Web Development and Design Foundations With HTML5 10th Edition PDF

Web Development and Design Foundations With HTML5 10th Edition PDF

Web Development and Design Foundations With HTML5 10th Edition PDF

Web Development and Design Foundations With HTML5 10th Edition PDF

Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 covers HTML and CSS topics such as text configuration, color configuration and page layout with an emphasis on design, accessibility and Web standards. An emphasis on hands-on practice provides students with a solid basis to pursue careers as Web professionals.

This edition includes current coverage of HTML5, design considerations for mobile devices and examples of form elements with expanded treatment of CSS Flexbox Layout. Additionally, new examples are given and additional attention paid to CSS Flexbox Layout is given.

Introduction to HTML and CSS

Authored by an industry-renowned expert in web development, this textbook introduces HTML and CSS with an emphasis on design, accessibility, and web principles. The seventh edition provides updated coverage of HTML5/CSS3/jQuery; also featuring expanded coverage of mobile web design best practices such as viewport meta tags and CSS media queries.

This book provides beginners looking to learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS with clear examples, labeled screenshots of their text editor, and hands-on practice activities designed to aid comprehension of essential concepts. Starting by exploring the structure of the web and basic elements such as tags and attributes before moving onto more advanced features like JavaScript which is a logic-based programming language used to modify website content based on user actions.

This textbook takes an approachable, step-by-step approach to teaching foundational Web page creation skills using HTML and CSS. Each chapter builds upon its predecessor to establish a solid base for understanding these two critical programming languages. Popular features from previous editions, including hands-on practice activities and case studies, remain in this version as well.

Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 (10th Edition pdf) is widely considered one of the leading texts in its field. It offers an in-depth coverage of HTML and CSS fundamentals as well as guidance for creating functional websites consisting of text, images, links and other elements – while showing multiple browser support. In addition to tips for using Dreamweaver or similar tools.

Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 is the only textbook out there to cover every aspect of HTML & CSS as intended by its authors. After an introduction to the Internet and web technology, this book dives directly into HTML basics (lists, paragraphs), images exploration (depicting page layout and background images), CSS for page layout (something other books rarely touch upon); tables in Chapter 8; this unique approach appeals to modern visual learners quickly getting them up-and-running quickly.


Forms are an increasingly popular way of collecting data online. Forms can be used for surveys, order pages for e-commerce stores and any type of form a user would like to submit directly to website administrators. In this chapter, students learn how to build forms with HTML and CSS while making forms interactive by adding elements and attributes from HTML5 form elements along with CSS Grid Layout and jQuery.

Recommended Web Design Practices are highlighted throughout the text and reinforced through hands-on exercises that foster sample page creation as students progress through this textbook. A new section on selecting suitable domain names as well as an expanded treatment of CSS layout systems such as Flexbox and Grid Layout are included in this edition of the textbook.

This book’s organization is tailored to help readers quickly become familiar with the terminology and concepts associated with Web development, such as HTML, CSS, and Web Standards. To meet today’s multitasking and visual learners quickly and efficiently. Popular features from previous editions have been maintained such as hands-on practice exercises and case studies.

The book features numerous appendices, such as an HTML5 Reference, Special Entity Character List, CSS Property Reference, WCAG 2.1 Quick Reference, FTP Tutorial and Web-Safe Color Palette. Furthermore, its author’s website provides further resources, such as code samples and video tutorials; web server/FTP Client; list of helpful online tools etc.

Media and Interactivity

Learn to add multimedia and interactivity to web pages using HTML5, with topics including identifying various forms of media that can be utilized on the internet, creating an interactive image gallery, adding audio/video, e-commerce capabilities, CSS configuration of color/text in pages as well as an introduction to recommended web design practices and accessibility practices.

This revised edition of the textbook places renewed emphasis on design, accessibility, and Web principles. It introduces essential hard skills (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), as well as soft skills such as design, e-commerce and promotion strategies that are vital components of modern web development. Finally, an emphasis on hands-on practice provides readers with a balanced foundation from which they can pursue careers as Web professionals.

Updates to this edition include two-page sections that rapidly introduce topics and provide examples; expanded coverage of jQuery and CSS3 layout systems like Flexbox Layout and Grid Layout; as well as a new chapter on responsive web design. A streamlined approach to XHTML and HTML5 syntax ensures readers will be prepared for new HTML5 coding techniques as they emerge.

Site Promotion

The 10th Edition of Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 offers students an accessible introduction to this field as well as hands-on practice that will prepare them to become successful Web professionals. This edition retains popular features from previous texts, including multiple examples and hands-on exercises for each chapter; additionally, new appendices such as an HTML5 Reference List, Special Entity Character List, CSS Property Reference Library, WCAG 2.1 Quick Reference Library and FTP Tutorial are added along with expanded coverage of two new layout systems: CSS Flexbox Layout and CSS Grid Layout.

This book covers the core Web standards used in modern browsers with a particular focus on accessibility. It covers hard skills such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as soft skills (design, e-commerce and promotion strategies) considered essential to contemporary Web development. With hands-on practice a key aspect of learning web development today. Students gain a solid foundation that allows them to become Web professionals themselves.

The text includes a chapter on site promotion from a Web developer’s perspective, covering search engine optimization. Next is an introduction to client-side scripting with JavaScript and jQuery; student files for instructors provide exercise solutions, case solutions, PowerPoint presentations and sample test questions as well as additional resources on its associated website; additionally a free downloadable copy is offered from this same source.






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