Will Seo Yul Die in Alchemy of Souls

Will Seo Yul Die in Alchemy of Souls

Will Seo Yul Die in Alchemy of Souls

One year post-the end of Season 2, Nak-su continues her life undercover as Bu-yeon and tells Yul that she intends to return to Danhyanggok.

Before she leaves, however, she returns to the gambling den one last time and gets caught by Cheonbugwan mages. With Yul’s help she manages to survive but the blood parasite spreads quickly.

1. Bu-yeon and Jang-uk

Bu-yeon and Jang-uk have reconciled, though he’s made it clear that their relationship is strictly professional. He wants her to help him hunt monsters without expecting romantic gestures in return. At first she agrees, until she notices something hurting physically – the tracking thread sewn by her mother is causing discomfort – until Jang-uk barges into her room to destroy it without telling her what had happened.

While attempting to free herself of the tracking thread, she notices blue marks appearing in her eyes – an indication of becoming a divine priestess once more. Following their energy she finds herself at a gambling den where she meets a man with a gold plaque who wants her to deliver it so he can give it to Go Won; but she refuses as she doesn’t want him to know she has returned as divine priestess.

As she fled from the gambling den, Bu-yeon sensed an airborne chemical seeping into her. Luckily she could smell it and quickly submerged herself in water to stop inhaling the poisonous fumes. Additionally, she found and brought back with her the blue jade given by Dang Gu.

Although much of this episode’s focus lies with Bu-yeon and Jang-uk, other characters also receive ample screentime. Maidservant Kim serves as a support system for Bu-yeon while Master Lee questions why Lady Jin never suspected Seol-ran was her divine priestess. The Ice Stone still had Seol-ran’s soul transferred into Seol-ran’s dead unborn baby; then this genius mage explained Seol-ran was far stronger than any female in Jin family history.

2. So-yi

One year later, Park Dang Gu and Jin Choyeon are parents to twin boys, and life seems to be going smoothly for everyone involved. Maid Kim keeps Mu-deok close while Master Lee continues recruiting pupils under Bu Yeon’s tutelage. But all is not as it appears and So-yi has plans: she tracks down one of Yul’s blind friends to touch knowing it’s Naksu inhabiting his body – something which draws his attention as Yul was supposed to meet up with Jang Gang!

So-yi tries to escape but winds up trapped in a gambling den surrounded by Cheonbugwan mages. Yeom-su attempts to murder her but she easily fights him off before stabbing him in the thigh with her blade, realizing her blood parasite is draining away his energy rapidly – before taking So-yi back to temple, she stabs him again in his neck!

Once reunited with Yul, So-yi tells him of Naksu’s secret and attempts to convince him to help her uncover it. Yul agrees at first but soon has nightmares about Naksu suffering under blood parasite’s effects and decides against seeking her aid; taking on responsibility himself instead.

He attempts to treat himself with the antidote provided by a priestess but this proves insufficient. Furthermore, he sees Naksu kill him and starts experiencing discomfort due to blood parasites more and more often.

So-yi is tortured and captured by Ho-gyeong, where she tells him of So-yi’s condition: she cannot remove the blood parasite that has settled within him, meaning it will eventually lead to his demise as soon as it consumes his energy. Ho-gyeong suggests otherwise and suggests birds might help remove it instead; regardless, what will become of So-yi is unknown at this point but Alchemy of Souls was an engaging fantasy drama which will live long in viewers’ memories. Alchemy of Souls will certainly stay with viewers long beyond its release!

3. Cheonbugwan

The Gwanju of Cheonbugwan shows that Jang Gang was an intelligent mage who ultimately lost everything through sorcery. He learned about soul alchemy and devised deadly soul ejectors for Daeho to use against himself later. Furthermore, his soul was transferred with Naksu so the King could give birth and save himself.

Bu-yeon quickly learns upon meeting Mu-deok at the castle that she is not who they think she is; that Naksu remains within. When Bu-yeon attempts to take Mu-deok back with him to Danhyanggok she refuses as this would only bring back memories she wishes to avoid at any cost.

One day, however, a Cheonbugwan magician arrived and distracted the queen so Yul could rescue So-yi. Mu-deok decided to follow Yul and follow him out of the castle once she noticed Yul looking at her; realising he must have seen Naksu and wanting nothing more to do with him than keeping away.

Ho-kyung discovers that Master Lee had withheld information regarding Bu-yeon’s true identity from her, prompting her to refuse Seo Yul’s request to keep her free until the true Bu-yeon returns.

But he assures her that it isn’t so straightforward, and the best thing she can do for him is fight the fire bird. He can defeat it by sending fiery bolts of flame ricocheting up into the sky and killing off its foe.

However, the genius mage remains in critical condition despite his success. His body remains home to a blood parasite which needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible or it will spread into Songrim and cause massive destruction and death across it. If he cannot cure himself in time, then it is likely he will pass away soon thereafter; otherwise the next episode of drama will reveal how he manages to live despite his condition and what its implications will mean for Songrim and beyond.

4. Jin-mu

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Alchemy of Souls Season 2.

The end of Season 2 was both satisfying and surprising – Jang Uk and Naksu finally finding happiness in one another’s arms, while Jin-mu’s Unanimous Assembly died off, leaving the Kingship secure under Prince. Bu-yeon trained the next generation while Jang-uk collected up all Jinyowon relics gathered throughout Season 2.

However, some plot holes still need filling in. One such issue was how Jin-mu’s death was handled – it felt like an unnecessary cheap plot twist added just to make the ending more shocking; more interesting ways of writing her demise may have existed which would have given us greater closure in terms of character development and storytelling.

As his appearances were limited to only two episodes of the series, this character proved somewhat perplexing. The first featured him helping the mages reclaim the city; and in episode two he visited Mu-deok’s house before reappearing in the final scene begging Bu-yeon to leave with him; although he claimed he loved her but his motives remained hazy throughout these encounters.

Later it was determined that the cause for his behaviour was due to him having contracted a blood parasite from Cheonbugwan that was causing great discomfort; to ensure it would leave before death came, he asked Bu-yeon to take his ashes with her.

Bu-yeon then returns several years later as leader of Gwido’s mage academy, recruiting students into its ranks. She and Jang-uk also started their own family with twin daughters now in high school; as such, their relationship remains strong even though they spend very limited time together.






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