Web Site Building West Sussex Connect Seo UK

Web Site Building West Sussex Connect Seo UK

As soon as the Internet was introduced, companies assumed having an attractive website would bring in large volumes of customers and sales. Unfortunately this wasn’t true; marketing strategies must also be put in place in order to drive visitors and visits. Finsbury Media offers SEO services which help local West Sussex businesses get found – and seen!

Web Design

Web design refers to the practice of creating websites that are accessible for all visitors regardless of screen size or browser type, while also optimizing information so search engines can read it and index it, increasing site ranking in search results while increasing traffic. Furthermore, good web design enhances user satisfaction as browsing becomes simpler and faster for them.

Craft makers such as Sussex Willow Caskets experienced an exponentially greater boost to sales and exposure after switching away from a self-created Wix site to work with us in creating a proper website. Other clients include Stringit & Strumit; Sussex’s only dedicated Ukulele maker who have showcased their custom hand crafted instruments on an attractive website that showcases these works of art.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of altering or optimizing a website or web page so as to increase its presence on search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves making it more accessible, relevant, and popular among user searches for searches conducted via organic search engines like Google. SEO utilizes various techniques targeting organic traffic – keyword research, content optimization, link building etc – in order to make your business more visible online. With an effective SEO strategy in place we can assist your business gain higher visibility and traffic from organic sources like Google search engines such as organic search.

Years ago, having an attractive website would be enough to attract customers and sales. Now however, if you want your West Sussex-based company to appear on page one of Google search results then our SEO services can assist in helping achieve that.

Social Media

Companies today are seeking to broaden their online and off-line presences. This may involve creating and managing social media accounts linked with your website to drive traffic, promote sales and special offers or engage customers. We can assist in setting up and managing these social media accounts, including writing engaging posts that attract followers while encouraging customer interaction with the brand.

Sussex Willow Coffins was looking to sell their products across America and wanted an e-commerce website tailored specifically to this. Through geo-targeted pay per click advertising (PPC) and localised SEO strategies, their products now appear on the first page of google searches in America. More recently, Stringit & Strumit; an independent ukulele maker; demonstrated how our team could create websites tailored specifically towards their target audiences.






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