level of professionalism, expertise and knowledge of your organization but also plays an integral part in how customers find your products or services online. TESSA’s digital marketing and web design Reston VA services aim to help your business overcome competition by developing websites with higher conversion rates – this may involve employing relevant keywords throughout your site, researching product/service pages in depth before listing them online as well as original on-site content as well as customized back-end programming ensuring access for search engines.

Are you currently struggling to generate leads from your website? Let’s chat and discuss how we can assist. Reach out now for a complimentary strategy session.






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